Friday, September 02, 2011

Singapore Haunted concludes paranormal investigation at Bedok Reservoir Park, reveals more spooky stuff


Episode one of the brand new Singapore Haunted is a success with more than 190,000 people watching. The episode was also mentioned in the press and everyone I talked to tells me they can't wait to see what happens next. Well, the wait for episode two is over. Watch the conclusion to our paranormal investigation at Bedok Reservoir now!


Here's Sarah-Ann trying to communicate with the ghost of the partial corpse that was found floating in Bedok Reservoir. We recorded two ghostly voices in episode one.


Noel and me describing what happened on top of a forested area on a hill at Bedok Reservoir Park. We left the night vision camera on a tripod while it was recording. Minutes later, the camera was pushed to the ground by an invisible force.


Chasing after a black shadow which appeared behind a tree.


Now, I never thought I would experience something as cool as this but there was this leaf that was moving by itself. No wind whatsoever. I told whatever that was moving the leaf to stop it and it replied!


And that's not all that happened in episode two of Singapore Haunted. Something tried to grab Sarah-Ann's torchlight from her back pocket!

Watch episode two of Singapore Haunted now on R3LOAD Network. Singapore Haunted is produced and directed by yours truly for R3LOAD Network. It stars Noel Boyd, Mervyn Ambrose, Sarah-Ann Kwek and Jocelyn Teo. Go like us on Facebook and get the latest updates on our investigations. GMM Technoworld is the official paranormal equipment sponsor of Singapore Haunted.

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