Thursday, December 04, 2008

Santa Claus: I do not use Gmail!


The first thing I did after I posted the story about Santa Claus' email account being exposed, was to send a message to Santa himself, on Twitter: "Hi Santa. I was wondering if you knew that your Gmail account has been exposed."

It took him awhile to reply - must have been very busy this time of the year - but at around 30 minutes ago, Santa has spoken: "I am happy to report that the GMAIL capture of what is supposed to be MY email is false. I do not even use GMail."

Phew. What a relief! That's right, kids. You don't have to worry. Santa's email account is safe and sound. That's not his. He doesn't use Gmail! And oh, Santa is now following me on Twitter (so should you!). Cool. Don't forget my presents, Santa.

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