Friday, January 06, 2012

Singapore Haunted ends successful season with incredible paranormal investigation at Pasir Ris Suicide Tower


Singapore Haunted, a popular local paranormal reality web TV series has revealed incredible footage of the paranormal at the Pasir Ris "Suicide Tower". Located in Pasir Ris Mangrove Swarm, the Suicide Tower is a popular observation tower used by visitors to get a birds eye view of the swarm area. Many years ago, it was reported that a person committed suicide at the tower and the place is allegedly haunted by his/her spirit. Some reports claimed that it was a girl but others said it was a transgender. Visitors to the tower have reported seeing the ghost and other paranormal activities including a pontianak at the tower.




Recently, Singapore Haunted sent its team of paranormal investigators to Pasir Ris Suicide Tower for its season finale episode (its 12th episode this season) to investigate claims of paranormal activities at the tower. Using an array of scientific equipment including electromagnetic field meters, infra-red digital thermometers, infra-red night vision cameras and digital voice recorders, the team uncovered incredible evidence including the word "GO" written mysteriously on powder that was left on the tower staircase that could prove the existence of a paranormal entity still lingering at the Suicide Tower.


The entity that left the word GO on the powder clearly didn't want us to be there that night. Watch the shocking Singapore Haunted Season Finale: Pasir Ris Suicide Tower now!

Singapore Haunted is produced and directed by me for R3LOAD Network. I would like to thank our kind sponsor GMM Technoworld and all the cast, crew, guest investigators and all our fans and viewers who made the show one of the most watched web TV shows in Singapore! We had an amazing season. More than 500,000 people have watched our show! That's an incredible number. We will be back, bigger and better next season. Filming for the new season will take place later this month. We will provide updates on our new Official Singapore Haunted Facebook page. Thanks again everyone for watching.

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