Monday, December 13, 2010

SPI TV to conduct historic paranormal investigation at Ex-CID Headquarters


Later tonight from 9pm onwards, I'll be filming episode 2 of SPI TV at the ex-CID Headquarters located in Chinatown. The HQ has not been used since 1991. A team from Singapore Paranormal Investigators will join me in the first ever paranormal investigation of the ex-CID HQ.

I'm really excited. We did a recce there last week in daylight and I have to say that the place is one of the scariest looking places I have ever been to. The entire complex has 3 buildings. The main building is 5 storeys high with 13 cells on the first floor. You can see the photos taken during the recce in this post. Photos taken by Ariffin of SPI.







I'll be live tweeting this historic investigation tonight from 9pm. You can follow me on my Twitter. We will be filming again at the Ex-CID HQ on Friday night. SPI TV is executive produced and directed by yours truly. SPI TV debuted on R3LOAD Network on 4 December. You can watch the first episode, Ghosts of Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp here.

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