Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Toughbook Paintball Challenge

Here's part 1 of Toughbook Paintball Challenge. Previously, Singapore bloggers Nadia and Noel raced down a 50m track with the Panasonic Toughbooks strapped to their feet. This time, they attach balloons to their body in a one of a kind paintball challenge featuring the Panasonic Toughbook. Special thanks to the guys at Tag Paintball at Turf City! Watch The Toughbook Race and the Toughbook Paintball Challenge on R3LOAD Network. Both the Toughbook Race and Paintball Challenge are directed by yours truly.

R3LOAD Network (pronounced as Reload Network) is a pop and web culture web TV network and viral video agency based in Singapore. With more than 4 million video views since it's founding in September 2010, R3LOAD Network combines original exclusive content with the web's best and most watched videos produced by professional, up-and-coming and amateur producers. R3LOAD Network's original programs include Viral Attack, Viral Daily, Singapore Haunted, Animal All-Stars, Fan Zone and Tattooed.

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