Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The LG KS20 Smartphone: A Review

I've been using the LG KS20 regularly ever since I received one during the LG KS20 launch party held last month. The KS20 is LG's first Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone in the region. I'm a big fan of LG. In fact, my all time favourite mobile phone is the LG Shine which I'm currently using. And like the LG Shine, the LG KS20 is built for style and elegance.


The LG KS20 is powered by Windows Mobile 6 and integrates the latest in connectivity and productivity technologies in a compact and slim device. The one obvious thing that you will notice about the LG KS20 is that it looks similar to the beautiful LG Prada phone. I understand that the chassis of the KS20 is modeled after the Prada. Ah good choice LG! So lookswise, the LG KS20 is a stunner. I love its black and silver surface and its slim and sleek body. At only 12.8mm thin, it is definitely the thinnest Windows Smartphone I've used.


The LG KS20 has
a 2.8” LCD flat touch screen with an intuitive touch system that users can navigate and input instructions with a stylus as well as with their fingers. The touch screen responded well even when used with my fingers.


One of the best thing about the LG KS20 is its tool bar at the bottom of the display which is pretty handy. The icons are big enough for anyone to use their fingers to launch some of the LG KS20's basic operations like internet, email and phone.

The LG KS20 features a full complement of multimessaging and multimedia functionality that you would expect from a Windows Smartphone. You'll find push email, instant messaging, video calling, an inbuilt FM radio and a full complement of office productivity applications from Microsoft, such as Outlook, Office, and Windows Live for Windows Mobile. You can also sync with Microsoft Exchange out-of-the-box, create and edit Word and Excel documents, as well as view PowerPoint presentations. I like!

When it comes to internet surfing, the LG KS20 is a joy to use thanks to its unsurpassed flexibilities in wireless connectivity options with its built-in WiFi and support for HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) wireless broadband at speeds of up to 3.2Mbps. I've tried logging into my Wifi network at home and other hotspots outside and I encountered not much problems when surfing my favourite blogs and other websites.

The LG KS20 also comes with a 2 mega pixel camera with flash. Its Schneider Kreuznach autofocus lens is a gem. I reckon it is the same lens that is used in the LG Shine. 2 mega pixel may not be a lot to most people but I think the LG KS20 like the LG Shine, takes very good photos and it especially excels when it comes to close up photography as you can see from these shots I took.



The video quality of the LG KS20 is also pretty acceptable. Here's a clip I took of the LG Shine using the LG KS20.

Full feature list of the LG KS20:

* Video Telephony: 2.0 Mega Pixel + VGA videoconferencing Camera
* 3.6Mbps HSDPA Capability
* Full-Touchscreen and 2.8” Wide Flat LCD Screen
* Natural Handwriting Recognition
* Internet Environment: Windows Mobile 6/Windows Live/Windows Media DRM Playback
* MMS/Push E-mail/Java/WAP2.0
* Bluetooth 2.0 / MP3 Player
* MicroSD External Memory
* 128MB Internal Memory
* FM Radio

And specs:

* Radio Bands: HSDPA (3.6Mbps), WCDMA, Tri-band (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)
* Display: 240 x 320(QVGA), 2.8”, 262K TFT-LCD
* Dimensions: 99.5mm x 58mm x 12.8mm
* Talk Time/Standby Time: 4hr/400hr
* Battery: 1050mAh
* Weight: 92.5g

Overall, I think the LG KS20 is a good attempt by LG to create a new line of stylish Windows smartphones. I love the sleek beauty and the reliability of the phone. The battery life is also excellent. I'm not a heavy user so therefore I did not have to charge the phone daily. But there are some complains. The startup time could have been faster. I timed it at around 25 secs. I would also prefer if there's a touch keypad to input text that is more finger friendly. The default one by Windows is best used with a stylus. Also, I find that getting out my sim card from the phone really takes some finger acrobatics and the stylus is also difficult to pull out at times.

Bloggers at the LG KS20 Launch
LG KS20: The Unboxing Pics

More jobs or more jobless in Singapore?

Are there more jobs or more jobless people in Singapore? I was editing for Topix earlier today when I came across two stories about Singapore's current employment situation.


Channel NewsAsia as usual, is very optimistic. It says more jobs were created in early 2008. Hooray! Oh, but wait...


CNBC carrying a report by Reuters, paints a bleak picture. It says that the jobless rate in Singapore has risen and may climb further.

So which is it? More jobs or more jobless? Argh! I'm confused.

Star Wars R2-D2 Collection

Dustin Roberts bought a few display cases and shelves from IKEA and fixed them in the computer room of his house to display his cool R2-D2 collection. Ok, I want to be his best friend. Video here.

Robots by Lockwasher

Dude used spare parts found in his garage, workshop and studio to make these cute robots. Great example of recycling aye! On how one can create these beauties, he says, "Start collecting a bunch of old, funky metal items. Once you've got a big enough pile just grab a large interesting piece from the pile and drill/grind/cut and attach other stuff to it. Stop when you think it's cool...easy!"

Nuclear Nightmares: 20 years since Chernobyl

Haunting photos by Robert Knoth, who together with reporter Antoinette Jong documented the impact of nuclear radiation in four regions of old Soviet Union. The people featured in these photos have to cope with birth defects, cancer and face the fear that their defective genes may be passed down to their kids.

Today's Singapore News

Fewer Singaporeans scrapping their cars now
Singapore Jobless Rate Rises, May Climb Further
HIV infections hit record in Singapore
Nokia opens Singapore's largest online music store
Singapore groups to push for maids' day off
ASEAN students pick Singapore as top place to work
SMRT to roll out 'green' bus fleet
Singaporeans to receive first Growth Dividends on Wednesday
Free ice-cream attracts 7,000
21 HFMD cases required hospitalisation last week

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Retro Tin Robots by Hideo Shibahara

Inside the house and factory of Hideo Shibahara, a famous Japanese designer who makes nostalgic and classic tin robot sculptures. Shibahara who worked previously as an accessory craftsman, collected tin toys from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Inspired by them, he began to create his own tin robots several years ago.

Ed Bing Lee's Delectables

These knotted artworks by Ed Bing Lee are just so amazing. I swear that if I didn't know they are made of linen, cotton and polyester, I would have eaten them all. His burger, cupcakes, ice cream, pie and hotdog all look so yummy!

How to dye your hair using Kool-Aid

With all those cheap DIY hair dying kits easily available in shops nowadays, I wonder why would some people still want to dye their hair using Kool-Aid. Crikey! From WikiHow:
1. Mix two packs of unsweetened Kool-Aid with about twice as much conditioner as you use normally in order to make a pasty mix.

2. Dampen your hair.

3. Smear Vaseline on your skin near your hairline so you won't get a colored forehead or ears too! Also, to avoid getting the dye on your pillow, wrap your head in plastic wrap, or an old shower cap, then cover your head with an old ragged towel. Then apply mixture to your head.

4. If you're doing tips or highlights, use a highlighting wand and wrap the dyed sections in tinfoil.

5. Leave the dye in for 9-10 hours if you have dark hair, or 4-5 hours if you have blonde hair.

6. Rinse out when you are done.

Retro Beauty Advertisements

This sensational collection of beauty ads found in old magazines reminds me of how fun fashion was back in those good old days. And of course, how can we not forget about those hairdo?

(Thanks Fionn)

Lava Lamp Shot Glasses

These Lava Lamp shot glasses are so cool. Just add liquid (preferably your favourite alcohol) and multi LEDs flash through red, blue and green lights. Lights go out when the glass is empty. Makes drinking shots so much fun aye.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Watch Google Me The Movie

It all started when Jim Kileen googled his name. Google Me is a documentary film by Jim Kileen, starring 7 guys named Jim Kileen. The documentary has been selected for the 2008 Newport Beach Film Festival. Interesting. Why didn't someone think of this idea for a film before?

Most Annoying Song Ever

Here's a scientific attempt to create the most annoying song ever. Go listen to it. From Wired:
Komar & Melamid and David Soldier's list of undesirable elements included holiday music, bagpipes, pipe organ, a children's chorus and the concept of children in general (really?), Wal-Mart, cowboys, political jingoism, George Stephanopoulos, Coca Cola, bossanova synths, banjo ferocity, harp glissandos, oompah-ing tubas and much, much more. It's actually a fascinating listen, worthwhile for the opera rapping alone.

Today's Singapore News

* ERP rate for BKE gantry to go up by 50 cents
* Student wins contest to include Berlin Wall in Bedok park
* China coffee-shop waitresses: No sleaze please, we're Chinese
* FairPrice extends 5% discount to end-July
* A Different Kind of Homework for Singapore Students: Get a Date
* Singapore requires ‘cooling off’ period prior to liposuction
* Small school buses may need to install safety belt system
* HFMD cases hit record high of 1,466 last week, more centres to close
* First M18 game hits stores in Singapore
* Singapore fears maid exodus to Hong Kong, Taiwan

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Star Wars Posters from Japan

The folks at selected 10 cool Japanese Star Wars posters that have distinguished themselves from the thousands that have been printed for the Star Wars saga. My favourite is this Episode 1 manga poster.

Fujiwara's Diner

Japanese dude takes photos of the food he eats everyday and posts them to his Flickr photoset. I love Japanese food and looking at his photoset is making me damn hungry. Thank god, it's lunch time!

(Thanks hoshi)

Portable Cellular Phone Booth

The Portable Cellular Phone Booth is perfect for those of you who want some privacy while talking on your mobile phone in public. It is a retractable phone booth that is carried on your back and can slide up and over your head to completely isolate you from society.

(via MAKE)

A Visit to Beijing's Penis Restaurant

The Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing serves dishes that are made from the private parts of deer, snakes, yaks, horses, seals and ducks. Penis and testicle dishes anyone? From Spiegel:
Ox penises are sliced along the side and bent into little stars. Lucy uses chopsticks to dip one into the hotpot of chicken broth, dates, and lychees. Then the meat is doused in soy- or hot sauce. The consistency and taste are a little like a bitter piece of calamari.

The second course, called "Henry's whip," is much more delicate and sweet. It's sheep's penis on a stick, covered in a sheath of mayonnaise and sweet cheese. It's called "Henry" because it's prepared in a Western style, Lucy says.

Some of the specialties are expensive: A yak penis costs €179, while a hotpot with 10 different penis-and-testicle selections served on an attractive, four-sided plate tower with little statues of animals will set you back €89. For particularly discerning palates, the menu also offers deer and sheep fetuses (€36 and €9, respectively).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

Watching "A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell", a movie made in 1991, reminds of those vintage B grade stop-motion flicks but only ten times worse. The movie's plotline revolves around a young woman who finds herself in a fight for survival against mutant cavemen, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in a post-Armageddon world. Experience the sheer awfulness of the movie here (preview only). To watch the film in full, you have to download Veoh TV.

llustrated children's book about marijuana

It's Just a Plant is not a book that you would want to read to your children everyday. It is an illustrated children's book about marijuana! The book follows the journey of a young girl as she learns about the cannabis plant from a diverse cast of characters including her parents, a local farmer, a doctor, and a police officer.


Souvenirs is an ongoing book project by photographer Michael Hughes who travels the world and takes photos of touristic locations with various souvenirs held up cheekily in front of the camera.

Insects disfigured by nuclear radiation

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger has collected, studied and painted insects that have been disfigured by the radiation of the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear power plants in Switzerland and other contaminated areas found in Europe and United States.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Boing Boing's Untitled 1

An empty post on Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder- untitled and unwritten - currently attracts 265 comments and has been favourited 263 times! Boing Boingers are a crazy bunch of people.

One of the comments say:

"I like Mark Frauenfelder, he posts nothing and doesn't afraid of anything"

And there's even a poetry:

"Mark sought a moment of quiet
The comments created a riot
Ne'er missing a beat
They turned up the heat
And dared Mark to try and deny it"

Soviet Lemonade Labels

Dude crisscrossed the whole Soviet Union to collect lemonade labels. Most of his collection came from the railroad yards where he would find empty bottles of lemonade left behind by passengers in trains. Amazing collection!

(Thanks CHARL'S)

Flowing Pixels and other Street Art

A Flickr photoset of street art found mostly in New York and also Miami, Montreal, and Washington DC. The most impressive in the photoset is this Flowing Pixels.

Malaysian Snack Attack

Joe Distafano got three chefs to join him in trying out some of Malaysia's popular snacks such as Kickapoo Joy Juice, Twistees BBQ Curry and Muruku Ikan Popo. Not surprisingly, they love most of them. Ha! Me too.

(Thanks Popagandhi)

Wanking is good for you

I wonder why I didn't blog about this sooner. Researchers say that regular masturbation can help men reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Yup. Wanking is good for your body after all. From BBC:
The researchers suggest that ejaculating may prevent carcinogens accumulating in the prostate gland.

The prostate provides a fluid into semen during ejaculation that activates sperm and prevents them sticking together.

The fluid has high concentrations of substances including potassium, zinc, fructose and citric acid, which are drawn from the bloodstream.

But animal studies have shown carcinogens such as 3-methylchloranthrene, found in cigarette smoke, are also concentrated in the prostate.

Dr Giles said fewer ejaculations may mean the carcinogens build up.

"It's a prostatic stagnation hypothesis. The more you flush the ducts out, the less there is to hang around and damage the cells that line them.
So guys, don't forget to flush, flush, flush them out regularly, ok.

Record-breaking Mentos and Coke eruptions in Belgium

A few months ago, I was thinking of organising an event where thousands of people would gather and drop Mentos into their bottles of Diet Coke. I thought it would be a spectacular sight to see all those Diet Mentos and Coke eruptions and I'm sure it would be worthy of worldwide media attention and a place in the record books. But it seems that the Belgians have beaten me to it. Damn.

(Thanks Daniel Richard)

New budget airlines names itself after the abominable snowman

Fly Yeti is a new low-fares airline operating from Nepal to the Indian sub continent, China, South East Asia and the Middle East. I would be tempted to fly an airline named after the famous abominable snowman - who wouldn't aye?- but too bad I am seriously afraid of low budget carriers.

(via Popagandhi)

Today's Singapore News

* JB Jeyeretnam wants DPM Wong Kan Seng to resign
* Online Google searches reflect offline buzz in Singapore
* Singapore movie shortlisted for Golden Palm at Cannes Festival
* Cabbies' earnings up despite initial fears
* Singapore women know little about causes of cervical cancer
* Sharp hike in kindergarten fees
* Teachers in Singapore join cleaners as outbreak toll rises
* May 24 is Singapore's family day
* Singapore's new media masterplan will focus on talent
* Singapore TV fined $11,000 for "pro-gay" scene

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Global warming makes me sleep naked

I thought I was the only one who think that the nights have been getting extremely hot here in Singapore. Last night on Twitter, Mr Miyagi also complained that the weather is hot. So hot that it is giving him a frikkin' headache and making me sleep naked. Damn aircon not working. Argh! I hate global warming.

Modernist Stamps

Here's a collection of modernist stamps by Iain Follett in the January 2008 issue of Monograph, a monthly publication which showcases a personal project or body of work.

A computer cluster in a IKEA Helmer cabinet

Dude wanted a render farm that is cheap and not too noisy, to speed up his 3D computer rendering jobs at home so he decided to make one himself using a IKEA Helmer cabinet as a computer case!

The Right Result

How would the Premier League table look like if the referees got all the key decisions right? The Right Result League Table shows you the positions of all the Premier League football teams the way things ought to be. Each week, the Right Result panel selects the key injustices that happen during the Premiership matches, applies the strict rules of the game to them and passes an impartial judgment on whether or not questionable decisions should stand.

NASA Astronaut Recruitment

It's not to late for those of you (Americans only, damn it!) who want to be an astronaut with NASA. It will accept applications for its 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class through July 1, 2008. Quick. Go apply. Can go to the moon. From NASA:
The open positions are for astronaut candidates to train for tours of duty on the International Space Station, the largest human spacecraft ever built. It is also the site for research that will prepare NASA for future long-duration human missions to the moon and other destinations. The Constellation Program is responsible for building and operating the next-generation vehicles that will carry astronauts to the space station and the moon.

Applicants must meet physical standards and educational requirements, which include a bachelor’s degree in engineering, math or science and at least three years of experience in one of these fields. Teaching experience, including experience at the K-12 level, is considered to be qualifying experience; therefore, educators are encouraged to apply.

The open positions require extensive travel on Earth and in space. Possible destinations may include, but are not limited to, Texas, Florida, California, Russia, Kazakhstan, the International Space Station and the moon.

Interview with Magic: The Gathering artist Jesper Ejsing

Here's an interview with Jesper Ejsin, one of the many talented artists who are responsible for the beautiful illustrations on Magic: The Gathering cards:
I sometimes use models for reference on poses or hands or light. Sitting in a studio with a lot of fellow artist makes the whole thing a lot easier. When doing the picture for Changeling Titan I asked my friend Emil Landgreen for help and he posed for me with a lamp almost in his face. (See picture.) I really didn't need him to look stupid, but it was revenge for last time I had to pose for him. He made me dress up in a skirt as a model for a female elf. He ended up mailing the photo of me dressed up all girly, posing with the hips sexy and all, to one of my editors. She now has it hanging at her office. Now I pose for most of the girls on Emil's covers. I wonder why?

My least-known trick is to use an airbrush, but only with water in it. No paint. I use it to vaporize the wet parts while painting to keep it from drying to fast. That way I can work with several and large areas of paint at the same time and mixing them together.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why I will never have a girlfriend

Dude gives a cogent, scientific, non-self-deprecating argument for why he will never have a girlfriend. It was a paper he wrote when he was in university. From nothingisreal:
This is a question that practically every male has asked himself at one point or another in his life. Unfortunately, there is rarely a hard and fast answer to the query. Many men try to reason their way through the dilemma nonetheless, often reaching a series of ridiculous explanations, each more self-deprecating than the last: "Is it because I'm too shy, and not aggressive enough? Is it my opening lines? Am I a boring person? Am I too fat or too thin? Or am I simply ugly and completely unattractive to women?" When all other plausible explanations have been discounted, most fall back on the time-honoured conclusion that "there must be Something Wrong™ with me" before resigning themselves to lives of perpetual chastity.

Not the author, though. I, for one, refuse to spend my life brooding over my lack of luck with women. While I'll be the first to admit that my chances of ever entering into a meaningful relationship with someone special are practically non-existent, I staunchly refuse to admit that it has anything to do with some inherent problem with me. Instead, I am convinced that the situation can be readily explained in purely scientific terms, using nothing more than demographics and some elementary statistical calculus.
Oh btw, he is accepting applicants to be his girlfriend here. Good luck ladies. Yes, only real ladies please.

Lego Boba Fett and Darth Vader costumes

There are lots of Star Wars character costumes out there but none like these two made by Simafol. He used Lego to make his Boba Fett and Darth Vader costumes. And yes, they are wearable!

(Thanks Mr Big)

Japanese anatomical charts and other ephemera

This site has a collection of Japanese anatomical charts and other ephemera that includes military history scrolls and picture books. Some of the anatomical charts may have scary images such as this one but I think most of them are beautiful.

(via Ectoplasmosis)

Kids named 6 new colours for Crayola

If you ask kids to name the new colours for your crayons, coloured pencils and markers, then it is inevitable that you will get names such as Awesome, Best Friends, Happy Ever After and Bear Hug. Not the most ideal names for your new colours aye, Crayola?

Japan's Urinal Elephants

The Urinal Elephant is a robot that can automatically clean and scrub toilets in Japan and will surely put a lot of old uncles and aunties who work as toilet cleaners out of jobs.

Today's Singapore News

* Singapore PM says top home ministry officials not responsible for security lapses
* Singapore's most-wanted still at large two months after escape
* SBS and SMRT to spruce up bus fleets
* Singapore's jaywalk central: boon or bane?
* Some childcare centres ordered shut because of HMFD
* Pick up new passport? Book a date online
* Singapore Named Best Asian Seaport For 20th Time
* SingTel unveils simulator that replicates Singapore's F1 race
* F1 race expected to generate tourism receipts of about S$100m
* S'pore March inflation rises 6.7% - 26-yr high

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Aliens are out there but they are dumb

World reknown British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkings says that life in other parts of the universe must exist but they are probably dumber than us. From Daily Mail:
During his speech at George Washington University, Professor Hawking speculated on the reasons why mankind has failed to detect any signs of alien life.

He offered three possibilities: that life of any kind is very rare in the universe; that simple life forms are common, but intelligent life rare; or that intelligent life tends to destroy itself quickly.

"Personally, I favour the second possibility - that primitive life is relatively common, but that intelligent life is very rare," he said.

"Some would say it has yet to occur on Earth."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reuters says Mas Selamat escaped without trousers!

I'm sure by now most of you may have heard or read about how Mas Selamat escaped from the fortress that is the Whitley Road Detention Centre. The Committee of Inquiry (COI) on his escape concluded that he climbed out of the toilet window and limped his way to freedomland. Great! Blame it on the toilet window. So very Singapore. Read the executive summary of the findings here (in pdf). Watch the News 5 report here and here and an interactive timeline of his escape here.

Ok, I know some of you won't believe the government's story but it is definitely better than claims of Mas Selamat using black magic, Mas Selamat accidentally killed under custody or Mas Selamat escaping down the toilet bowl.

I was curious to find out how news agencies especially the foreign ones would report on this latest news about Mas Selamat so I went looking around and I found this headline used by Reuters:


Mas Selamat escaped without trousers! Look it's scary enough having a dangerous man like Mas Selamat on the loose but without his trousers? Damn that makes it a whole lot scarier. Good one, Reuters! I think the headline is really funny and definitely much better than the CNN one that I reported in February.

Also read:
Mas Selamat Postcards
Play "Where's Mas Selamat?" Picture Game

CNN sells headline t-shirts

CNN has decided to sell t-shirts using some of its weird/funny news headlines. Could it be that CNN is struggling with its advertising revenue that now it has to think of other creative ways to make more money? But whatever the reason is, the person in CNN who came up with this idea should be given a pay raise or a promotion. I think it's brilliant. CNN T-shirts! Who would ever thought that a giant news company like CNN will be selling t-shirts?

On its homepage, just look for the latest news section and if you see a headline with a little t-shirt icon next to it, that means the headline is available as a t-shirt. According to the FAQ, headlines that can be bought as t-shirts are available as long as the headlines stay in the latest news section. What a pity because I would really like to order this headline as a t-shirt.

Star Wars - Muppets Connection

The excellent Muppet Wiki lists the many connections between Star Wars and Jim Henson's The Muppets. From Muppet Wiki:
* Footage from a Star Wars space battle is used in a montage of film clips at the beginning of The Muppets Go to the Movies.

* Muppet Babies has evoked Star Wars on many occasions. Baby Gonzo borrows Nanny's camcorder and makes a Star Wars parody in the 1984 episode "Gonzo's Video Show". Another first season episode is titled "From a Galaxy Far, Far Away", although that episode's plotline is actually a reference to E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial.

* A more elaborate Muppet Babies spoof occurred in the 1990 episode "Muppet Babies: The Next Generation", with Baby Gonzo as Gon Zolo, Baby Fozzie as Fozz-Wocka, Baby Animal as Yodie and Animal Vader, Baby Scooter as R2-D2 and Baby Skeeter as C-3PO. Footage from Star Wars has also been used in other episodes, for example, when a character opens a door to reveal a threatening danger. A clip of a TIE-fighter chasing an X-Wing can also be seen in the opening credits of each episode.

Lee Kuan Yew on Twitter and Facebook?

LKY is on Twitter!

In an interview with IHT in January, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was asked, "Does the Internet bring a bombardment of ideas that can affect traditional values?"

He replied, "This is the big problem. You have only got 24 hours in the day and 10 to 12 hours of effective work. Since the recount, I haven't been able to read a book — even though I've been given a few which are interesting. You just don't have time."

Now I know how he spends some of his time - on Twitter! Yup, Lee Kuan Yew or someone pretending to be him (ha, it has to be) is on Twitter and even Facebook!

His bio on his Twitter page reads: "Inventor of Singapore, Genius, and all-round awesome man."

On one of his tweets, he complained about his lack of fans on Twitter: "wth? I only have 26 followers?! what happened to the rest of the 4 million +!?!?? knn."

So come on Singapore, follow the great LKY on Twitter and don't forget to give him a poke on Facebook as well.

(via theory.isthereason)

Today's Singapore News

* Info shows that Mas Selamat still in Singapore
* Investor confidence in Singapore unshaken despite Mas Selamat's escape
* Officers responsible for Mas Selamat's escape to be disciplined
* Three critical factors led to Mas Selamat's escape
* War on killer litter: Town council and HDB vary tack
* Singapore not imposing price controls despite rising food prices
* Faster journeys for bus commuters
* Is Geylang boom town or cowboy town?
* Blow for Virtual Map: Contentious maps on website to stay offline
* Singapore's GIC says global recession, crisis likely

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Retro phone handset for your mobile phone

I am interested to see people's reaction when someone answers his mobile phone using this retro phone handset. It plugs into most standard 2 1/2-millimeter cell phone headset jacks, including all LG, Blackberry and Motorola phones.

(Thanks Eric)

Blogger discovers book that copies his work

Darren Di Lieto found an illustration book published in Hong Kong that plagiarizes his blog and the work of dozens of other artists. From Apefluff:
The book is available online and in book stores and every image in it has been stolen from my community website and the websites of the illustrators featured - with the interviews being the backbone of the publication. Before anyone asks - the internet is publicly accessible not public domain, copyright still applies...

Personally this has hurt me as I’ve spent the last three years building the archive of Artist interviews on the LCS. But what has really made me angry is that all that work included in the book has been stolen from the illustrators involved with some of them even being credited for work that is not their own.
(via Drawn)

Food Products: Packaging vs Actual Content

Interesting study of 100 different food products by comparing the look of the products as shown by the packaging with the actual contents inside the packaging. As you would have expected, most of these food don't really look like their packaging appearance.

Inside stuffed toys that talk and dance

Matt Kirkland wonders if there is a fascinating robot underneath the fur of stuffed toys that sing, dance, light up or talk back so he takes off all the fur and stuffing to reveal what's really inside those toys.

The Impossible Art Of Li Wei

Chinese artist Li Wei takes photos of himself hanging in mid-air or with his head buried in all sorts of places. He says that his work is genuine stuff - with no strings attached! Really crazy stuff!

Convert your photos into old Japanese photos

With a click of a button and some web magic, you can turn your photos into authentic looking vintage Japanese photos. Try it out here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beer-pouring robot

The Asahi Beerbot is a beer-pouring robot that stores and refrigerates 6 cans and has a programmable male, female or custom voice. I can see it becoming my best friend at home. Too bad it's sold out.

When the Internet is gone

In the latest episode of South Park, the citizens of South Park wake up and find the internet is gone. Now that's really scary. Watch the Over Logging uncensored episode here.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Googolopoly is an unauthorised version of Monopoly where the goal of the game is to use Google shares to buy as many properties as you can without landing in the deadpool and losing your stock. Kinda reminds me of the Blogpoly Singapore edition I did 3 years ago.

Body-Technology Interfaces

Becky says, "I've been working on a project where I knit sweaters to go from gadgets to your body. They're supposed to be a fun commentary on how attached and concentrated on technology we are, and to highlight the lack of movement that happens when we're engrossed in our laptops, keyboards, PDAs, etc." Her Flickr set here.

Gamer's Racing Cockpit Setup

This is the ultimate dream of any racing game fan. Dude builds an awesome simulator racing cockpit complete with his G25 wheel, a seat that cost $400 and a cool gamepad. I can see myself sitting on it for hours and hours everyday.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Today's Singapore News

1) 100 identified so far as potential PAP candidates
2) This Fashion caught in legal battle over $250k debt
3) Singapore says favours subway rail link to Malaysia
4) Banks poaching home loan customers with sweet offers
5) HDB supply of completed new flats hits all-time low
6) New masterplan launched in Singapore to boost infocomm security
7) Stressed Singapore welcomes happiest person
8) Medisave top-up for elderly aged 81 and above to rise by S$100
9) Octogenarian to challenge Singapore political elite again
10) Home-schooled kids on the rise

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New X-Files movie gets lame title

The upcoming X-Files movie has finally received its long awaited title. I was expecting something close to "The X-Files: Attack Of The Crazy Werewolves" but 20th Century Fox decided on "The X-Files: I Want To Believe". Err, lame isn't it? From AP:
The title is a familiar phrase for fans of the series that starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI agents chasing after aliens and supernatural happenings. "I Want to Believe" was the slogan on a poster Duchovny's UFO-obsessed agent Fox Mulder had hanging in the cluttered basement office where he and Anderson's Dana Scully worked.

"It's a natural title," Carter said in a telephone interview Tuesday during a break from editing the film. "It's a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. `I Want to Believe.' It really does suggest Mulder's struggle with his faith."

"I Want to Believe" comes 10 years after the first film and six years after the finale of the series, whose opening credits for much of its nine-year run featured the catch-phrase "the truth is out there."
Oh well, I don't really care about the title but I do want to believe that this movie will be much better than the first one. I really, really want to believe .

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