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Danube: A Viking River Cruise Story

More Monster Building pics

Hong Kong's famous Monster Building as featured in Transformers movie

A Morning In Moganshan

Some unused footage from my documentary Kung Fu Journey

Flying over Moganshan, China

Screengrabs from A Morning In Moganshan

Flying over West Lake, Hangzhou to catch sunset

My YouTube channel reaches 10,000 subscribers

My travel essentials... what are yours?

Happy Star Wars Day!

Apple's "THREE MINUTES": A 3-Minute Recut

Testing the Metabones Speed Booster Ultra on Panasonic MFT cameras

The Super Blue Blood Moon in Singapore

Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Time

My photo of Heartbeat Bedok is featured

Finally, Pokemon Go Level 38!

Singapore Airlines A380 take off from Shanghai Pudong Airport

Thanks for the 8888 subscribers on YouTube!

Climbing Mount Song in Henan Province, China

From The Balcony, Shanghai with Panasonic Lumix G9

Hello from Shanghai