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Nicole Seah sparkles at her first election rally, gains more fans

PAP? NSP? WP? SDP? Which maid agency to choose?

It's Nomination Day in S'pore and I'm on Channel News Asia!

Star Wars figures redone as medieval fantasy characters

Death Star Planetarium transforms your room into Star Wars galaxy or boring Earth night sky

Bumblebee Helmet Birthday Cake is edible but not wearable

Made in Japan Portable Fire Extinguisher is also Throwable

Cinemagraphs are Animated Gifs that are better than 3D

76 year old man repairs old photos using Photoshop for free

Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

De Vorm's Plastiskop Camera Press Kit is delightfully fun

All engines running for Lego Metal Storm Mecha

Shirt 2 Pillow Transformer transforms your t-shirt into a pillow

iPhone and iPad Stencil Kits for Information Architects

Celebrity Deathmatch: Nicole Seah vs Tin Pei Ling

How to make your own geeky Lego Minifigures

Angry Birds Star Wars Mash-Up is so cool, they should make a game!

Jenga meets Donkey Kong

Lanyard Bag is a bag made of lots and lots of lanyards

Shopping Cart has a Pop-Up Camper for you to live in

Paper Record Player is a Wedding Invitation that plays music

Epic life-size statue of Batman made of Lego

Cat Levitator & other Old Anti Gravity Cruisers of New Zealand

World's Biggest Pac-Man loves IE 9, hates Firefox

The End of AT-AT for America no thanks to Lucasfilm

Better Book Titles is great for lazy book readers like me

Vintage Superheroes Wedding

Make your own Han Solo in Ice, Choc, Jelly Carbonite

Mr Pear and Friends

Super ridiculous special effects galore Indian movie to be shown on Singapore national TV tonight

Mini Microscope for iPhone gives you extreme close-ups

Vintage Airline Fashion Collection with Space Bubble Hat now on Ebay

Chinese made Transformers scrap metal sculptures are more than meets the eye

Marvel vs. DC Battle Mural inspired by Where's Waldo

Artist covers entire room in crochet for her solo show

World War II Inspired Star Wars Insignias

Retro Arcade Cake Mould for all die hard Space Invaders fans

5/8th scale mini Leica M3 replica fits in your tiny hands

The Flux Chair is a designer chair that folds to save space

Star Wars the High School Musical

Paper 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad takes real photos

Popular music albums as old book covers

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2011 gives you free ice cream in exchange for some love for dyslexic kids

He-Man and Mr Villains Class of 1993

Penguin Classics get new embroidery covers

Use candy for buffet table labeling and impress your guests

John Karpinsky's Star Wars Tribute Prints

Legotron is a working 4×5 camera made of LEGO bricks

Peanuts comics with last panel removed

Awesome Iron Man Briefcase cosplay costume requires 2 people to put on

Cameron's LEGO Birthday Party

Entire Star Wars toy collection from shop for sale