Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watch highlights of City Alive 2010 on Klik.TV

I was at the F1 Pit Building on Saturday to film City Alive! 2010. The highlights video is now on Klik.TV. Watch out for DJ Sarasa (she's really cute) and Space Cowboy in the video!

It was really fun filming on the F1 track.  I have never been inside the Pit Building so it was definitely an experience not to forget. The video is probably one of my best camera work for Klik.TV. My colleague Haren who edited the video says that I'm better than the cameramen from MTV! Wah! He used to work for MTV so that's definitely a compliment.

Also don't forget to watch the video of the biggest street dance in Singapore, also held at City Alive! 2010. It's a must watch!

At City Alive! 2010 after filming

"I came to party. You came to party. So why don't we party together?"

Beautiful curtains made out of old Kodachrome slides

Don't throw away those slides! Lady found a box of a ton of old slides, mostly Kodachrome, from the 50s and 60s. She and her husband then drilled littles holes on them and connected them together with chainmail rings to turn them into curtains. is an iPhone applications blog is a cool blog featuring the best produced and designed iPhone applications that are available for download via the App Store. The author says, "I have spent quite a bit of time searching out the best apps for my personal collection via my network of design colleagues, other iphone app blogs, online articles, friends referrals, and even mining the app store when I have time."

Giant Gummi Bear is huge, comes with 12,600 calories

Standing 24cm tall and weighing in at a diet-clobbering 2.3kg, the Giant Gummi Bear is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized Gummi Bears. It is the world's largest and it is so huge that it is mounted on a stick to aid consumption. Available in cola, orange, cherry and blue flavours.

How to make pancakes like a crack head

It's easy to make pancakes but here's how to make one like your everyday crack head junkie. All you need is some flour, egg, card, spoon, a lighter and a few syringes. Oh, remember to cook both sides! This is raw egg, you don’t want to risk your health.

Flyfire transforms any ordinary space into a highly immersive and interactive display environment

The Flyfire project uses a large number of self-organizing micro helicopters - each containing small LEDs and acts as a smart pixel - to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive and interactive display environment. The helicopters perform elaborate and synchronized motions and form an elastic display surface for any desired scenario.

Crawler Town is one amazing Lego creation

Master Lego craftsman Dave DeGobbi builds Crawler Town. He says, "It started out as going to be a steam-punk land dreadnought/ battleship but evolved into a roaming city where self sustainability and Eco efficiency became the theme."

100 Ways to say Fark You!


Because one way is just not enough.

(via Monolith)

Dance-Off with the Star War Stars

The highlight of the hilarious Hyperspace Hoopla that concludes each day of Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios is the Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars during which Star Wars characters get down to popular music. Watch the video above. The 2009 playlist includes hits from the 90s.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sentosa says sorry for rude security guard at Vivocity Sentosa Station

Guy records rude security guard at the Sentosa Station at Vivocity. Watch the video above. He says, "My family and I visited Resorts World Sentosa via the Sentosa Express. When it's finally our turn to board the Sentosa Express, this security guard made an announcement that the train (in the background) will not be ferrying us but head to another location instead. He ended his announcement with a question asking "OK?". Naturally, my dad replied NO. The security guard then walked forward and scold my dad for the first round."

"When he turned and walked away, my father whispered to us softly (not in a rude manner or insulting way) the word "siao". The security guard then got very angry because of my dad's reply and marched forward furiously to scold my father with his index finger pointing straight into the face of my dad. He claimed that he could barred us from entering Sentosa and get the police to escort us out of Vivo City if we try to be funny. Why was he even asking a question if he cannot accept answer from the public? At least he should say "sorry" and apologize for the delay instead of trying to be funny and ask a weird question."

He adds, "The security guard shouldn't threaten our family in this way. Working in a sector which you need to face public and providing a service, you should not abuse your power but instead make the customer feels welcomed. This kind of attitude should not be allowed in our society if Singapore wants to achieve greater heights in the standard of retail service."

I had a chance to speak to the Communications department of Sentosa Leisure Group. This is their official statement: "Sentosa launched an investigation into this matter shortly after the video was uploaded. Based on our initial findings, we would like to extend our sincere apology for the incident. We do not condone the behaviour that was captured on camera as it runs contrary to our service values."

"The security guard in question is employed by a private security agency, contracted by us to beef up our efforts to manage the crowds over the festive weekend. However, we take a serious view of any lapse in service by staff that are directly or indirectly employed by us. We would like to assure the public that we are committed to providing our guests with positive experiences, and we will take steps to ensure this incident is not repeated. We are also trying to get in touch with Mr Jerry Wong to personally convey our apology and assist us in closing the matter."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Girls of FHM Singapore 2010 Calendar

FHM Singapore 2010 Calendar Girls

This year's FHM Singapore calendar features Amber Wang, Alicia Pan, Andrea Fonseka, Doris Yeh, Giselle Chia, Helen Su, Jamine Li, Jayne Chen, Jessebella Tan, Kay Kay, Lisa Wang, May Wu and Vanessa Wang. Here are 4 of them.

FHM Singapore 2010 Calendar Girls

FHM Singapore 2010 Calendar Girls

FHM Singapore 2010 Calendar Girls

FHM Singapore 2010 Calendar Girls

Smoking hot right? Go get the calendar. It is distributed free with the February issue of FHM Singapore.

WTF Find of the Day: Nipple Badges anyone?

Nipple Badges anyone?

Who wants a nipple badge? I like the strawberry shortcake one. Originally uploaded to Twitpic by barmee.

Play Kitchen made from old TV cabinet

For her 2nd birthday, Milla got this beautiful play kitchen made by her daddy and grandma from an old TV cabinet. Her mum says, "Milla loves her fabulous kitchen and so do I! We went through our real kitchen cupboards and found all kinds of boxes and bottles to put in her fridge, freezer and cupboards and we have baked non stop since the new kitchen was 'installed'!"

Helvetica Cookie Cutters make really delicious Helvetica cookies

Beverly Hsu designed these Helvetica Cookie Cutters so that she can bake cookies that are in the shape of the popular font. She writes: "When my love for design and my love for baking cross paths... Helvetica Cookie Cutters!" She's making more of the cookie cutters so that she can sell them in the future.

Cute Japanese coin bank will steal your money

The Itazura Bank looks like an ordinary box made to keep fruits but it is actually a coin bank. Place your coin on the fish bone on top of the box and it will automatically open and out comes a cat with its paw to take your coin away. Pretty cute aye! There's also a dog version.

Bandai's mini arcade controllers let you play (hear) your favourite games

These keychains from Bandai actually doubles as a mini arcade controller. It actually works just like the originals. Press the buttons and you can play all of the sounds of your favourite arcade games. The initial batch controllers includes three arcade classics: Xevious, Street Fighter II and Famista.

How to build a homemade digital camera

Here is a step by step guide to building your own digital camera from an old flatbed scanner. You will also need basic tools that can be found around the house such as a roll of gaffer’s tape, tin foil, spray adhesive, foam core board, cardstock and a round magnifying glass.

Cute Sesame Street character costumes

Now you can dress up as a sexy Big Bird or Elmo thanks to a new line of Sesame Street costumes launched by Costume Craze. The costumes will be available in teen and women sizes. The adult Big Bird costume is hot!

(Thanks Myra Leong)

Lego Big Mac Meal will make Ronald McDonald proud

Japanese lego artist Sachiko created this Big Mac meal complete with the hamburger itself with melting cheese and sesame seed bun, french fries and a drink using Lego bricks.

(Thanks Alexis)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Klik Your Face Valentine's Day Special with Gallery Hotel




A very special day like Valentine's deserves a very special Klik Your Face contest so this time, I thought we should invite Klik.TV readers to send their most lovable pose to us. In addition, we sent the Klik Your Face team (thanks Sam, Gordon, Caryn, Ida and others who helped out) to various locations in Singapore to capture couples in action. Special thanks to Gallery Hotel who generously sponsored a one night's stay at the hotel for the lucky winner. Check out the faces and go vote for your favourite.

Klik.TV Valentine's Day Special: 10 Deadly Dating Mistakes

Shot this a few days ago at Gallery Hotel. The video is a Klik.TV Valentine's Day Special: 10 Deadly Dating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them starring Dazzling Chong, author of The Singapore Dating Guide Book and Ram the Man. Go watch it and Happy Valentine's Day (and Gong Xi Fa Cai)!

How to please a man on a date: Part 2

How to please a man on a date (1930): Part 2

Previously: How to please a man on a date: Part 1

iBap are jeans with big pockets for the iPad

Apple's new iPad is a game changer all right. That's why you need a change of pants. But not just any pants. iBap are pants with big ass pocket that can fit your iPad. Want one? Unfortunately, the designers currently have no plans to be producing the iBap apparel line for any market. What a shame.

Simple Desktops is simplicity at its best

Do you want less, but not boring? Then you want Simple Desktops, a collection of bling, drop shadow, and gradient free desktop wallpapers curated by Tom Watson designed to make your computer beautiful without distraction.

No Profile Facebook Pictures

You can download Anton Mircea's No Profile Pictures and use them on your Facebook. He says, "I've always found the no profile pictures really fascinating. I belive we can enrich visual contexts that are supposed to be standardized or flattened into a template, even transform them into something popular although they were supposed to be the opposite."

Barbie Doll's 126th career is Computer Engineer!

Geeks can now celebrate. Mattel has announced that Barbie's 126th career will be Computer Engineer! Wearing a binary code patterned tee and equipped with all the latest gadgets including a smart phone, Bluetooth headset, and laptop travel bag, Computer Engineer Barbie is geek chic and yes, geeks will love her!

How to please a man on a date: Part 1

How to please a man on a date (1930): Part 1

Read part 2 here.

Vintage Japanese Industrial Expo Posters

Pink Tentacle posts a collection of posters from various expositions held in Japan in the 1920s to 1940s. This one is a 1937 poster for Japan's International Hot Spring Tourism Exposition held in Beppu.

The Force is strong with the Jedi Car

This rocking Jedi Car was spotted at Anime L.A. Inspired by the X-Wing Fighter, the Jedi Car is actually modified Honda. The details on the Jedi Car is really amazing and it even comes with a Yoda sitting next to the driver's seat and R2D2 at the back!

(via Nerdcore)

G-Spot Mouse is so sexy and looks like something familiar

Why does the G-Spot Mouse designed by Andy Kurovets look so familiar? Hmmm. Yanko Design writes: "This mouse has a secret spot. When you find it, to your favorite place on the computer it’s connected to you will go, be it your email provider or your favorite industrial design blog news website. There ye shall be."

Gundam USB Flash Drive comes with game

This one is definitely for Gundam fans. The Gundam USB Flash Drive has 4GB of memory and comes with the Gundam online game GN03. Unfortunately, the game and its manual is only in Japanese and will work only from Japan. Oh damn! It also takes up 1GB of space in the flash drive.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Classic Chinese New Year songs redone in true heavy metal style

Year of the Metal Tiger 2010

To celebrate the year of the metal tiger which comes every 60 years, the folks from DDB have launched an album called Year of the Metal Tiger. I received the CD last week. Encased in a leather-inspired jacket with studs, it carries 3 true heavy metal tracks of Lunar New Year songs performed by local band Evil Singing Panda.

Year of the Metal Tiger 2010

Year of the Metal Tiger 2010

Year of the Metal Tiger 2010

Year of the Metal Tiger 2010

You can download the tracks for free on the album website here and also play the online game. Turn on your webcam, select your Chinese horoscope sign and get ready to rock! Try it out!

Indonesian horror movie tells the story of a menstruating ghost

Doing a blockbuster horror film nowadays is certainly not easy so one needs to be really creative with the storyline. That's what some Indonesian film makers did with The Menstruating Ghost of Puncak, a horror film about a menstruating ghost. You cannot be more original than that! But before you go "WTF!", check out the trailer of the movie. It's full of comical looking ghosts and babes having sex! It's a pity the movie has been pulled from distribution in Indonesia. Come on Indonesian clerics! You guys need to loosen up a bit. How often do people get to watch a menstruating ghost?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Because every man needs an Inflatable Wild Swan

Inflatable Wild Swan from Daiso

Inflatable Wild Swan from Daiso

I was really curious when I saw Inflatable Wild Swan at Daiso so I knew I had to get one. And so I did. To use it, just take it out from the box, remove the sticky tape and stick it to your crotch. Then, just press the "balls" hard enough until you hear a cracking sound and... wala! The wild swan automatically erects!

I know you guys and gals want to see this so I took a video.

Watch the Inflatable Wild Swan in action. Beginning part is the unboxing while towards the end is not suitable for people who have an allergic reaction to wild swans.

Inflatable Wild Swan from Daiso

No, I won't be wearing it out.

Travel the world in style with the Astro Boy luggage bag


I spotted these official Astro Boy luggage bags at Carrefour. Are they cool or what?!


The white one is nice...


But this one is even better! I like it so much! The Astro Boy luggage bag costs S$239.

Previously: My Astro Boy T-shirt is so cool

My tweets are interesting. Really!


Sarahcoldheart on Twitter says she likes retweeting my tweets because they are interesting. Don't believe her? Check out my Twitter, follow me and retweet my tweets if you want. They are free.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Play "Spot IZ in the Video" Contest and you may win tickets to City Alive!

Can you spot me in this video that me and my Klik.TV team filmed at 313@Somerset? Just email me at izreloaded (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me what I'm wearing, time of the video when I appeared, etc, and you could win tickets to City Alive, Singapore's biggest and funkiest street dance party.

More than 100 dancers performed a preview of what will be Singapore’s biggest street dance performance that will kick-off the party on 20 February. Watch the video on Klik.TV!

City Alive will be held after the Chingay Parade on Saturday, 20 February 2010, 10.15pm to Sunday, 21 February 2010, 4.00am. Stretching over 360 metres long, the street in front of the Pit Building will be converted into a mega dance floor. City Alive will feature Space Cowboy, who will be making his debut appearance in Singapore and South East Asia, as well as DJ SARASA, DJ Andrew T and DJ Inquisitive.

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