Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Art of HBO Game of Thrones 2014 Calendar

Enjoy this gallery of artwork from the Game of Thrones 2014 Calender that I received from HBO Asia sometime back.

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Dead Dictators and their favourite Stuffed Animals

For his Celebrity series, Chinese photograher Chunlong Sun hired normal people to dress up in attires worn by dead dictators like Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro and shoots portraits of them holding on to stuffed animal toys. He then uses Photoshop to replace their faces with the faces of the real dead dictators.

Hannibal's food stylist shows how she feeds Hannibal

Hannibal is one of my favourite TV shows and if you haven't watched season 2 which is showing now, then you should go watch it! The show's food stylist Janice Poon has her own blog called Feeding Hannibal in which she shares how she creates the beautiful looking food served by Hannibal on the show. Her sketches are a must see!

Steampunk Batman Helmet made from cowhide leather

This leather Steampunk Batman Helmet is now for sale over at eBay! SkinzNhydez writes: "A handmade leather batman helmet. Made by artist Ian Finch-Field of SkinzNhydez leather armoury. Hand cut and moulded. Hand painted and aged, riveted together using brass rivets to give it a steampunk vibe."

TIE Fighter rings for those who want to TIE the knot

Paul Michael makes rings and jewellery inspired by Star Wars and other pop culture icons. This Star Wars TIE fighter inspired ring can be made to order with your choice of metals set with a stunning 1 carat Black Diamond center stone.

Ford Explorer converted to Jurassic Park Explorer

Pics of an old Ford Explorer being converted into a Jurassic Park tour vehicle! Soodidabop says: "Converted this '93 Ford Explorer into a Jurassic Park tour vehicle replica. I've been working on it for over a year and some of the parts have taken more than 2 years to find. It's still not done but enjoy!"

Homemade Hobbit Hole perfect for any real Hobbit

This complete subterranean fully furnished Hobbit Hole inspired and stylised by The Lord of the Rings is built by Ashley Yeates. He took over a year to complete it and it comes complete with a timber clad interior with custom fittings and decoration, authentic Hobbit door and inbuilt Dolby 5.1 sound system!

Yuko Shimizu's Monsters and Mythical Creatures

I love Yuko Shimizu's work. She's a wonderfully talented artist who has worked on illustrations for the likes of Gap, Pepsi, Penguin, Scholastic, DC Comics and Rolling Stone. She writes about her Monsters and Mythical Creatures: "I always get excited to create imaginary creatures, that are not really human, not really animals... I had a lot of fun with them."

Samurai Vader 2 sculpture from Gabriel Dishaw

Gabriel Dishaw's latest upcycled creation is Samurai Vader 2 from his amazing Star Wars Series. This sculpture was made using recycled materials from computers, adding machines, typewriters, wire, shoelaces and airplane parts. It is for sale at a cool $1000!

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