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New Superman logo revealed, comes with hidden message

Mao Zedong spotted at Orchard Road in full communist attire

Mediacorp actresses become sexy belly dancers for charity

My Best "Draw Something" Drawings So Far...

Children in 1970s drew what US will look like in 2076

17 years of Digital Cameras: A Photographer's Self Portrait

Star Wars TIE Fighter for sale, does not fly

Unlicensed Turkish Star Wars Figures

Singapore's HPB Sex Education Booklet

Full-sized Anesthesia Machine made using Lego

Second hand stuffed animals turned inside out

The Hunger Games Trailer: Barbie Edition

138 Years of Popular Science visualised using atoms

Leica Lens Holder should be a standard for all cameras

Cheap Thai iPhone 4S clone looks like the real thing

2SLEEP1 will make you fall asleep, not sure about dreams

Badgermin is a Badger that plays irritating music

Toy Story and The Shining mash-up art done on the iPad

Eye Slack Haruka stimulates your eye muscles

CampFire is a cushion stand and protector for your iPad

Artist makes Broken Houses from small scale models

Cardboard TV Toy requires assembly and imagination

New Singapore music video encourages you to have safe sex with prostitutes and KTV girls

Sexy CPR lessons for those of who can't be bothered

Pet Evacuation Jacket keeps your cats and dogs safe

Penguin Cam goes Live 24 hours a day until April

Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and friends do the Yoga

Bike Planter lets you bring your plant on your bike ride

Old School iPhone Covers

Urban Stargazing Project brings stars back to your city

Carpet Masks made from stitching colourful ropes together

iPhone Rangefinder is a complete iPhoneography system