Sunday, December 04, 2011

Transformers The Ride World Premiere and Launch Party


On Friday, I attended the Transformers The Ride Press Conference and Launch Party at Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa. I was there to cover the event for R3LOAD Network.


Here's Juliana who's the presenter for our Transformers The Ride Launch Party coverage. Great job, Ju!



The press conference was attended by the man himself, Michael Bay!


After the press conference, we then headed inside the Ride to try it for ourselves before it opens to the public the next day. It was awesome! The Battlestar rides at Universal Studios Singapore are definitely scarier and the Mummy is really good but Transformers The Ride is indeed very special. If you love the Transformers movies, this is the ride you should take because it lets you experience what it's like to fight the Decepticons. It's in 3D. You move in a car that's on a track. There's some water splashing. Lots of twists and turns. Great visuals and sounds. It's a ride that you have to take when you are at Universal Studios Singapore! Watch the video of the entire ride here.


The launch party was held later that evening and Michael made a grand entrance in Bumblebee in Camaro mode!


But the highlight of the night for me has to be this very special moment when Michael Bay walked towards me and talked directly into my camera. He didn't do this to anyone else but me that night. Thank you Michael! You've made a fanboy very, very, very happy.

Watch the full 12 minutes plus Transformers The Ride World Premiere, Press Conference, Launch Party and Full Ride Walkthrough video on R3LOAD Network!

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