Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kite Photography

I've always wanted to try out kite photography to take awesome shots like this but too bad I suck when it comes to flying kites. For his kite photography, dude uses a small delta kite and a cheap $30 digital camera with a SD card. To get the camera to take pictures, he built a 555 timer circuit that throws a relay wired to the camera's shutter button every 13 seconds.

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JDsg said...

When I lived in Arizona, I interviewed with a company that took pictures from a small blimp (maybe about 5 meters long). They took the pictures on behalf (primarily) of real estate developers who wanted to get aerial photos of the land they were developing. I don't know how rich you can become by taking these types of pictures, but there is some money that can be made from this sort of thing.

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