Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse visible in Singapore


UPDATE: For the December 10 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse, please click here.

Here are the timings for the total lunar eclipse that will happen in the morning of 16 June 2011 for observers in Singapore.

1.24 am: Penumbra eclipse begins. During this phase, you will not notice anything.
2.22 am: Start of umbra eclipse starts. Moon begins to enter the darkest part of Earth's shadow. You will start to see the moon being "eaten up" slowly till only it becomes a slender crescent.
3.22 am - Total Eclipse begins. The moon will now be in total darkness. Expect this eclipse to be very dark and blood red in colour due to the volcanic ash that is polluting the earth's upper atmosphere.
4.12 am - Maximum Eclipse.
5.02 am - Total eclipse ends.
6.02 am - End of umbra eclipse.
7.00 am - Penumbra eclipse ends and a very good morning.

To watch the lunar eclipse live, here are some websites that are webcasting the event:

R3LOAD Network
Slooh (Live lunar eclipse webcast sponsored by Transformers: Dark of the Moon)
Astro Viten
Sky Watchers Association of North Bengal
Ustream from Ranau Sabah
Israeli astronomical association
Astronomie si Societatea Astronomica Andromeda
The Okinawa Times

Update: I'm live tweeting the lunar eclipse: "Who says we can't see eclipse right now in Singapore. We got eclipse alright. Bloody clouds eclipsing the moon." Follow me right now on Twitter.

Update: Live streaming of the lunar eclipse has ended.

Update: Here are 3 photos of the June 16 2011 total lunar eclipse.


The moon just minutes before totality. You can still see direct sunlight hitting the moon's surface at extreme right.


Totality! This is how the moon looks like when it's deep in earth's shadow. It became considerably darker than the normal full moon. It also changed colour to a more coppery red due to the huge amount of volcanic ash and dust that is currently in the earth's upper atmosphere. You can spot a star to the right of the moon.


The eclipsed moon minutes before totality ended. Looks like planet Mars. During totality, you can still spot some of the moon's features like its mare (the dark markings) and its prominent crater Tycho (near the bottom).

Update: The next total lunar eclipse visible in Singapore is on 10 December 2011. The event can also be seen in most parts of Asia.

Update: You can watch videos of the lunar eclipse here.

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