Friday, November 08, 2013

Fabulous Aesthetics spoofs Bikini Girls vs Carpark Aunty viral video in their new ad

I directed this new ad for Fabulous Aesthetics which is a parody of the original Singapore Bikini Girls vs Carpark Aunty viral video that made the local news recently. The ad hopefully is a first in a series we are calling "Bikini Girls vs". Future episodes will see the suntanning girls fight with all sorts of characters. Go watch it. There are some behind the scenes footage at the end of the video too.

Here's the original viral video taken by a Discuss SG reader which caught two girls suntanning on a multi-storey carpark and a carpark attendant who doesn't look too happy with the girls.

And here are some behind the scenes photos of me and the girls, celebrity blogger and DJ ThyDowager aka Peggy Heng as the carpark aunty and the Bikini Girls, Shann and Teti.

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