Friday, August 19, 2011

Singapore Haunted coming soon on R3LOAD Network

I'm so excited about the new season of Singapore Haunted (formerly known as SPI TV), the show I'm producing and directing for R3LOAD Network. Kicking off with an investigation of reports of a half body ghost at the Bedok Reservoir, Singapore Haunted is a web TV series featuring a team of paranormal investigators exploring some of the most haunted locations in the country.

You can catch the teaser to the new season of Singapore Haunted above. In the teaser, Noel and the rest of the Singapore Haunted team investigate the spot where the body of the partial corpse was found at two months ago at Bedok Reservoir. Noel asks if his ghost is still there and gets a shocking reply. The episode was filmed last Friday. Tonight, we will be filming episode two at East Coast Park.

Catch Singapore Haunted only on R3LOAD Network. For more on the show, the cast, and updates on when the new season will air and much more, check out our Facebook page. We will also be providing live reports of our investigation at East Coast Park tonight beginning at 11pm on Facebook and Twitter. Here's my Twitter and Noel's.

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