Friday, June 10, 2011

Newgrounds logo used without consent by local TV show

NCH Productions spots the Newgrounds tank logo being used in okto's Groom My Room: "I'm pretty much speechless that they have the guts to use a corporate logo as a clipart decor for their show titlecard. This is as good as using the McDonalds golden arches as some clip art decoration."

Newgrounds is a popular American entertainment and social media website which primarily hosts Adobe Flash animations and games.

I can tell you that Mediacorp has been notified of the copyright infringement. The show, Groom My Room is produced by The Moving Visuals Co. Read the original thread on Newsground here. Go ahead Newgrounds, sue them and make some money.

Update: Newsground has informed me that The Moving Visuals had written to them an apology letter for using the tank logo on the Groom My Room show. The Moving Visuals said in their apology that they were made aware of the logo usage and will not be showing it again. The logo, they said, was used by a freelance graphic artist who didn't know that it's the property of Newsground.

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