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Iron Man Arc Chest Light turn you into Iron Man, just add T-shirt

Dr Grordbort’s Raygun Shootout

Ephemicropolis 2010 is a city made of lots and lots of staples

Japanese girl in bra and panties sitting down in her dirty kitchen

Business card holder makes really cheap iPad stand

Teens Hooked On Porn is food for your brain

Geocities-izer makes any webpage look like an ugly Geocities page

Sydney's Siberia is a digital poem you can keep clicking again and again

Zouk Awards 2010: Celebrating 19 years of Zouk-ology

Hello Kitty Coloring Book not suitable for Hello Kitty fans

Android running on iPhone. No I'm not kidding!

Akhibara is an open-source pixel game toolkit

Tetris Arcade Gaming Piggy Bank lets you save money while you play Tetris

Personalise your message with the LCD Write Your Own Message Card

TV Hat is great for watching those X-rated movies on your iPhone

Back to the Future Wooden Peg People

Buddies are personalised stuffed animals for everyone

Cardboard Love in a Digital World

Fashion designers as Disney characters

Ultimate Free Web Designer’s Icon Set has 750 Icons!

The Greatest Confrontations in Film History

Man caught on video standing on top of a moving SMRT train

Ann Kok's Peek-A-Boob outfit proves she's got the boobs

Shanghai men share their experiences with perverted girls

Puma goes green with Clever Little Bag packaging

No chair? Try Chairless inspired by creative Indians

Star Wars In Your Pocket will increase the awesomeness in your life

Twitter Napkins are so geeky

Optimus Prime goes pussy, becomes a plush toy

Vintage-style DC Character Posters

Alien vs Pooh in small, medium and large editions

The most painful Toy Hack ever!

Pirate Ship birthday cake for a 5 year old wannabe pirate

Adidas Originals papercraft shoe doesn't come with shoelaces

Optimus Prime made of balloons, has arms that can rotate 360 degrees!

Balloons for Joy

Happy Birthday! Here's a Zombie birthday cake!

Last Supper with some of the world's brilliant scientists

Yawnnnnnn... so when do I sleep?

Ever wanted to star in your own anime? Now you can!