Friday, December 24, 2010

Local newspaper features SPI TV's episode of 13 Cells, says girl's butt touched by ghost!




Shin Min newspaper featured SPI TV's investigation of the old CID Headquarters on its front and second page yesterday. Nice! Hopefully with a headline like "girl's butt touched by ghost", thousands more will go watch the two episodes on R3LOAD Network. For those of you who have yet to watch this scary investigation at the super haunted old CID Headquarters, here are the links: SPI TV EPISODE 2 - THE 13 CELLS (PART 1) and SPI TV EPISODE 3 - THE 13 CELLS (PART 2). Don't watch 'em at night!

Watch the scary conclusion to SPI TV's investigation of old CID Headquarters and the 13 Cells
SPI TV: Watch the 1st ever paranormal investigation of the old CID headquarters!
SPI TV to conduct historic paranormal investigation at Ex-CID Headquarters
R3LOAD Network launches new paranormal web TV series with Singapore Paranormal Investigators

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