Friday, March 30, 2012

New Superman logo revealed, comes with hidden message


This is the new official logo for the new Superman film directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Superman. Man of Steel will be out in cinemas on June 14, 2013. I like the new logo but I keep seeing Nike in it.

See! It's like Superman is telling me to go buy Nike shoes.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mao Zedong spotted at Orchard Road in full communist attire


These photographs show that Chairman Mao is alive and well and has been spotted smoking at our very own Orchard Road. I wonder what he is doing here. Shopping for some luxury goods? Or checking out the floods at Orchard Road? The dude wearing the yellow t-shirt behind him looks stunned. Probably asking himself: "Isn't the guy dead? 

(Thanks KY Lee)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mediacorp actresses become sexy belly dancers for charity

Mediacorp actresses Michelle Chia, Ann Kok, Joanne Peh, Hong Huifang, Kym Ng, Belinda "Amazon Woman" Lee and Constance Song turned up the sexy factor at the Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show 2012 with a belly dance performance. Which local actress is the best belly dancer? Who has the best boobs/body? Go watch the video if you missed their performance on Sunday.
You can view some photos here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Best "Draw Something" Drawings So Far...


Here are some of my best drawings done on everyone's favourite mobile app right now, Draw Something. Above: Joker and Parrot.


Above: Hulk and Bart.


Above: Elvis and Elmo.


Above: Zombie and Pacman.


Above: Mario (My personal BEST) and Ironman.

Nice? Btw, all the drawings above are done on my iPhone without using any stylus. Come play with me on Draw Something. My username is izreloaded.

Also read: My Best "Draw Something" Drawings Part 2

Children in 1970s drew what US will look like in 2076

The Tricentennial Report published in the 1970s by American oil company ARCO asks average Americans about what the US would look like in the year 2076. The highlight of the book is the drawings sent in by children. This one pictured here is done by a kid who thinks that a robot will be campaigning to be the US President in 2076.

17 years of Digital Cameras: A Photographer's Self Portrait

Photographer Marc Aubry's self portraits tells the story of the first two decades of mainstream digital photography. Pictured here is the Kodak DCS 460, a series of Nikon based digital SLR cameras with sensor and added electronics produced by Eastman Kodak. It took 6-megapixel photos.

Star Wars TIE Fighter for sale, does not fly

1/3 scale TIE Fighter for sale on Craigslist. Made using 3/4 plywood with the wings sheeted in cardboard, it comes with wheeled casters that make it easy to move once assembled. Also has laser cannons that fire standard party poppers. Cockpit fits one child. I would have bought it right away if this is sold in Singapore.

Unlicensed Turkish Star Wars Figures

Here's a comprehensive guide to a line of unlicensed Star Wars figures made in Turkey. The collector behind it has assembled one of the most complete Uzay collections in the world: "The packages of these figures are quite fragile; their bubbles, for instance, are made from a very weak and brittle plastic, which often breaks given the slightest abuse."

Singapore's HPB Sex Education Booklet


Health Promotion Board's Sex Education Booklet for Secondary 3 students in Singapore. Remember boys and girls, please practice safe sex and if you do, try not to do it in your school uniform.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Full-sized Anesthesia Machine made using Lego

GE Healthcare commissioned Eric Harshbarger to build a full-sized replica of their anesthesia machine using 30,000 Lego pieces. He writes: "I told them if they really wanted an accurate clone of this machine, I would need more than a few promotional pictures. I would need an actual anesthesia machine at my studio. A few weeks later, I had one sitting in my living room."

Second hand stuffed animals turned inside out

Outsiders are second hand stuffed animals given a second life. They are turned inside out by hand and sewn up again. The creator says,"Despite its strange appearance, they are friendly and lovable." So don't throw away that old stuffed toy bear. Give it another chance to live.

(Thanks Curt)

The Hunger Games Trailer: Barbie Edition

Three cousins who are huge fans of Hunger Games recreate a frame-by-frame version of the trailer with Barbie dolls!

(Thanks GeekGod)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

138 Years of Popular Science visualised using atoms

Jer Thorp was asked by Popular Science to produce a visualization piece that explored 138 years of the magazine. He says, "The graphic is anchored by a kind of molecular chain. Every atom in these year clusters is a single issue of the magazine, and is shaded with colours extracted from the issue covers via a colour clustering routine."

Leica Lens Holder should be a standard for all cameras

Someone should make this for other camera brands too. The Leica Lens Holder M allows you to keep your Leica MP or M7 camera and two lenses hanging on your carrying strap and ready for use. It is screwed into the tripod bushing, and the second lens also serves as a handle when it's inserted into its bayonet mount.

Cheap Thai iPhone 4S clone looks like the real thing

Techchee writes that his friend bought an iPhone 4S clone from Thailand that costs only US$60! He writes: "This iPhone 4S clone has an exterior made to look almost 100 percent like a real iPhone 4S, except its OS, which does not run iOS 5. Instead, it runs an extremely laggy OS with some Java stuff on the browser."

2SLEEP1 will make you fall asleep, not sure about dreams

Have trouble sleeping? Try out 2SLEEP1, a 66-minute playlist of audiovisual performances in text mode, designed to make you fall asleep. The idea is to show the music being composed in real-time along with typewriter-style animations. I tried it just now but it doesn't seem to work. I guess you have to try it while lying in bed. Will try tonight.

Badgermin is a Badger that plays irritating music

David Cranmer makes strange electronic instruments, mechanical sculptures and robots. His Badgermin is a good example of his weird creation. It's a badger that plays music! Wait. I don't think you can call it music. But anyway, the electronics for the Badgermin are from a PAiA Theremax kit with an 8mm diameter removable antennae.

Toy Story and The Shining mash-up art done on the iPad

Kyle Lambert uses the Brushes App on his iPad to create a set of Toy Story and The Shining mash-up illustrations: "It started off with a few notes on a post-it describing how the two movies could be combined and quickly grew into a 25 panel storyboard. The project took around 2 months to complete in my spare time."

Eye Slack Haruka stimulates your eye muscles

Say goodbye to the sagging skin around your eyes with the Eye Slack Haruka. Place it below your eyes and the vibrations and gentle heat will then start to improve the condition of your skin, seemingly making you look younger.  Hard mode uses electrical muscle stimulation to activate your skin. Soft mode supplies gentle micro-currents to combat sag, slack and gravity.

CampFire is a cushion stand and protector for your iPad

CampFire is the perfect accessory for using the iPad in bed, on a couch, on a plane and more. Open it up and a padded cushion lets you infinitely position your iPad on any soft surface. It reverses to become a sleeping bag to protect the iPad when not in use.

Artist makes Broken Houses from small scale models

Ofra Lapid enjoys manipulating photographs found online. His Broken Houses installation is based on photographs of abandoned structures neglected by man and destroyed by the weather. The photos are used to create small scale models which are then photographed again, omitted from their background and placed in gray.

Cardboard TV Toy requires assembly and imagination

Rena shows us how to build the low tech Cardboard TV Toy that makes a good and fun learning tool for kids: "Kids can write their own stories, draw out situations, or even use it to draw out the water cycle, life cycle of a butterfly or if they are older maybe a reel on mitosis for a science. I put pictures in the reel to make it a side show."

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New Singapore music video encourages you to have safe sex with prostitutes and KTV girls

Royston Tan's two-minute video shot for Action for Aids stars top getai duo Bao Bei Jie Mei singing a Hokkien song called The Happy Dragon promoting condom use when having sex with prostitutes. Here's an English translation to a few lines in the song: "The condom is good. It will allow you to move forward without losing steam."

Sexy CPR lessons for those of who can't be bothered

CPR involves chest compressions at least 5 cm deep and at a rate of at least 100 per minute in an effort to create artificial circulation by manually pumping blood through the heart. It is a vital skill to learn. If you haven't, do watch the above videos (links: here and here) for some inspiration. Another super sexy one here.

Please note that CPR does not bring a person back to life. It does however preserve the body for defibrillation and advanced life support. That means you need to call for an ambulance right away before you do the CPR. For your info, I have successfully completed the CPR and AED Provider Course. Contact me if you need lessons and live demo. Girls only please.

Pet Evacuation Jacket keeps your cats and dogs safe

The made in Japan Pet Evacuation Jacket aims to keep your pet safe during fires, earthquakes and other emergencies. Made from flame-retardant jacket, it comes with a heavy-duty carry handle and a strap/leash. Pockets hold pet and human supplies such as water packs, nutrition bars, bandages, mini-radio and emergency whistle.

Penguin Cam goes Live 24 hours a day until April

In celebration of Discovery Channel's Frozen Planet, Penguin Cam will be live 24 hours a day throughout March and April. The cam located at SeaWorld San Diego shows nearly 300 penguins representing all five Antarctic species! I can watch this all day long.

(Thanks Shy)

Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and friends do the Yoga

28 yoga poses are depicted in this wonderful Star Wars Galaxy Yoga art print designed and drawn by artist Rob Osborne. Each yoga pose includes the sanskrit name. Poses included are the Goddess, Crow, Bird of Paradise, Half Lord of the Fishes, Scorpion and much more!

(Thanks Chan )

Bike Planter lets you bring your plant on your bike ride

The Bike Planter is great for those of you who can't live without your plants. It attaches firmly to your bike with an elastic nylon cord and will fit snugly on most tube sizes. With it, you can now cycle anywhere with your plant attached to your bike! It is created digitally with modeling software and is then 3D printed out of nylon and hand dyed and sealed.

Old School iPhone Covers

Maria Cichy shows off several old school iPhone covers that she designed for the brand Freshfiber, inspired by the iconic objects from the past. This is her Camera Case hanging system. You can literally close an open the flash and turn the lens in this iPhone cover.

Urban Stargazing Project brings stars back to your city

I love this idea by the Urban Stargazing project. It focuses on bringing back the stars in the city sky by recreating existing constellations and adding new ones, narrating old and contemporary myths about London. Twelve groups of stars have been installed at different locations in the city, and can only be observed by the naked eye at night time.

Carpet Masks made from stitching colourful ropes together

Dutch designer Bertjan Pot on how he came up with the idea for his strange looking Carpet Masks: "I wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together I could make a large flat carpet. Instead of flat, the samples got curvy. When I was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi came up with the idea of ​​shaping the rope into masks."

iPhone Rangefinder is a complete iPhoneography system

The iPhone Rangefinder is a phoneography system that makes your iPhone look like a rangefinder camera! It'll equip your phone with a shutter button, viewfinder, aperture numbers, two loops for a camera strap, and a tripod mount! The faux lens doubles as a self-portrait mirror.

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