Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New web show Tattooed: 10 Tattoos. 10 Weeks. You decide.

When Noel Boyd came to me a few months ago to work on a new tattoo show for R3LOAD Network, I thought why not but the truth is I don't really want to do just another tattoo show. I told him if we wanna do this together, this new show has to be something different and really unique. There needs to be a compelling reason for people to want to watch the show every week.

So how do you make a tattoo show different? How about giving 10 weeks for Noel to get 10 tattoos - one a week - from 10 of the most promising and talented tattoo artists in Singapore? And then let the viewers decide what tattoo he gets or the location where the tattoo will be on his body. Now that's interesting! Go watch Tattooed! The first episode is now out on R3LOAD Network.

I'm very satisfied with the first episode of Tattooed. I really think we have put out a good show and I'm sure the viewers will enjoy watching Tattooed. The initial response from the viewers has been fantastic. Some say Tattooed is as good as the other hit show that I'm directing, Singapore Haunted. That's definitely a compliment. Thanks people!

Tattooed is directed by me and co-produced by both Noel and myself for R3LOAD Network. Go to the Tattooed Facebook page and like it.

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