Sunday, January 30, 2011

New videos out on Reload Network!


Winter in Hell, Ryan vs Brandon 2, Egypt Protest, Visual Effects of Black Swan and other new videos are out on Reload Network. Go watch them!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Young Lions change name to Courts Young Lions, launches online TV

Lately I've been busy with a big project involving the Young Lions (now known as Courts Young Lions), the under-23 all Singaporean football team that is playing in the S.League. The project is even mentioned on the Straits Times! The two videos above are shot and edited by me for Courts Young Lions TV. You can watch more of my work there. Do watch the videos in full 1080p glory. Special thanks to Gary and Nick who have been working tirelessly with me in the Courts Young Lions TV project and to the Courts Young Lions players who are the real stars. Thanks guys!

Pirating the 2011 Oscars

Andy Baio's Pirating the Oscars is here once again! He writes: "Yesterday morning, along with an anonymous group of spectators, I updated the ever-growing spreadsheet now spanning the last nine years of Oscar-nominated film. This year, three films were leaked online within a day of their theatrical release."

Wear your photography rights around your neck

Photographers Rights Gray Card Set is a set of white balance cards that allows you to wear your photography rights around your neck while you're out shooting, and can be easily shown to anyone who challenges your legal right to photograph. The cards are attached to a white lanyard via a detachable clip.

Darth Vader Typography shows off the Dark Side

The Font is strong with this one. Evan Travelstead's Darth Vader typography portrait for his advanced type and design project features famous quotes by Darth Vader such as "I find your lack of faith disturbing" and "Luke, I am your father" written all over Darth's helmet and neck.

Back to the Future Set Pics taken by Security Guard in 1985

Mr Biscuit writes about his Back to the Future set pics taken when he was working as a security guard: "They built the 1955 set first, then when I came back just two weeks later, they had rebuilt the same set for 1985, paving over the Courthouse Square park and completely remodeling all the storefronts and signage. Amazing!"

19th-Century Pocket Guide Book to Brothels in New York

A Gentleman's Directory is a guidebook published in 1870 about New York City's brothels and its women-for-hire. The book aims to furnish information that gentlemen on the go could not procure elsewhere and it describes the city's various brothels so that the reader may know how to avoid them.

Grip Tape iPhone Sticker gives your iPhone more grip

RF Laserworks is selling Grip Tape iPhone Stickers that give you a better grip of your iPhone 4. No more dropping your valuable phone! The sticker is laser cut from sheets of real skateboard grip tape and sticks right onto the back of your iPhone. They have other cool laser cut stickers too.

Mind blowing 3D computer models of Star Wars ships

I'm blown away by Ansel Hsiao's 3D computer models of the Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter, AT-SE Walker and other ships and vehicles found in the Star Wars universe. He uses 3D Studio Max and other 3D rendering softwares to make them. George Lucas should hire him!

Make your own Formula 1 cars out of paper!

If you are into Formula 1, here's something for you to do during the weekend. Metmania is offering free papercrafts of Formula 1 cars. Just download, print using hard paper, and cut and paste following the instructions given. Oh, there are also F1 and MotoGP  racing helmets too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wrist Cutter G promotes wrist cutting among cute Japanese school girls

Here are two fake commercials from the 2008 Japanese gore film, Tokyo Gore Police. The movie is set in a near future chaotic Japan where a mad scientist has created a virus that mutates humans into monstrous creatures. To deal with this new threat, Tokyo has no choice but to privatize its police force.

Tokyo Gore Police has been described as a sick, twisted, gory but surprisingly funny movie. Judging from the two commercials above, the movie's description is spot on! The first commercial is about a product called Wrist Cutter G that aims to make wrist cutting cute. I have to watch the full movie!

Spotted: Chupa Chups tower game is like Jenga




I spotted this Chupa Chups Balance Game at Toys r Us. It's just like Jenga but instead of balancing blocks of wood, you balance a tower full of Chupa Chups. Looks like fun.

Silk lets you make beautiful art with your mouse and finger

Yuri Vishnevsky writes about Silk, his experiment in generative art: "With the swish of a finger, anyone can make a truly beautiful piece of art. What you see on the web is already great for the iPad, but its unique tactile interface provides many new ideas that I want to explore." Give it a try. It's pretty cool! I can't wait for his iPad app.

365 Jars is a 1 year project where art jars are left in the wild

Every day during 2011, Bristol artist (and a purveyor of mad obsessive projects) Kirsty Hall will go for a walk to release an art jar containing art or an assemblage of objects into the wild for people to find and keep. If you've found a jar, please register your find. This is Jar No 18: Wire balls in glycerin mix.

Superhero Aprons are perfect for kitchen super mummies

Bethany Sew and Sew is selling superhero themed aprons! This one is the Bat Girl apron which comes with a utility belt with a pocket on one side and loops on the other for holding kitchen utensils.

(Thanks zinc)

Pocket Card Light is an ultra thin working light

Doulex LED Pocket Card Light is as small as a credit card. Place it inside your wallet, bring it everywhere you go, and when you need a light, just take it out, fold it and the light turns on! Push the light bulb down to turn the light off. Powered by a 3V coin battery.

Website wants you to relax and do nothing for 2 minutes

Here's how you can waste a few precious minutes of your life. Just do nothing for 2 minutes. Relax. Listen to the waves and don't touch that keyboard and mouse! Can you do it? I failed.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Boba Fett helmet made for wannabe Spartan warrior

Jon Wollack of Almost Dark Productions has successfully combined the design elements of Boba Fett's helmet and a helmet worn by a Spartan to create this kickass Boba Fett Spartan helmet that will not look out of place in the 300 movie. Imagine all 300 Spartan warriors wearing the helmet fighting a million Persians. Awesome!

Illustrated anatomy of Gamera and Japanese giant monsters

The Kaijū-Kaijin Daizenshū movie monster book series published in 1972 has a set of anatomy illustrations of Gamera and his foes. Gamera's features include infrared eyes with night vision, arms that can lift 50,000 tons and an organ for producing the flames he shoots from his hands. You don't want to mess with him.

SocialBook is your offline Facebook book

Now you can take your Facebook history offline into a book thanks to the SocialBook aka The Facebook Book. It is a personalized book created from status updates, published pictures, wall messages and the comments shared between you and up to 10 selected friends on Facebook in chronological order from earliest to most recent.

Hair clip gives you eyes at the back of your head

Ladies, do you need a hair clip that is unique? Hair clip on hair has a photo of a pair of eyes on it. Clip it to your hair and you will scare anyone who walks behind you. There are only 15 left so go buy one quick if you want one.

(Thanks Lydia)

Angry Birds Mini Plush are cuter thanks to sound

These 4" Angry Birds plush are a must have for any Angry Birds fan. They can chirp, squawk and even oink when you squeeze them! There are 6 different ones to collect – Piggy, White, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red Angry Bird.

(Thanks Johnny Q)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Darth Vader gets new job, sells ice cream with All Terrain Ice Cream Transport

This Lego AT-AT Walker has been given a make-over to seduce ice cream loving kids. Gone is its menacing looks, replaced with kid friendly colours and a built-in ice cream parlor that comes with Darth Vader. The question is will you buy ice cream from him?

Sesame Street Fighter Stickers aren't Capcom PBS approved

Gavacho13 is selling these insane Sesame Street Fighter stickers. Yup, they are a mashup of Sesame Street and Street Fighter characters! He writes: "Want to plaster Sesame Street Fighter stickers all over something? Get em now, before the corporate lawyers at Capcom & PBS combine like Voltron robots to sue me!"

Original Batmobile for sale on eBay, Batman not included

Guys, you have about 14 hours left to bid for this original Batmobile used in Batman Returns! The Batmobile has a Chevy 350 CU Target Crate Engine featuring Hedman headers, Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, and other performance upgrades that give it in excess of 200 horsepower. Current bid is at US$310,800. Good luck.

Horde Bathroom will make every World of Warcraft fan happy while they pee

Husband and wife are hardcore World of Warcraft fans and both have been playing the game for nearly five years so when they had to renovate their bathroom, they decided they need a Horde inspired bathroom in their house! Here's the view from the doorway with the Horde shield and sword proudly displayed.

Bokeh Kit turns your night shots into truly unique light-scapes

The Bokeh Kit comes with 21 Bokeh (Japanese word for blurred) filters. Place the filter over your camera lens and you're ready to turn an ordinary night-scape into a wondrous land of sparkling hearts, planes, birds or happy faces. In addition to the 21 pre-cut filters, you also get a full sheet of 8 discs to create your own shapes.

Lego Angry Birds are as awesome as their video game cousins

Check out CK's Lego Angry Birds on Facebook (requires login). He writes: "These are my latest creations and hope that you would like the LEGO version of Angry Birds. The Birds family isn't complete. The Giant Red Dird is still work in progress. Also I want to get more Lime color bricks to build more Pigs."

iPad Pixelator offers you hours of entertainment in the dark

Here's how you can make your own iPad Pixelator using Hasbro's "Don't Break the Ice" game, some easy to find materials and your iPad of course. Once you're done, play a video on your iPad, place the Pixelator over the screen and enjoy!

Catapult Fridge will launch your beer cans so you don't have to do the work

The Catapult Fridge by Ross Wehner holds 12 drink cans and can launch each can across the room! He explains: "The cans are restrained from flowing out of the bottom by a wooden lever and two clothespins. When the elevator is fully descended, it depresses the clothespins, and the lever allows one can to roll out, and restrains the rest of the cans."

Civil War Vader and other vintage Star Wars characters

I love Greg Peltz's Civil War Darth Vader. He writes: "I was looking at some old Civil War photos the other day and got inspired to do something a little different with this one." He has more Star Wars characters here: Skywalker family, Mighty Jabba, Bobba Fett, C3PO and Chewy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be the envy of your girlfriends and become pregnant today!


I love this Hey Girls, Become Pregnant Today poster by Timba Smits, a Melbourne born, London based graphic designer, artist, illustrator, independent publisher, self confessed magazine whore and wannabe Olympic ping-pong player. He is also the world's tallest ninja. Go check out his other illustrations here. So girls, if you wanna get pregnant, hurry up and fill up the form. You can mail it back to Timba or me. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Singapore orders blog to be a political association!


Bloggers beware! Popular local socio-political blog The Online Citizen has been told that it has to register itself as a political association because according to the government, it "has the potential to influence the opinions of their readership and shape political outcomes in Singapore". This will be the first time that bloggers are considered as political association. Looks like elections are coming. But whether you agree with what the government is doing, or not, I fear that cyberspace in Singapore will never be the same again after this. It will be interesting to see The Online Citizen's next move. Do they do what they've been told by the government or will they close down the blog and go "underground"?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rhombus Maximus the Steampunk Mouse

The computer mouse is boring but Rhombus Maximus is definitely not. It is the name of Alex Neretin's steampunk mouse made of copper, brass and walnut. Accompanying it is an equally good looking steampunk USB stick. I'm not sure if the steampunk mouse is an actual working mouse but I want them both!

Jason loves Batman, has a room to keep all his Batman stuff

The Bat-Blog posts some nice pics of a guy's Batman room: "Many posters/art prints are framed & look great on the wall. There are a few display cases featuring cool bat-toys. Then, there's the media center, which is nice, but I totally love the custom-made bat-symbol lighting fixture that is above the TV."

Outdoor Kitchen for those who love to cook outside

Studiomama is providing a free downloadable PDF that teaches you how to make an outdoor kitchen comprising of a gas cooking hob, a bucket sink, a chopping board and storage for crockery, utensils and a few food ingredients.

(Thanks Louise)

Blood Bros Heaven 2 Hell is 80's action movie songs mix

Created by Derek 'DJA' Allen and Dirty South Joe, Blood Bros Heaven 2 Hell is the second volume in the Blood Bros series featuring an excellent mix of songs from 80's action movie soundtracks such as Hearts On IV from Rocky IV and Top Gun's Danger Zone.

(via Nerdcore)

The Suits of James Bond shows you how to dress like 007

The Suits of James Bond is committed to providing all the answers one needs in order to dress tastefully in the manner of 007: "While Roger Moore's suits in the 70s appear a little outdated, they are still well tailored and allow Bond the full range of movement he needs for a fight. And they really aren't that outdated."

Sept 11th Flipbook is frivolous, provocative and is now yours

Scott Blake’s 9/11 Flipbook allows viewers to watch a continuous reenactment of the attack on the Twin Towers by simply flipping the small pages. With the free DIY Kit, you can download, print and assemble one yourself right now.

(Thanks Ed26)

History of Batmobile shows you every Batmobile ever made

Nice infographic that shows the evolution of the Batmobile, Batman's favourite car! The first Batmobile was a simple red convertible with nothing special in its functions. Its design gradually evolved to include Bat fins and other gadgets to help Batman in his crime fighting activities.

FRACT is an indie atmospheric adventure game

Go download FRACT, a first person puzzle game. The player is let loose into an abstract world built on sound and structures inspired by electronic music. To unlock the inner workings of this strange world, the player must revive forgotten machinery while keeping a keen ear and eye out for clues. Game works on Mac and PC.

Paper Factory and Office come with Paper Workers

People Too from Russia made these incredible miniature factory and office using paper. The close-up shots showing the people at work are amazing. The attention to detail is breathtaking!

(Thanks Boywonder)

Vintage Mars Attacks Cards better than the1996 movie

Keith Bates writes about his old Mars Attacks cards: "Mars Attacks bubblegum cards collected in 1962. Played as a Flickr slideshow it sure beats the Tim Burton movie!" The cards tell the story of the invasion of Earth by evil and ugly Martians. They were re-issued in 1984.

Friday, January 07, 2011

G1 Megatron papercraft looks awesome but can't transform into a pistol

Go download Monkeyrum's amazing G1 Megatron papercraft. He writes: "The original base model was done by G. 'Alpha-Prime' Civita for the Transformers Quake player pack. I then took it and redid about 90% of the actual mesh and developed a new texture from scratch." The paper Megatron stands at 12.5 inches tall. I want Optimus!

Nico and Andy Warhol as Batman and Robin

Artnet is selling photographs of German supermodel Nico and Andy Warhol dressed as Batman and Robin. The photos were taken by Frank Bez for an Esquire Magazine photo shoot in 1967. Prices for the photos are not listed.

(via Bat-Blog)

Star Wars X-Wing and AT-AT Walker Blueprints

Vespertin made these mock-up blueprints for the X-Wing Starfighter and the AT-AT Walker from the Star Wars movies. I wish he has them in poster sizes cause they make great posters to hang on the wall.

(Thanks Johnny Q)

USB Camera Speaker looks like a camera but is a speaker

It looks like a DSLR camera but it isn't! The USB Camera Speaker - yes, it's a speaker - connects with most MP3 players, notebooks and other personal electronic products. It reads SD(HC), SD, MMC and USB flash drive directl and supports MP3/WMA play. It makes a great gift for any photographer!

Little Owl and other cute 2011 printable calendars

Over at her Etsy shop, Valentina is selling cute 2011 calenders that you can print yourself like this one, the Cute Little Owls Calendar. Each calendar comes in 8.5 x 11 sheets in a high resolution PDF file and each page measures 4-7/8" x 5-1/2 (aprox) when cut out.

Project Collage

If you love collages then you should take a look at Project Collage, a Flickr photoset by Muharrem Çetin. I remember when I was in an interview for my first job, they made me do a collage on the spot using Photoshop. I aced the interview of course.

(Thanks Mark)

UBS Dresscode is a style guide for bankers and wannabes

UBS wants its Swiss retail banking staff to learn how to dress to impress so it's sending them a 43-page dresscode containing a list of dress "do's" and "don'ts" and hygiene and grooming tips. No short skirts for female staff and for men, no designer stubble. Damn! You can download the PDF here.

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