Sunday, April 01, 2012

Singapore Haunted to investigate Parliament House haunted by ghosts from Old Parliament House


Singapore Haunted, the hit paranormal investigation show by R3LOAD Network will be the first to conduct a paranormal investigation at Singapore's Parliament House. The exclusive access was given to Singapore Haunted after Members of Parliament and staff reported seeing ghosts in the new Parliament House.

A security guard claims that the ghosts that haunt the new Parliament House came from the Old Parliament House. He says, "Looks like the the ghosts are so attached to our MPs and Ministers so when they moved to new Parliament House, the ghosts also followed."

Most staff have a tale of a shadowy figure in the corridor, lights flickering or a strange tap on the shoulder out of thin air. There is also a baby that cries in the night from under the building, shadowy soldiers out the front on misty mornings and an old woman in a rocking chair in one room.

Selected MPs will be joining the team from Singapore Haunted in this exclusive filming of the first ever paranormal investigation at the Parliament House. One female MP was so excited being chosen to be part of the team. She says, "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what to say."

Singapore Haunted: Parliament House will be out online on R3LOAD Network. The new season of Singapore Haunted will be announced soon. Join the new and official Singapore Haunted Facebook Page for all the latest news and updates. You can watch all the episodes and teasers of Season 1 and 2 of Singapore Haunted here.

Singapore Haunted takes viewers around the most haunted locations in Singapore in search of answers to some of the country's most intriguing and unexplained paranormal mysteries. During the investigations, the team will use various scientific equipment, including digital thermometers, EMF meters, night vision and infrared cameras to prove or debunk a particular haunting. Singapore Haunted is produced and directed by IZ Darson for R3LOAD Network.

Update: R3LOAD Network would like to wish you a Happy April Fools but we are serious about the new season of Singapore Haunted!

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