Friday, September 23, 2011

Singapore Haunted visits World War II British Fort at Labrador Nature Reserve


In the latest episode of Singapore Haunted, the paranormal investigation team from Singapore Haunted investigates the World War II fort at Labrador Nature Reserve. What makes Labrador one of the most haunted places in Singapore? Are the ghosts of Japanese and British soldiers still roaming the area?


One of the gun emplacements found at Labrador which we investigated.


Kate, Jo and Sarah at our base listening to an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session carried out by Noel and Mervyn.


And oh yes, I was touched! By what? I wasn't sure. The ghost of a soldier from the Japan Imperial Army? Maybe. Go watch Singapore Haunted Episode 4: Labrador Nature Reserve (Part 1)!

This episode stars Noel Boyd, Mervyn Ambrose, Sarah-Ann Quek, Jocelyn Teo and Kate Lim. Singapore Haunted is directed and produced for R3LOAD Network by yours truly. GMM Technoworld is the official paranormal equipment sponsor of Singapore Haunted.

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