Thursday, November 29, 2012

Singapore Haunted captures image of female ghost at the legendary Yellow Tower at East Coast Park

Singapore Haunted, a popular web TV series produced by R3LOAD Network featuring a team of paranormal investigators exploring some of the most haunted locations in the country, has revealed new amazing evidence of the paranormal at East Coast Park's legendary Amber Tower also know as the Yellow Tower.

In its latest investigation, the team from Singapore Haunted returns to East Coast Park's Yellow Tower for a special episode. Many years ago, a girl and her boyfriend went to the Yellow Tower late at night. A group of men then beat up the boyfriend and went on to rape the girl. The girl died during the incident. Apparently the ghost of the girl still haunts the tower till today.

Last year, the team left powder on the stairs of the tower and captured amazing footprints believed to be from the same female ghost. The evidence was aired in an episode which went on to make headlines in Singapore.

For their latest episode, Singapore Haunted Yellow Tower Revisited Special, the team decided to return to the Yellow Tower after receiving numerous emails from viewers who watched the episode of the investigation held there last year. Viewers claimed that the paranormal entity is still residing in the tower.

Singapore Haunted producer/director IZ Darson was surprised with the team's discovery this time. He says, “We've done this show for 2 seasons and we are about to do our third and we've encountered many different types of paranormal activity but the evidence we gathered at the Yellow Tower this time has to be the most compelling evidence that points to the existence of the paranormal.”

Highlights of the investigation include this incredible thermal image of a paranormal entity. Thermal imaging detects radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This pic shows the thermal image of a ghostly figure on the second floor of the Yellow Tower. It was captured right after one of the investigators claimed to see a female ghost which appeared to him for a few seconds. (Video time code: 15:34)

The team used various scientific equipment like night vision and thermal cameras, digital infrared thermometer, audio recorders and the K-II meter which is a form of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector. Paranormal investigators believe that paranormal entities emit EMF and it's this EMF that can be detected by the K-II meter.

Other incredible evidence include 2 EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings of the voice of the female entity. The first voice was recorded when the investigators ask the entity why didn't she leave the tower. A voice answered: “Home” (Video time code: 11:41). The second voice was recorded after the investigators asked how old she was when she died at the tower. The reply was: “Young” (Video time code: 13:26). Both EVPs were followed by intense EMF activity recorded by the K-II meter.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanks for all your birthday wishes and presents!


A belated post but I celebrated my birthday on November 21. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, presents, lunches, dinners, drinks, hugs and kisses. If you haven't got me a gift, it's not too late. My birthday celebrations end on December 1. And yes, do follow me on Twitter and Facebook and also subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks again!

How to make a Sushi Cake

I love sushi and this sushi cake looks so yummy! Here's the recipe to make one that serves 6 to 8 person: "Wet your hands, so the rice will not stick on them, and spread half of the rice, push down firmly. Cover with slices of cucumber and avocado. End up with salmon."

(Thanks Shy)

Bicycle Taxidermy provides loving and lasting solution for your mechanical bereavement

We all love our bicycles but what happens when our favourite bike can't be ridden anymore? Throw it away but keep the handlebar. Bicycle Taxidermy provides a service to mount your bike's handlebar on a scorched or bleached European oak plaque. The plaque denotes your bike's model, pet name, dates ridden and a commemorative verse.

Rare Russian Star Wars posters go on sale on eBay

Bloody Rare Books is selling 4 very rare original posters from the first release of the classic Star Wars film in Russia in 1990. This one pictured here is known as the Puma Head poster featuring Darth Vader with a Puma head mask and mini lightsabers on his head. Very strange but I like! Other posters available: Rock Head, Cantina and Cowboy.

Japanese eco-friendly shopping bag converts into helmet

Shopping in Japan can be dangerous especially when an earthquake hits so the Japanese have invented the Grappa, a reusable eco-friendly shopping bag which also doubles as a helmet to protect your head. The helmet part of the bag contains a foam material called EPS. It's the same material used to absorb impacts in ordinary hard hats.

The Hobbit filming locations on Google Maps

Dude has mapped all the known New Zealand filming locations for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Google Maps. The Hobbit is an upcoming series of three epic fantasy-adventure films directed, co-written and produced by Peter Jackson and based on J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Hobbit.

Artists transform bicycle parts into works of art for charity

The SRAM pART Project has invited 80 noted artists to transform bike parts into works of art. Each artist is given 100 SRAM high-performance bike components. The artworks will be featured in a juried gallery exhibition, then sold at a gala live auction event. The proceeds help people in need through World Bicycle Relief.

How to explain the Elmo sex scandal to your kids

Thanks to Gawker's illustrated guide starring Elmo, Spiderman and My Little Pony, now parents can explain the Elmo sex scandal to their kids: "Like Elmo's first friend, Cecil said that Elmo had misbehaved with him when he was just a little boy. Cecil said that he had met Elmo while calling numbers he wasn't supposed to call when he was 15."

Gourmet burger making machine will replace human cooks

Momentum Machines is building a machine that can replace all of the hamburger line cooks in a restaurant. Called the Alpha Machine, it can slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles before it places the slice onto your burger, it offers custom meat grinds for every single customer, uses gourmet cooking techniques and it can produce 360 hamburgers per hour.

Google Maps reveal Giant Dick at Sentosa next to RWS

Look what Google Maps find near Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)! A Giant Dick !!! It even calls it Hard Rock (what else would you call a giant dick right?) and if you look closely, there's an excretion of some sort of fluid next to it. Oh my. (Thanks J See)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mysterious robots of all shapes and sizes invade parts of US

The invasion has begun! Robots of all shapes and sizes like this one in the picture above have been spotted in various parts of the US. No one knows where they come from or where they are heading to. Some videos below.

These group of smaller robots were spotted traveling on the subway in America. The video says: "Something big is happening at a secret location, and these robots are making their way there. These robots have shown signs of advanced artificial intelligence."

Another sighting reported is this one-armed robot hitting the streets.

And this video shot inside a diner shows a two-legged robot. What's going on? This Tumblr site called Brilliant Machines is updating all the various robot sightings. If you spot a robot in your streets do tweet using #brilliantmachines hashtag.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Donald Trump's crazy tweets used in Hitler parody video

Like many people all over the world, I was watching the US Presidential Election results live on TV and also following it on Twitter. When it was announced that Obama had won, Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade, apparently very unhappy with the result. My first reaction was, why not use his crazy tweets on a Hitler parody video. So here's what I did. Enjoy.

In the video above, Hitler reacts to CNN announcing Barack Obama has won the US Presidential election beating Mitt Romney. Featuring tweets by Donald Trump! This video is a parody of Downfall, a 2004 drama film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitler's reign of Nazi Germany in 1945.

Exploding toys and stuff photographed with very fast flash

Alan Sailer loves shooting stuff in his garage with a pellet rifle and photographing the results with a home built flash. Check out his Explosions photoset on Flickr. Here is a pic of My Little Pony during the explosion in its head. Alan says: "I actually wish this had been taken a few microseconds later. But it's still pretty creepy. It fun messing with the iconic images of childhood this way."

Popinator shoots pop corns into your mouth

I'm not really sure if this thing is real but the Popinator is brilliant marketing by Popcorn Indiana, a company that sells popcorn. The Popinator is the world’s first fully automated, voice activated popcorn shooter triggered by the word "pop". It pinpoints where in the room the spoken word originated from and shoots a popcorn at it. It can shoot up to 15 feet. I want one!

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Chair Set

Todd Fendos is selling his hand-crafted and painted chairs painted in acrylic with a high-gloss polyurethane finish and inspired by world-famous paintings and individuals. These chairs here is based on The Beatles Yellow Submarine. The pop art style chairs have been painted in bright, vibrant acrylic colors. The backsides of the chairs have also been painted in a Pepperland style.

Skittles Sorting Machine sorts Skittles so you don't have to

The Skittles Sorting Machine was built by Brian Egenriether. It's main purpose is to sort Skittles! He writes: " An IR LED and phototransistor are used to stop the turnstile in position. I fabricated may of the parts from epoxy including the body, the turnstile, the chute header, etc. The base is wood and the funnel is from a hummingbird feeder."

Images from Google Satellite View used in artistic prints

Jenny Odell used images that she got from Google Satellite View for her impressive artistic digital prints called Satellite Collections. She writes: " I collect things that I've cut out from Google Satellite View-- parking lots, silos, landfills, waste ponds. The view from a satellite is not a human one, nor is it one we were ever really meant to see." (Thanks Mike)

Collection of Airline Baggage Labels

Airline Timetable Images, a website devoted to the collecting of airline timetables, has a special section with images of airline baggage labels from all over the world. I like this one by Royal Nepal Airlines. It shows the elusive Yeti serving drinks.

(Thanks Y Tay)

A Slower Speed of Light lets you play in the speed of light

Go try out this free game by the folks at MIT Game Lab. A Slower Speed of Light is a first-person game prototype in which players navigate a 3D space while picking up orbs that reduce the speed of light in increments. It combines accessible gameplay and a fantasy setting with theoretical and computational physics research to deliver an engaging and pedagogically rich experience.

Obama sent to space, has photo to prove it

In honor of the US Presidential Elections, the Earth to Sky Calculus club, a goup of middle and high school science enthusiasts, launched Barack Obama and Mitt Romney into the stratosphere from Bishop Union High School. Here's Obama posing for the camera when he reached space.

Japanese comic about a boy who drinks oil and full of pimples

I was reading this Japanese comic (in English) that was sent to me. No idea what the title is but the comic is about a girl who lives in a house that is covered with fats. She has a brother who loves drinking oil and one day he developed pimples all over his face. It's a very strange comic but I love it. Maybe I should turn this into a movie.

(Thanks Kahwei52)

Typing Karaoke lets you karaoke minus the singing

I just scored 1186 on Typing Karaoke, a cool flash game that lets you karaoke using your fingers. Just choose a song and once it starts, type out the lyrics instead of singing it. I was very happy to see my favourite karaoke song Creep by Radiohead in the game and I nailed it! Woohoo!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Disney buys Star Wars, Skywalker reacts to Darth Mickey

Watch as Luke Skywalker reacts after news of Walt Disney Co buying George Lucas's Lucasfilm and his Star Wars franchise for a cool US$4b. Disney also reveals that Star Wars Episode 7 will be released in 2015 and it will kickstart a new trilogy based on an original story.

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