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Bandai's remote controlled Mecha Godzilla toy is insanely cool!

Autobots and Decepticons Cufflinks

Alien Autopsy Birthday Cake

Star Trek Communicator Keychain

Optimus Prime will transform and dock with your iPod

1966 Batman Card Game

The King of Pop has an Anti-Gravity Shoe Patent!

You can help save the life of 4 year old Singaporean girl Charmaine

Comedian spends a week with Japanese Para-Para Girls

IZ Reloaded on Computer Shopper: LG and Yahoo at CommunicAsia 2009

The unauthorized interview of Michael Jackson

One Day in Your Life: Remembering Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

F-4 Phantom Ejection Seat Office Chair

Crazy Japanese E.T. Comic

Pink Gundam is way too pretty

Electronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt

1964 Frederick's of Hollywood Catalog

Ignore the film critics. Go watch Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen!

$1 China made Transformers toy can really transform but not roll out

Wooden iPod Mini comes complete with wooden clickwheel

Bookends recapture trash scene from Star Wars

Atari Game Cartridge Clocks

Have fun colouring this book

Martin Leung performs Super Mario Medley live and blindfolded!

Dude plays giant Space Invaders game at Video Games Live Singapore 2009

Video Games Live Singapore 2009 is a treat for gaming fans!

Funny Thai TV commercial shows you why you need to get your bad eyesight corrected

Let USB Rocky show you how to do sit-ups

Learn all your cute Asian Poses

The MP3 Experiment

Back To The Future Wedding Cake

Cigarette Box Airplane Origami

Yahoo! Bloggers Outreach and Yahoo! Mobile at CommunicAsia 2009

Take a look at Freedom Formula, the comic that will be turned into a Hollywood movie

LG Crystal Crew performs at CommunicAsia 2009

Videos: LG Bloggers Event at CommunicAsia 2009

Local company Storm Lion's comic book to be made into a Hollywood feature film!

LG shines at CommunicAsia 2009

LG GD900 Crystal spotted and handled at CommunicAsia 2009