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Captain America, Thor and other Minifigs with Superpowers

Stay in the Hobbit House of Montana and feel like a Hobbit

R2-D2 Helmet is so cool, you can wear it when riding your scooter or to bed

Adidas Star Wars Collection brings the far, far away galaxy nearer to you

Harry Potter Fragrance Oil makes you smell like Harry

Co-opoly is a Board Game of Cooperatives

Game of Thrones: IZ Reloaded seizes the Iron Throne

Revolights aim to make a revolution in bicycle lighting

Lesser known Star Wars characters shine in plasticine

iTableous is a huge iPhone table prototype with no multi-touch

Twi’lek lady flirts with Darth Vader with deadly consequences

Cybertex sci-fi wear makes you look exo-weird

Samurai Darth Vader painting by Vico Ngai

District 9 rifle and other realistic sci-fi and steampunk guns

HBO Asia sends Lemon Cake ingredients as invite to the Preview of Game Of Thrones

PayPal believes in #PromisesKept, says thanks & gives me a jar of M&Ms

Hong Kong gets Angry Birds Mooncakes

Necklaces and other jewellery made from Barbie doll parts

Custom made R2D2 sweater will make you look super geeky

Boots the Premier League stars will wear this season

37 Posters bring you visual quotes through design

A World Map of Indiana Jones' archeological discoveries

Fauxgo collects fake logos found in films

DIY R2D2 Lamp from $10 IKEA lamp

Change your moustache like you change your socks

Marvel Kitchen Collection brings superheroes to your kitchen

MP Penny Low was Facebooking on her phone during national anthem at National Day Parade

Catch ghosts with the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap toy

Make your own 3D Printed Turtle Shell Racers

Help identify the London rioters and send these idiots to jail

Captain America and other Marvel Minimalist Posters

Barons vs Dragons and Orgs in Dragon Valley board game

Angry Birds do battle in the sky with the Angry Airbus fleet

Awesome 1960´s Batcave recreated using Legos

Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America & Thor post-credits scenes

Rag to Riches uncovers the ugly truth about NUS Rag & Flag

Story of Space Shuttle told by people who made it and flew it