Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying ghost caught on video at Bukit Brown cemetery!

Catch Part 1 of Ghost Hunt at Bukit Brown cemetery on Klik.TV and watch out for the flying ghost that we caught on video. What a catch! Like our previous Bukit Batok park videos (Part 1 and Part 2), we did experienced strange and unexplained acitivity throughout the night. There's something out there alright!

Here's Part 2 where Wesley from Singapore Paranormal Investigators, Kino and I walked deep inside the cemetery with our night vision camera. It was very dark and spooky and trust me, I won't be walking there alone - even if you guys want me to.

Self-Defense For Ladies Against Sexual Predators

The above clip is in Cantonese but the 5 self-defense techniques are pretty easy to learn. Go practice.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Return of the Ewok

Return of the Ewok is a mockumentary produced during the filming of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Warwick Davis is hired to portray the Ewok character Wicket, but must search both the real world and the Star Wars universe to find the scene he is supposed to appear in. He meets many Star Wars cast members, both in and out of character, along the way.

The film was shot by Return of the Jedi's first assistant director, David Tomblin, with the intention of being used as a marketing piece for the movie, but this never materialized. Watch Parts 1, 2 and 3 above.

Dude automates his home with iPad

Alan uses an iPad  for his home automation system to make his life a little better. He writes: "I've had a touch monitor, Nokia N800, and even an iPhone mounted to my walls. However as soon as I got my iPad home, I knew that I'd found the perfect touch device and started to rebuild my UI from scratch."

Horse Boy spotted on Google Street View

Google Street View's roving eye picked up a man in a purple shirt, black pants, wearing a brown horse-head mask. No one knows the Horse Boy's true identity and so far he's only been spotted in various parts of Scotland but that's enough to cause a spike in horse-mask sales.

Watch Super Mario Marathon 3 LIVE now!

Mario Marathon is an annual fan run fundraiser for Child's Play Charity. The multi day internet event, broadcast live online, attracts an audience from around the world to watch as the team plays through twenty five years of Super Mario Brothers video games. They have been playing for 16 hours 31 minutes. Watch them now, live!

Awesome Portraits painted using Photoshop

Looking at these beautiful portraits by Paul Wright, I couldn't believe that they are all painted entirely in Photoshop. Paul uses Photoshop's hard edged brush at varying levels of opacity to create these works of beauty. Step by step of each portrait here.

Your Wallpaper* Magazine Covers

The folks from Wallpaper* Magazine gave their readers the chance to play art director for the day and create their own Wallpaper* cover using a wide selection of images, graphics and patterns contributed by creative luminaries James Joyce, Nigel Robinson, Hort, Anthony Burrill and Kam Tang.

Football Ice Mold is great for the World Cup

The Football Ice Mold creates professional ice footballs that melt slowly, keeping drinks cool - ideal for both bars and home use. Just heat the mold briefly in hot water, place good-quality ice in the mold, put on the top, and it works on its own!

Business Card turns into Brushless DC Motor

Matt and Duncan from Metrix Create:Space didn't have anything to hand out at the Seattle Central Creative Academy Portfolio Show so they decided to engrave and cut a business card that turns into a brushless DC motor! Btw, it really works.

(Thanks Bryan D)

Happy Birthday! Here's an iPad covered with chocolate!

Kay is one lucky and happy lady. For her birthday, her husband gave her an iPad frozen in chocolate carbonite! Check out the unwrapping/ "unchocolateboxing" pics. So cool! Ok. For my birthday (November 21!!!) I want an iPad that is covered with chocolate too. Ahem.

Futurama X-Men

Carl writes about his Futurama X-Men poster: "A friend of mine suggested one day that it would be cool to see the characters of Futurama as X-Men and so I drew him Fry as Cyclops. For some reason I couldn't just stop there...and what came of it was a pretty extensive illustration with some of the most obscure characters from both the X-Men and Futurama universes."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's official! I'm in love!!!

Yubin, please contact me when you read this. There are so many things we need to talk about, like marriage, kids, etc. For the full video, watch it on Klik.TV here.

Nobody, nobody but Yubin and the Wonder Girls!
Pics: Wonder Girls Media Conference at Marina Bay Sands
I'm meeting Wonder Girls tomorrow. Any question for them?

Future Singapore MRT and LRT System Map?



My colleague Jit sent me this future Singapore MRT and LRT map. Not sure who created it but take a closer look here. Wah, Bedok got LRT!

The Best Place for a Vuvuzela is...


There are two things I really hate about this year's World Cup. One is England's mediocre performance - they are worse than rubbish, I tell you - and two is the vuvuzela. Those fans who are blowing the vivuzelas non-stop during matches, should just stuff their vuvuzelas into their asses!

Previously: Stroking my vuvuzela because it feels real good

My Phone Is Off For You

Turn off your phone during dinner? But it's so hard! My Phone Is Off For You provides tools to help you start the conversation. With this sticker on the back, the gesture of placing your phone facedown speaks for itself! According to the site, simply disconnecting every week can lead to more focused interactions, deeper relationships, and longer, healthier lives.

Cheshire Cat Stormtrooper Helmet comes with the Cheshire grin

This has to be one of the strangest looking Stormtrooper helmet. Artist Jamie Snell's Cheshire Trooper Helmet combines two popular characters from Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. The helmet was designed exclusively for TK Project, a charity event of 501st Stormtrooper legion for Make a Wish Foundation.

Live Train Map for the London Underground

Awesome train map created by Matthew Somerville, uses data fetched from the London DataStore API and with a bit of maths and magic, it shows all trains (yellow pins) on the London Underground network in approximately real time!

The Best Ever Cease and Desist Letter

The folks from ThinkGeek received a cease and desist letter from the National Pork Board who were not amused that ThinkGeek infringed their trademark by selling a product called Canned Unicorn Meat. What those fools didn't realise that it is a fake product launched for April Fool's day!

Sci-fi illustrations by Shigeru Komatsuzaki

Shigeru Komatsuzaki drew over a thousand pieces of art during the golden age of Japanese toys and models. Komatsuzaki's career spanned from the 40's thru the 90's and his sci-fi images can be found on picture books, magazines and model kit boxes.

Hello Kitties

Joseph Senor made his own Hello Kitties, turning the popular Japanese cat into famous cultural characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, C3PO, Robocop, Batman and even the Star Treck crew!

Songs of Insects

You can now increase your knowledge of the songs of crickets, katydids, cicadas and other insects thanks to Songs of Insects. The website allows you to listen to 20 common insect songs. I'm hoping someone does a remix with all these sounds.

(Thanks Sir Thomas)

1898 French Anti-Alcohol Poster

Here's an old French anti-alcohol poster designed for display in schools. It illustrates graphically the alleged dangers of industrial alcohol and absinthe, and praising the healthy effects of wine, cider and beer.

(Thanks Steven Aw)

District 9 Concept Art by Weta

Weta Workshop is a five time Oscar winning one stop shop servicing the world's creative industries. Their designers created the fantastical world for director Neill Blomkamp's movie District 9 which was produced by Peter Jackson. Check out their conceptual art here.

My Star Trek Scrapbook is a phaser blast from the past

Frederick writes about his Star Trek Scrapbook blog: "Since around 1971, when I was first bitten by the Star Trek bug, I have been collecting all sorts of items for my scrapbooks; photos, articles, ads, and more. I hope you join me often on this fun and nostalgic look back, as I share them with you, one at a time."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stroking my vuvuzela because it feels real good

Go download the Vuvuzela 2010 app for the iPhone and you too can stroke your very own vuvuzela during the World Cup and irritate everyone who's watching the game with you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nobody, nobody but Yubin and the Wonder Girls!

The Wonder Girls in Singapore videos are now on Klik.TV. Watch the Day 1 video (Media Conference at Marina Bay Sands) here.

And here's Day 2 video (Autograph Session at Iluma).

Pics of Day 1 and Day 2 here. I'll be filming Day 3 video (the Showcase at Marina Bay Sands) tonight. Can't wait to see the girls in action especially Yubin!

I love you, Yubin!!! (Special thanks to Sony Ericsson for bringing the girls to Singapore)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pics: Wonder Girls Media Conference at Marina Bay Sands

Wonder Girls Media Conference

While my Klik.TV colleague Haren is busy editing the video of the Wonder Girls media conference held at Marina bay Sands earlier today, here are some pics taken by Jocelyn. That's me waiting for the Wonder Girls. They were very late!

Wonder Girls Media Conference

But all is forgiven when the girls finally arrived.

Wonder Girls Media Conference

Especially so when my favourite Yubin looks so damn hot. Check out those legs! Yubin, will you marry me?

Wonder Girls Media Conference

Wonder Girls Media Conference

Wonder Girls Media Conference

Video of today's media conference should be ready soon. Watch out for it over at Klik.TV! Tomorrow at 4pm, I will be covering the Wonder Girls Autograph Session at Sony Ericsson Iluma Concept Store.

River forms in the middle of Orchard Road

While I was enjoying the company of the Wonder Girls at Marina Bay Sands, some of my fellow Singaporeans who were at Orchard Road this morning experienced a flood like no other. Check out these videos on YouTube. Awesome! My favourite is the last one. It shows Starbucks completely flooded! I hope those guys bought insurance that covers damage caused by acts of god.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm meeting Wonder Girls tomorrow. Any question for them?


Korean girl group Wonder Girls is in town! They reached Singapore this morning and as I'm writing this, I've been informed that they are at Night Safari.

Ok here's the deal. I'm meeting them tomorrow at their media conference so if you have any question you would like me to ask them, please send them to me right away. Email me at izreloaded at gmail dot com.

The media conference is at 11am tomorrow so I appreciate if I can have your questions by 9am tomorrow k.

I'll be filming Wonder Girls in Singapore for Klik.TV. Yes, including their showcase on Friday night! So be sure to stay close to my Twitter for the latest tweets, pics, etc.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How Dinosaurs Learned To Fly

The dinosaurs were headed for trouble. They ate nothing but junk food. They never brushed their teeth. They stayed up all night. And though they loved jumping off cliffs, they didn't like the landings much. The early mammals tried to warn them. "Keep that up and you'll all be extinct!" they said. But the dinosaurs just laughed... and over time, they evolved into birds.

New Sapporo commercial is the most epic beer commercial ever

The new Sapporo beer commercial makes me want to drink a Sapporo. Watch the video above.

How to pull a tooth with a rocket

Bradley's son wanted to pull out his tooth using a rocket. Ouch! Watch the video above.

95.5 kg Burger is World's Biggest

A Sydney cafe has set a record by making the world's largest burger weighing a hefty 95.5kg! The burger required 81kg of mince, 120 eggs, 16 tomatoes, 120 cheese slices, 2kg of lettuce, 21kg of bread and half a kilo of barbecue sauce.

(Thanks Ju)

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Garden Statue

Artist Alan Dickinson designed this this gray-toned Zombie of Montclaire Moors statue that features the most zombie-like eyes you've ever seen. Captured in meticulous detail in quality designer resin, this zombie garden statue brings the flesh-hungry undead to your daffodil bed!

One Eyed Troll Baby Stroller

Elmer Presslee used a ton of Polymer clay to transform a normal baby stroller to something more awesome - a one eyed troll stroller! His baby girl goes straight into the brain cavity. Now I wish I had a stroller like this when I was her age.

(Thanks GeekGod)

How to make perfect McDonald's style french fries

After cooking over 43 batches of french fries in three days, Kenji is happy to report that has has finally found a way to make perfect McDonald's style fries. He writes: "Anyone with a buck can get a batch of fully cooked McDonald's fries, but I was after something more. I wanted to get fries from the store in their fully frozen state so that I could examine their surface for clues on how they were parcooked."

Disney World photo captures couple together 15 years before they met

It's a small world after all! 30 years ago, when Alex and Donna Voutsinas lived in different countries and long before they met and married, they were captured in the same photo at Disney World. Dona is the girl on the right while Alex is in the stroller in the background.

North Korea shows the world how not to pay for World Cup

South Korean broadcaster SBS accused North Korea of broadcasting a pirate recording of Friday's opening FIFA World Cup match in South Africa. North Korea initially wanted SBS to broadcast the World Cup to North Koreans for free but SBS wanted a fee so Kim Jong-il had no choice but to pirate the World Cup. All hail the Dear Leader!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tim's Farewell Party at Outdoors Cafe & Bar

Bros forever!

Here are some pics taken last night at my buddy Tim's farewell party held at Outdoors Cafe & Bar.

Kino and me

That's my new colleague, Kino and me. Yes, she's the one that starred in Klik.TV's Bukit Batok Park ghost investigation videos (part 1, part 2).

Me and my lunch crew

Bottom (from left to right): Tim, Jerald (the new intern), Ridz (who left us 2 weeks ago). Middle (from left to right): Jocelyn (her last day was on Thursday) and Kino. I will miss all three of you!

Jerald, Tim and Me

Jerald, Tim and Me. Jerald is on a 6 month internship. Good luck bro!

Group shot

Possibly the best group photo taken in the history of The Moving Visuals Co and Klik.TV! In the photo: Dipin, Jester, Nic, Steff, Haren, Kino, Jerald, Peter, Tim, Ridz, Jocelyn and me.

Caught in the act!

Both Peter and Tim caught in the act!!!

Jager Bombs

We ended the night with Jager Bombs.

Posing with our Jager Bombs!

Bottoms up!

The bill!

A great night ends with an even ever greater bill! More photos are available on my Flickr photoset here.

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