Saturday, August 18, 2012

PSY versus Hyuna Gangnam Style

Side by side comparison of Psy's hit music video Gangnam Style and the 2nd version featuring Hyuna on vocals, called Oppa Is Just My Style. Gangnam Style refers to a luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district, an affluent and trendy area of Seoul.

Taiwan selling sausage stuffed penis pancakes

Tourists going to Taiwan should stop at Ximending, a neighborhood and shopping district in the Wanhua District of Taipei, Taiwan to try out the Penis Dog, a sausage coated in hotcake batter, in a special iron grill shaped like a penis! Costs only $1.50. Must try! Supposedly very delicious.

Ancient origins of Japanese game culture parody art project

The folks behind Ukiyo-e Heroes are determined to create a complete series of hand-made Japanese woodblock prints, just like they were made hundreds of years ago. The project involves taking popular Japanese video game characters and returning them to the ukiyo-e style.

(Thanks crush65)

Great Film Directors (Forever) stamp collection spotted!

Katerbland has posted a photo of the Great Film Directors (Forever) stamps on her Instagram. The stamps by USPS honor four great filmmakers (Frank Capra, John Ford, John Huston, and Billy Wilder) who captured the many varieties of the American experience.

Famous logo designs and how much they cost

Did you know that the new Pepsi logo designed by the Arnell Group in 2008 cost $1,000,000? If you think this is absurd, wait till you check out other famous logo designs and how much they cost. Maybe I should be in the logo designing business.

(Thanks David Ong)

Classic Video Games Ads Flickr Photoset

Tanooki has 160 classic video games advertisements in his Flickr photoset. A lot of gems there including this one which is a 1990 Japanese advert for Ghostbusters 2 on Game Boy. In the game, the player is presented with four Ghostbusters to choose from: Peter, Ray, Egon, or Winston.

(Thanks Jan)

A short little visual essay about not shopping

Sarah Lazarovic writes and draws a short little visual essay about not shopping. She writes: "In 2006, I didn't buy any clothes. Feeling like I was buying too much crap online, I decided not to shop again in 2012."

(Thanks Shy)

Get a 3D replica of your fetus as memorabilia

Expecting couples looking to capture an image of their baby in the womb can now capture it in 3D and turn it into a 3D replica that you can keep as a memorabilia. The process requires the fetus to be photographed using MRI. The photo is then processed with a 3D software. A 3D printer is then used to create the resin for the mother’s body and the white resin for the fetus.

Japanese company offers giant ridable robots

Now you can be a robot pilot thanks to the Kuratas, the first giant boarding-robot, measuring four meters in height! Built by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, an organization aimed at spreading human ride robots, the Kuratas is designed by Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata and will go into mass production this year. You can order one now!

Anti aging face mask makes you look like Bane

The Kagao mask is a nylon face cover-come-strap-come-belt that tightens up your cheeks and facial contours, giving you a more buoyant and youthful face. I'm not sure if it really works but this one I'm sure - it does make you look like the villain Bane from Dark Knight Rises.

Dark Knight Rises Batman Motorcycle Suit

Serious motorcycle riders can now ride their bikes looking like Batman! This officially licensed movie replica leather motorcycle suit features details and designs from the Batman costume used in Dark Knight Rises, plus Kevlar inserts and adjustable sections. The company behind it, UD Replicas also sell an equally awesome Captain America biker suit.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Port of Singapore's Keppel Terminal under attack in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Singapore's Keppel Terminal is featured in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game! Watch the video above. The team comes in by helicopter and tries to take Keppel Terminal.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Lego Chess Set

Brandon Griffith talks about his Star Wars Return of the Jedi Lego chess set featuring Ewoks as soldiers for the good guys: "This is the 3rd and final installment in a series of three Lego chess sets that I built in celebration of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. I started building it in late 2010. It was completed and debuted at Star Wars Days 2011 at LegoLand California."

Remote controlled Lego Wheelchair can move a person

Burf has built a world's first Lego Wheelchair which is capable of moving a person weighing 90 kg around a room using just Lego Mindstorms, Lego Technic and Rotacaster multi-directional wheels. The prototype wheelchair uses 6 NXT's to drive 12 NXT motors which are connected to the 12 wheels.

iPhone Shutter Grip adds shutter and a better grip

The iPhone Shutter Grip is an ergonomic grip that makes your iPhone feel just like an SLR. No more tapping your iPhone screen to take a pic. The grip has two buttons to switch between photo and video and allows you to capture stills while shooting videos! Also comes with a tripod mount.

Gigantic street organ built entirely of Lego Star Wars

As part of the promotion of the sets of Star Wars toys, Serviceplan Campaign has built a huge barrel organ for Lego. More than 20,000 Lego pieces were used and when the barrel of the organ is turned, it plays the Star Wars main theme! The gigantic musical instrument toured the whole of Germany in January.

Book documents illegal use of Olympics brand

Craig Atkinson is publishing a book, documenting the illegal use of Olympic branding, internationally, during the period of the London 2012 Olympics and beyond. Here are some photos of shops illegally using the Olympics brand. You can also submit photos to him for his book.

Your favourite 8-Bit video game animals butchered

Jude Buffum talks about his 8-Bit Butcher Diagrams: "I decided to explore the carnivorous side of the world of video games. Though I am still a meat eater, I have a lot of vegan friends and have been exploring the ethical, environmental, and health impact of consuming an animal-based diet. That, and my long-time obsession with butcher diagrams, were the inspiration for this series."

Art Book packed with spacemen, monsters and robots

I love art books and this one looks great! Creature Box the Monster Volume is a 5 years in the making 140 page hardcover art book that is packed with spacemen, eerie monsters and crazed robots. Character designers Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin say: "Whether you’re a kid holding your first comic, or a seasoned fan of a niche sci-fi drama, The Monster Volume is a collection for all ages."

Scanner lets you scan negatives into your iPhone

Don't throw away your old photos and negatives! Now you can save all your memorable photos from your negatives to your iPhone with the iPICS2GO scanner. It scans 35mm negatives, slides, and both 3x5 and 4x6-inch pictures straight to your iPhone. Just place your iPhone on top of the scanner, select either slides, negatives or pictures and let the machine do all the work.

Free Muppets wallpaper for your iPhone!

Download this free Muppets iPhone wallpaper by Jess Fong!

Avengers diorama look like they are from the set of the movie

These set of photographs taken at Hong Kong Ani-Com show the Iron Man and our heroes from the highly detailed The Avengers collectible figurines by Hot Toys battling it out with the evil Loki in a nearly destroyed city. The close-ups of these figurines are amazing. They look exactly like their real characters.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes are perfect for the Olympics

If you are thinking of inviting your friends over to an Olympics party at your home then you should serve them these cute Olympics Torch Cupcakes. Liz teaches us how to make them using sugar ice cream cones, cupcakes, frosting and candy clay for the flame!

Watch Feng Tianwei win Singapore's first medal in Olympics

Congratulations Feng Tianwei for winning the Table Tennis Women's Singles bronze medal in the 2011 London Olympics. The bronze is Singapore's first singles medal since the 1960 Rome Olympics. You can watch her historic win once again in this video.

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