Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LG is globally searching for 5 of its Chocolate phones

LG wants to buy back each Chocolate handset with the 5 serial numbers listed on this ad for a cool US$10,000. Hurry, go check your LG Chocolate handphone serial number now! If you win, please thank me and don't forget to buy me a round of drinks or two.

Tetris Tiles puts the fun back into tiling

From the makers of Tetris Tiles: "For years people have asked us to come up with a fun and colourful alternative to normal everyday tiles. So in 2007 we set about making Tetris Tiles and testing them in our friends homes." I want these for my bathroom!

Do it yourself toys for the creative kid in you!

David Williamson has a list of fun toys that you can easily make at home. Here he shows us how to make toys using handheld fans. This one pictured on the left is actually a toy car made from an electric fan. Yes, it really moves.

Dr Frankenstein Arcade Game Cabinet

Dude made this insane Frankenstein MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) cabinet to play video games and use as a jukebox. He says, "My cabinet combines some of the victorian elements found in steampunk with electrical mad-scientist designs from the man behind Karloff's Frankenstein lab."

(via Gizmodo)

Holochess Set as played by Chewbacca and C3-PO

Remember the scene in Star Wars: A New Hope where Chewbacca was playing the Dejarik Holochess with C-3PO on board the Millenium Falcon? Now you can own a 1:6 scale of the chess game complete with 8 12" holomonsters. Just make sure you don't play against a Wookie.

Tim Burton-inspired fashion editorial to get you ready for Halloween

For its October issue, Harper's Bazaar did a photo shoot for its Halloween fashion spread with models dressed in clothes inspired by Tim Burton. I love it! Everyday should be Halloween with people dressed up like this.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Icetris Ice Tray

If you're bored with ordinary looking ice cubes, try making them with the Icetris Ice Tray. Just pour water into the tray, freeze it and you'll get yourself some Tetris ice cubes! And if you're still bored, you can try playing Tetris using the cubes before they melt away.

Monday, September 28, 2009

F1 Rocks Singapore really rocks!


I had a blast at F1 Rocks Singapore. No Doubt and Beyonce were amazing! Gwen Stefani and her band mates were at their rocking best and Beyonce - what a diva and... what a voice!


Videos of Beyonce and No Doubt below but first here's a pic of me with the LG Viewty phone that I was given by LG to try out at the concert. Not a bad phone, really. The 8 megapixel camera which comes with a reasonable flash is really good but the lack of zoom is a drawback if you're going to use it to take photos or videos at concerts.

No Doubt!

Beyonce! I like the crotch grabbing part.

Oh btw, did you know that Gwen Stefani is related to Singaporeans? She claims she's a relative because her husband's stepmom is Malaysian. LOL. Watch the video above.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Heading out to F1 Rocks Singapore with the new LG Viewty phone

F1 Rocks Singapore with LG
is finally here and tonight and tomorrow, I'll be watching both the concerts at Fort Canning Park. ZZ Top, No Doubt, Simple Minds and N*E*R*D will be performing tonight. Tomorrow it's Havana Brown, Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce. Exciting stuff!

I'll be at F1 Rocks Singapore to take photos with the new LG Viewty 8 megapixel camera phone. The LG Viewty was delivered to me few days ago. Here are the unboxing pics.

More pics here.

Oh btw, you can still grab the last 200 tickets for the F1 Rocks Singapore with LG feat Beyoncé and the Black Eyed Peas! First 10 in line will get their tickets free while the next 50 will receive special LG goodie bags. Tickets cost $200 in cash purchases and are available at the LG Concept Store, VivoCity from 11am, 26 Sept 2009. Tickets are limited to one ticket per person.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exclusive E! Event: I.Z. Reloaded at the red carpet!

Yesterday, I went to the super exclusive E! (Entertainment Channel) Asia's Red Carpet Event at The Prime Society. It was the first time ever that E! rolled out a red carpet in Singapore and last night was definitely an A-lister party with lots of celebrities like Eunice Olsen, one half of twins May & Choy, Benedict Goh, Allan Wu, Irene Ang, Stephanie Carrington, Jaymee Ong, Max Loong, Jimmy T and many more attending. Here are some pics!

Fangirls and fanboys waiting to catch the stars arriving at the red carpet.

And yes, I was on the red carpet too posing for the cameras. Felt like a star for a few seconds. LOL.

There were lots of pretty people at the party.

The lovely Stephanie Carrington. She's hot!!!

No idea who this lady is but I'll have both Stephanie and her please.

May or Choy? I'm not sure.

No red carpet event will be complete without nice food and drinks. The snacks they served were ok but the wine was good and I had lots of it.

Ok. Maybe a little too much.

Enjoy this video taken at the event. See if you can spot the celebs. You can catch E! Entertainment on Starhub Channel 80.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kanye West interrupts LKY, tells him Beyonce has the best video

I just did this earlier today. Kanye West interrupts Lee Kuan Yew during his historical Separation speech! When told by Kanye that Beyonce has the best video of all time, LKY broke down in tears and decided to stop his speech. For more "Kanye West interrupts" videos, click here.

Changi Airport's Oxygen Bar for those of you who need your dose of colourful O2

I didn't know that the Plaza Premium Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 1 has an oxygen bar where you can breathe humidified air. There are different colors to choose from, each representing the various aromas one can inhale throug a nasal tube.

Sparkly Mario Eveningwear

For her senior collection, fashion major Montyfull who is an avid gamer created eveningwear that is inspired by Super Mario! I like her Mario black dress. It's very sexy especially with the Nintendo controller strapped on the model's upper thigh.

Polaroid + Portrait = Portroids

Rick takes portroids of people he knows. And he has quite a collection. Sometimes he will take a portroid the second he meets someone. What is a portroid? A portroid is a Polaroid Portrait. He says, "I thought combining the words into portroid sounded better than polatrait."

(via Mefi)

Upside down house is not your ordinary house

Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk wanted to build a house that is different so they built an upside down house complete with upside down furniture! They called their project ”The world stands on its head”.

(via Boing Boing)

Saturday, September 19, 2009 is probably the best travel site on the planet! by Tourism Australia and Lonely Planet, is packed with an interactive trip finder, practical tips, myth busters, suggested itineraries and route maps, useful checklists, a request-a-brochure mailing service, and links to self-drive holiday packages, travel agents, accommodation and more. It's a very useful website for those of you who are planning your own Great Australian Road Trip (watch the video above) and if you ain't planning one anytime soon, trying the site out may just tempt you to have your own self-drive adventure downunder. It sure beats driving around Singapore. Go try it! Now which route should I take?

iPhone 3G Recession Case at only US 99 cents!

Can't afford a protective case for your iPhone because of the recession? The folks at Case-Mate have got just the thing for you. The cardboard iPhone 3G Recession Case at only US 99 cents! Get the Bailout Bundle (10 cases) for US $7.99 and you'll also get a free “Sharpie Script “personalization on the recession case. Just don't put it in the dishwasher.

Thanko goes really small with its new MP3 player

Japanese quirky gadget manufacturer Thanko's new MP3 player is really small! Measuring 16×25×22mm and weighing only 8g, the Micro Sports MP3 Player (Japanese page) is available in 2 and 4GB and fits perfectly into the ear just like any Bluetooth headset.

GoGoStand goes where you and your iPhone go!

The GoGoStand is a plastic folding stand that you can keep in your wallet for quick access whenever you need to prop up your phone or gadget. It's designed for all generations of iPhones, Android G1, Palm Pre and more.

(Thanks GeekGod)

Indiana Jones Room Booby Trap Set

Now you can defend your room with this playful set of booby traps inspired by the Indiana Jones movie series! The Indiana Jones Room Booby Trap Set includes a dart launching idol, a spider dropping idol, and an educational field notebook to help you learn the science of gears and levers. Wait! It doesn't come with Indi's hat?!

Vintage Cycling Board Games

Dude has an impressive collection of old cycling board games. This one is made in 1910 called Bicycle Race. Over at his website, you can also download some cyling games for free and even make your own game!

(via Mefi)

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Cake

Andrea made this amazing Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite cake for her boyfriend. She says, "I must say that although I did see the Star Wars movies as a child, when Dan requested a Han Solo frozen in carbonite cake for his birthday, I didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for!"

1929 Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Book

Fed By Birds introduces us to a lovely 1929 Alice's Adventures In Wonderland book. He writes: "Of all the many versions of Alice in Wonderland at the Rare Book Room, I think I like this sweet 1929 one, with illustrations by Hungarian Willy Pogány."

Katamari Damacy wedding pics are so odd

Aidra and Ernest must have been hardcore Katamari Damacy players. For their wedding in July, they had it done in a theme based on the popular Japanese video game. Guests had to wear a Katamari Damacy headgear! Check out their wedding pics here. Kinda odd if you ask me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hamster cage made from the shell of an iMac

Dude is selling a cage for hamsters made using an old iMac case. He claims it is safe enough for any hamster: "I put my own hamster in there for a while just to get a good laugh and sense of accomplishment."

All in one bicycle is a bar, pizzeria and dance club

Metrofiets has created a cargo bicycle for Hopworks Urban Brewing that holds two kegs, a bar, a rear rack sized for pizzas, and a sound system. The bike is fully plumbed for beer and features Chris King and Shimano taps.

(via Gizmodo)

101 Muppets of Sesame Street

Nice work by Steve Murray. Know your Muppets - all 101 of them! Roll over the muppets to learn more about them, including their first appearance on Sesame Street. I just found out that Elmo made his debut in Season 11.

Paper doll kit lets you undress a Japanese pop star

In Japanese anime/pop star Shoko Nakagawa's new 95-page photobook, you'll find a special paper doll page where you can dress her up in various dresses and costumes. Too bad the bra doesn't come off.

(Thanks xXx)

For Sale: Plushies from local UFO catchers

On her blog My Favourite Toy House, gal is selling her collection of cute Disney Sega Fun Fan Amuse and Eikoh plushies. They are all brand new and won from local UFO catchers.

(Thanks Kristine)

McDonald's storefronts all around the world

Every McDonald's is different in it's own way! So post your McDonald's storefronts from all around the world in the McDonald's Storefronts Flickr group. This one is the McDonald's at Times Square, NYC.

(Thanks Don)

Coke robot looks like R2D2 from Star Wars

Coke made these R2D2 like robots in early 1980s for use in promotional appearances. It is remote-controlled with an 8-track player for Coke slogans. The remote can turn the dome around with flashing lights, move the robot and turn on the track player to play the selected track. And on each of its two feets are three Coke bottles.

Jen Kwok tells you to date and screw Asian men. Yeah!

Watch Jen Kwok's music video "Date an Asian" and sing along to the lyrics: "Everyone should date an Asian man. Don't gotta be serious, just f*** an Asian man. At least f*** one, at least, least f*** one. At least f*** one, at least, least f*** one." LOL.

Jen is a writer and performer based in Brooklyn, NY who combines music, improv, making people uncomfortable and stand-up comedy. You can read her blog here. Jen, how about giving us a "Date an Asian woman" version?

Lots of new video games to try out at Games Convention Asia 2009!

Don't forget to check out Games Convention Asia which is now open to the public until this Sunday at Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre. I was there yesterday for the official opening. Tried out the new games by Electronic Arts. Watch the video above. Love the Fifa 10! I'm definitely going to get it for my PS3. Read my story for Klik.TV, "7 exciting video games to watch our for!" here. And to the guy who beat me at Fifa 10 yesterday, watch out, next time I won't be so charitable.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Nothing But HP For Me" Media Event at Sentosa

Here's the video taken at "Nothing But HP For Me" Media Event held at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore on September 15th. At the event, HP showed off its latest notebooks which includes the Limited Edition HP Mini by world-renowned designer Tord Boontje featuring the world’s first 3D PC Surface Technology, the HP Mini 311 with the largest HP Mini screen to date and the HP Envy which is a new premium class range of notebooks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Local Twitter users come together for the first ever Twestival SG!


The first ever Twestival in Singapore was held on Saturday. Local Twitter users came together offline for a good cause - to raise funds for the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation.






More pics over at Klik.TV's Twestival SG Flickr photoset and do watch the epic video here by yours truly! Lots of local Twitter heroes interviewed.


Go watch! Go!

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