Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spinning Hyperlapse Selfie at Ginza, Tokyo

Me spinning round and round outside Ginza station in Tokyo, Japan.

Transformers 4 Cars In Action hits 1 Million Views on YouTube

One million views! One million views! Thanks for watching this.

GH4 4K Photo Mode: Mrs Singapore 2015 Winners

GH4's 4K Photo mode allows the user to capture a high resolution 4K photo by cropping out a designated frame out of its 4K video. While filming Mrs Singapore 2015 Grand Final, I switched to the 4K Photo mode to try out its 4K photo capabilities. Watch the 4K video above of all the Mrs Singapore 2015 winners on stage.

4K Photo of the winners of Mrs Singapore 2015

You can view the high resolution photo grabbed from the 4K video on Flickr. Click the Download icon on the Flickr page and view the Original (3328 x 2496) photo. Pretty good, I have to say. Above is the smaller resolution pic.

Danny Koh Fire Illusionist in 96 FPS Slow Motion

Danny Koh, one of Singapore’s fastest rising stars of magic and Asia’s premier fire illusionist, performed at Mrs Singapore 2015 Grand Final. Here's him in action in slow motion captured using GH4 in 96fps and SmallHD DP7Pro LCD for monitoring.

Like Birds Like That - Mrs Singapore 2015 TVC Outtake

Here's an outtake from Mrs Singapore 2015 TVC that I directed. The commercial recently aired for a week on Channel 5. In this scene, Audrey Lim and her husband bring their kids across the steps at the playground. To encourage the kids, we had Jac standing at the other end with some treats. You can spot her hands in this wide shot and if you listen closely enough, you can even hear her say to the kids: "Biscuits! Biscuits!"

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