Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Everything you wanna know about Thor: The Dark World - Part 1

From Marvel Studios comes the highly anticipated “Thor: The Dark World,” continuing the big-­‐screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. Watch the trailer above. In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos...but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. To defeat an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor sets upon his most dangerous and personal journey yet, forced into an alliance with the treacherous Loki to save not only his people and those he loves…but our universe itself.

After the global cinematic success of Marvel’s “Thor,” the filmmakers reached once more into a rich archive of Norse mythology and comic book history for Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World.” The movie paints an adventure of the most epic and spectacular proportions. Again drawing on universal and familiar themes, the film pits duty and family allegiance against personal aspiration and love. It sees a nation in conflict with an enemy long thought to be dead, but who now threatens the very existence of the universe. “Thor: The Dark World” producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige notes that writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had made an inspired move by looking to Norse mythology when deciding to create a god as a comic book Super Hero. He recalls, “A lot of people were familiar with the Greek and Roman mythologies, not so much with the Norse. When you read those stories, it’s like the best of the Marvel Comics, because it’s people who are very human, despite their powers—despite their calling down the storm, the thunder and the lightning. They have family issues, in the two brothers fighting, Thor and Loki. It’s a family drama and they’re just as flawed as any of us, or any of the Marvel heroes. That’s what makes the Marvel characters so relatable.”

At the end of “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor takes Loki prisoner and returns him to Asgard to be jailed there for the crimes he committed in his attempt to take over Earth. From this starting point, producer Kevin Feige, executive producer Craig Kyle, the screenwriters and a large team at Marvel sat down to look at where Thor’s story should go next. Screenwriter Christopher L. Yost explains, “We really wanted to look at how you could escalate the story personally for him and push things to the next level in terms of conflict.” Director Alan Taylor, describing Thor’s journey, says, “In the first film, we saw Thor go from being an impetuous prince to taking his first steps towards maturing and growing up, and in our film that life story continues. He’s moving closer to actually claiming the kind of power that comes with Odin. He’s becoming not just a man, but potentially a king as well. In this story, as Thor matures and deepens, he has to give some things up and suffer.”

To create the conflict, the filmmakers give Thor a worthy adversary—the villainous Malekith. Introduced in June 1984, in issue #344 of Thor (cover of the comic above), Malekith is leader of the dark elves, who inhabit Svartalfheim, one of the Nine Realms. After waging war with the Nine Realms, and being defeated by Asgard, the dark elves were considered to be extinct. But Malekith put his planet and the surviving dark elves into hibernation for many thousands of years, until a calculated time when he was ready to avenge the universe and turn light once more into darkness. Malekith and the dark elves will prove to be formidable enemies with a violent and personal history with Asgard.

To be continued in Part 2...

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World opens in Singapore on 31 October 2013 in 2D, 3D & IMAX 3D.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Singapore Haunted Scape Museum Of Horrors Halloween

Come join Singapore Haunted and our friends from Moviemania and Singapore Polytechnic and celebrate Halloween at Scape Museum of Horrors 2013! We are giving away 10 pairs of tickets to Museum of Horrors on Halloween Day, Thursday 31 October 2013 (8pm). To win the tickets, head over to Singapore Haunted now!

Catch a preview of what to expect at Scape Museum of Horrors!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Japan IPL Express Commercial - Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

The Japan IPL Express commercial that I directed and shot debuted last night. You can watch it on YouTube. Oh, try to watch it on HD or better still, watch it on your huge widescreen HD TV. It's beautiful, I tell you. Hehe. The commercial stars the lovely Chloe Xu, Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2013 who is always a joy to work with and as you can tell from the ad, the camera loves her. Me too! It's Chloe's commercial debut and I'm honoured to shoot her in it. Thanks sis!

Japan IPL Express Awareness Drive: SMS to 82219221 and receive 10 FREE IPL Shots (worth $37.60) + FREE Japan IPL Membership (worth $188).

DBS Movies By The Bay

Thank you DBS for the invite to DBS Movies By The Bay last night and the free hamper and beer. Yes, free beer! DBS Movies by The Bay will take place every third Friday and Saturday in the months of October, November and December. Last night was the opening night, and I was invited as one of their special guests to catch The Dark Knight.

Loved the atmosphere watching a movie by the Bay although I had butt cramps from sitting down for too long. They will be showing Avatar tonight from 7pm. For those of you planning to catch it, remember to stretch out your legs and stand up occasionally during the screening to prevent butt cramps. LOL! Check out DBS Movies By The Bay held at the Event Square @ Marina Bay (right next to MBS Shoppes).

*SCAPE Museum of Horrors 2013: The Twins

I'm pleased to let you all know that I did not pee in my pants at the *SCAPE Museum of Horrors 2013 media launch on Thursday. It does have its scares but u know me, I'm not easily spooked out after my experience filming Singapore Haunted. Now THAT is really scary! Pic above is of Chloe and me before we entered the Museum of Horrors.

From a ghost bride and her lost ring at Old Tampines Road, to the infamous Bedok Reservoir, Museum of Horrors 2013 is *SCAPE's 4th Halloween signature event collaborating with Movie Mania and Singapore Polytechnic. It's really dark inside Museum of Horrors. There are people in scary costumes and makeup hiding in corners and all sorts of places, waiting to scare the shit out of you. I really like the Bedok Reservoir section. I thought they did recreate the Bedok Reservoir atmosphere pretty well.

Check out *SCAPE Museum of Horrors 2013: The Twins at *SCAPE Warehouse (Level 2) from Oct 18 to 31. Doors open from 6pm. Admission fee is $20 per person. Students and NSFs can purchase their tickets at $17 each. You can buy them here.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Google ad on Singapore anti-gay law story suggests you find a wife

So Singapore's high court dismisses challenge to anti-gay law. Not surprising. Even the Google ad on this AFP news article knows Singapore's stand. Its solution: Go find a wife!

Sunbathing Bikini Girls vs Carpark Aunty

I guess it's getting too crowded at swimming pools and beaches in Singapore that nowadays, you have to sun tan in carparks! Some dude shot two girls suntanning on a multi-storey carpark fighting with a parking attendant who I think is unhappy because the girls didn't display their parking coupons.

From the YouTube video: "I was looking out of my kitchen window in at around 2pm and spotted two girls suntanning on the rooftop of the multi-storey carpark infront of my flat. Quickly went to get my camcorder to shoot them. The two girls were in their bikinis and were suntanning for more than 7 minutes when a carpark attendant came walking towards them and started to scold them. I couldn't hear their actual words but it seems that the carpark attendant wanted them to leave the carpark. An argument took place and one of the girls was even hit by the carpark attendant's umbrella on her forehead! I kaypoh so I went downstairs to see if I can spot the girls. Saw them at the nearby park. The girl had a slight cut on her forehead. Can see a bit of blood!"

Hot Bods in Manhunt Singapore 2013 Grand Finals

Celebrating its 25th birthday and silver anniversary this year, Manhunt Singapore 2013 is back, bigger, better and bolder than before with 25 dashing, hunky and charismatic finalists battling it out in the Grand Finals to win the ultimate prize. Fabulous Aesthetics is a proud sponsor of Manhunt Singapore 2013. Video shot and edited by yours truly.

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