Friday, May 06, 2011

Dear PAP, what the hell is Kuay Teow Hot and Nice?


The PAP keeps sending me junkmail. The latest is "A Personal Letter to You". I've read it like 10 times but I still don't get it. Here's a paragraph: "For the future, we have ten programmes under Aljunied 10. To make them easier to remember, we use KUAY TEOW Hot and Nice. We hope you like the fridge magnet of the 5 of us frying kuaytow."


What the hell is KUAY TEOW Hot and Nice? Are they trying to be cute or what? And where's my magnet? Can you please send me the magnet before I go vote tomorrow? Thanks. Btw, this is definitely not a personal letter to me because everyone in Aljunied GRC gets the same thing. Tsk.

Update: Here's how the kway teow magnet looks like! How come I don't have? (Thanks Sarah Coldheart)

 Update: R3LOAD Network debuts George Yeo No More Kuay Teow Hot and Nice song.

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