Thursday, October 06, 2011

Singapore Haunted captures ghostly sounds at WWII fort and tunnel that links Labrador to Sentosa


In the latest episode of Singapore Haunted, the team of paranormal investigators complete their investigation at Labrador Nature Reserve and reveal more shocking evidence of the paranormal.


Here are the girls (Jocelyn, Kate, Sarah-Ann) of Singapore Haunted at the 6 inch gun barrel located at the World War II fort at Labrador Nature Reserve.


Kate asking if the entity there enjoyed fighting the war. Later on, she also asked it to touch her.


Below the 6 inch gun, we found several small doors. We left our night vision camera alone in front of one of these doors and we were hoping to catch the door move. The door did not move but the camera recorded the sound of a door moving and closing! Super creepy!


Towards the end of the episode, we investigated the abandoned tunnel that connects Labrador to Sentosa.

Go watch Singapore Haunted Episode 5: Labrador Nature Reserve (Part 2)! This episode stars Noel Boyd, Mervyn Ambrose, Sarah-Ann Quek, Jocelyn Teo and Kate Lim. Singapore Haunted is directed and produced for R3LOAD Network by yours truly. GMM Technoworld is the official paranormal equipment sponsor of Singapore Haunted. Come join us on Facebook!

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