Friday, November 30, 2007

Entire NES system in a controller!

Take a cloned Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games console, put it into a NES controller and what do you get? A NES Mini! The controller now comes loaded with more than 70 old school NES games and there's also a cartridge connector at the back. Sweet!

(Thanks GeekGod)

Today's Singapore News

1. Snapping up tech toys at rock-bottom prices at Sitex
2. Glitch hits baggage system at Changi
3. SingTel hangs up dial-up service
4. Singapore and France to boost creative and media exchanges
5. Winning designs on shaping Marina South waterfront garden homes
6. Singapore PM hands Finance Minister job to Deputy Finance Minister
7. Dragon boater had bad instinct about race in his last blog entry
8. Over 1,000 attend memorial service for dragon boaters
9. It'll soon cost more to fly on SIA and SilkAir
10. MediaCorp wins Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year title

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Filming Locations

Dude travels the world to visit filming locations of movies like Hostel, Any Way The Wind Blows, The Illusionist and 28 Days Later. He then takes a photo of himself at the location where a particular scene of the movie was shot.

Poster Classics from the Baby Boom era

The International Poster Gallery recently had an exhibition featuring over 50 consumer advertising posters (most of them extremely rare) from the 50s to the early 60s. You can view the posters here.

Cardboard Safari

These cardboard animal figures from Cardboard Safari make great home and office decorations. Each cardboard puzzle is laser-cut for precision fit and easily assembles using slotted construction.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today's Singapore News

1. Singapore gets 2nd spot in global reading literacy survey
2. SEA Games: Singapore clinch five gold medals
3. Youth Challenge gets clean bill of health after revamp
4. Wives show passion for Singapore's history and culture
5. Oversupply looms in Singapore's office sector
6. Kids raise record $450,000
7. Memorial service for 5 who died in dragon boat tragedy begins
8. Singapore eases labor rules to attract more foreign talent
9. China-made pork products taken off the shelves
10. Washout for businesses as waters rise in town

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The Bollywood "Nipple" Song

Kick ass "translation" of a clip taken from a Bollywood film starring Sushmita Sen, a popular actress and former Miss Universe.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fireside Picture Alphabet

"O is for Obstinacy... The obstinacy of the pig, Is nature—as you see; But boys and girls who have a mind, Should never stubborn be." The Fireside Picture Alphabet is a really bizarre alphabet book and definitely not the first book you buy for kids who want to learn their ABCs.

Hollywood Handy Coaster Handles

The Hollywood Handy Coaster Handles, an invention in the 1950s, turns every glass or canned beverage into a clever drinking mug. I thought the idea was brilliant. It also acts like a coaster to protect the table.

Wii Light Sword

The Wii Light Sword works with your Nintendo Wii games console to give you a lightsaber-like sword. Slip your Wii Remote into the handle and press the on button to instantly power up your light sword. The sword uses 22 ultra bright LEDs to give it the power up and down effect.

Baby Gollum found in Square 2

I was looking at some shops in Square 2 at Novena when I came across one where they teach parents how to take care of their new born babies. Then I saw this little creature behind its window display. On a closer look...


It's Baby Gollum! Don't think I heard the word "precious" coming out of his mouth yet. Soon. I think. Very soon.

Today's Singapore News

1. Civil servants to get two-month bonus in December
2. SGX launches Catalist to replace Sesdaq
3. Electro-static therapy machines a hit with senior citizens
4. KDF and NUS in $750,000 project to develop cure for diabetes
5. Singapore to Shanghai with just one smart card?
6. Water safety council wants clubs to review safety procedures
7. Joint funeral for dragon boat rowers
8. Shell out $1 million to get the best views of Singapore's F1 race
9. MDA rap video high on global 'hit' list
10. Employment hits historic highs

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Retro-futuristic Space Artwork from Russia

Dark Roasted Blend has posted several retro-futuristic space graphics taken from popular Soviet tech & science magazines. I've always admired how artists visualize the future of space travel and colonization. Looking at the state of space exploration now and comparing it to the images by these artists, we humans still have a long way to go if we are going to be living among the stars.

(via Slashdot)

First 26 years of Playboy Magazine for sale!


Two complete sets of Playboy magazines from December 1953 to December 1979 are now up for grabs. Cost of this huge softcore collection is a sweet US$100,000! Seller says:
Selling two COMPLETE COLLECTIONS of the first 26 years of PLAYBOY MAGAZINE.Each collection contains all 312 Playboys published between December,1953 and December,1979.In addition,the winning bidder will also receive another 670 monthly issues of Plaboy magazine FOR FREE!

All 1,294 Playboys are protected by clear poly bags (unless still in their original wrapping) and are stored (standing,so no weight is on any issue) in chronological order in one of approximately 80 Playboy black vinyl library cases.The condition of these magazines is EXCELLENT,ranging from "Fine+" to "Pristine",in magazine grading terminology.They have been kept in a dry,temperature-controlled and smoke-free home for decades.
Oh, he also mentioned that the new owner of this Playboy magazine collection will also get some extras that he cannot list due to eBay's categorization restrictions. Hmm... cannot list huh. Maybe it comes with a Playboy cover girl or two. Yeah baby, yeah!

Singapore's sexual revolution

An Al Jazeera news report about the recent failed efforts to repeal the law against homosexuality in Singapore, due in part to the religious right.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Today's Singapore News

1. Keeping healthy for the young: Here's how
2. Ex-teacher starts blog on boy with a 'ready smile'
3. Bloggers want in on panel's new media study
4. Bus, MRT and a Chinese restaurant among S'pore's noisiest locations
5. S'pore enjoys record employment, higher wages
6. New guidelines on how charities should be run
7. Bodies of Singaporean rowers return home from Cambodia
8. Experts say wearing life jackets will not impede speed
9. Dragon boat teams 'warned' of strong currents at pontoon
10. S'pore less attractive to expats: Survey

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Perler bead crafts of video game characters

Coasters, fridge magnets and other crafts made from Perler beads to give the pixel effect of video game characters! You'll find a few popular characters there like Pacman, Mario and Pikachu. Too bad these works of art aren't for sale.

History of Medicine Collection

Planet Tyler's Flickr photoset contains some of the wonderful things found in University of Buffalo's History of Medicine Collection such as the Oxypathor, electric chest and lung protector, and this 1861 Illustrated Manual of Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy.

Amazing Money Jar Bank

If only I had this amazing money jar bank when I was a kid then I wouldn't be breaking my piggy banks everytime I want to find out how money I have saved. This money jar bank by Discovery Kids automatically counts the value of each coin as you drop them in. It will then display the total value on its LCD. Neat!

(Thanks Rickie)

Stamp Keyboard

This stamp keyboard is absolutely beautiful. The person behind it has made about 10 such keyboards for his friends and family. Each keyboard is pasted (I think) with stamps of a single nation and often commemorate a royal coronation or celebrate a particular sport. Now I know what to do with that dusty old stamp collection.

(Thanks GeekGod)

Lifetime collection of Star Wars and other toys for sale


If you have US $34,500 to spare (and an empty room), you could be the new proud owner of this impressive toy collection that includes mostly Star Wars figures. Time to break that piggy bank! Seller says:
This is my lifetime collection of collectibles. This is a big step I'm taking in order to move on and accomplish a new plan I have for my future.

This collection is mainly Star Wars but also has over 15 carded Spawn figures, about 15 carded Austin Powers figures, 18 inch Mini Me, 18 inch Hellboy Tower Records exclusive, 16 inch Ozzy Osbourne 'Bark at the Moon' Werewolf and many many more misc. figures. WWE figures of Trish Status and other girl figures are also included.

You can pretty much start your own toy store or just continue this giant collection.

.. Many loose figures of Star Wars, some vintage vehicles, Comic-Book Girl character figures. Almost everything is in excellent to mint like condition. There are over 1,1160 modern carded Star Wars figures.

Today's Singapore News

1. Nature lovers fear coral project will cause damage
2. Singapore cinema chain to open multiplexes in Dubai
3. One in two believes family violence is a private affair
4. Jurong residents will be able to cash in on their trash
5. Western-trained docs get TCM diplomas
6. Team 'decided not to wear life jackets to paddle faster'
7. Singapore working with Cambodia to fly bodies of five Singaporeans home
8. Singaporeans found dead after Cambodia boat accident
9. Mahjong for the elderly to be played in the community
10. Bear gall bladder sold at food fair

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Indians riot in Malaysia want trillions from British

It sure is getting interesting for our neighbours across the Causeway, with more and more people staging protests nowadays. Following the more than 30,000 people that took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago, it's the Indians turn to stage a rally over the weekend. From AFP:
Witnesses said police beat up some protestors with batons. Organisers said at least 400 people were arrested and 19 injured. Police, however, said more than 100 people had been detained.

"Over the last 50 years Indian have been marginalised in this country and we now want the same rights as enjoyed by other communities," M. Kulasegaran, opposition lawmaker with the Democratic Action Party (DAP), told AFP.

"They have no rights to stop us from protesting today. This is the will of the people," he said.

The lawsuit targets Britain, Malaysia's former colonial ruler, and is aimed at highlighting what ethnic Indians here say is continuing discrimination by the Malay-Muslim majority government.

It seeks four trillion dollars' compensation for the estimated two million ethnic Indians whose ancestors were brought here as indentured labourers by Britain in the 1800s -- two million dollars each.
Two million dollars for each Indian in Malaysia! Crikey! I bet there must be quite a lot of Malaysians now checking their family history to see if they have any ancestors from India. You know what? Maybe we all should blame the British for whatever misfortunes we had and demand some compensation too. I would settle for just half a million. Don't want to be so greedy like those Malaysian Indians.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Matrix redubbed in Tamil with Bollywood sound effects

This YouTube clip contains a scene from The Matrix movie which was then redubbed in Tamil with sound effects taken from various Bollywood movies. It was done by students for their school project. Their aim was to capture the sound and feel of Bollywood fight scenes while using Morpheus' and Neo's Dojo scene. Really slick, I have to say and super funny too. "Insect! WOOAARRHH!"

World War II Monopoly with real money

Brian McMahon wrote a remarkable piece for Mental Floss about the British Secret Service's master plan during World War 2 to smuggle escape gear to captured Allied soldiers inside Germany using the popular boardgame Monopoly:
In 1941, the British Secret Service approached Waddington with its master plan, and before long, production of a “special edition” Monopoly set was underway. For the top-secret mission, the factory set aside a small, secure room—unknown to the rest of its employees—where skilled craftsmen sat and painstakingly carved small niches and openings into the games’ cardboard boxes. Along with the standard thimble, car, and Scotty dog, the POW version included additional “playing” pieces, such as a metal file, a magnetic compass, and of course, a regional silk escape map, complete with marked safe-houses along the way—all neatly concealed in the game’s box. Even better, some of the Monopoly money was real. Actual German, Italian, and French currency was placed underneath the play money for escapees to use for bribes. Also, because of its collaboration with the International Red Cross, Waddington could track which sets would be delivered to which camps, meaning escape maps specific to the area could be hidden in each game set. Allied soldiers and pilots headed to the front lines were told to look for the special edition game if they were captured. The identifying mark to check for? A red dot in the corner of the Free Parking space.
You can also read a PDF of Brian's story from his website.

My dear, my penis is a mountain

An English opera singer singing the Croatian national anthem before the England - Croatia game at Wembley made a huge blunder at the end of the song. He has since apologised to Croatians who were offended. From BBC:
He should have sung 'Mila kuda si planina' (which roughly means 'You know my dear how we love your mountains').

But he instead sang 'Mila kura si planina' which can be interpreted as 'My dear, my penis is a mountain'.

Now Henry could be one of the few Englishmen at the Euro 2008 finals in Austria and Switzerland as Croatian fans adopt him as a lucky omen.

They believe his mistake relaxed their chuckling players, who scored an early goal in the 3-2 win that put Croatia top of the group and knocked out England.

Tour of the Largest Private Collection of Military Vehicles

The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation has the largest private collection of military vehicles in the world. It has hundreds of tanks from different time periods and other vehicles like a SdKfz 2 Kleines Kettenkrad half-track motorcycle, a SCUD missile launcher and a M48A5 AVLB armored vehicle-launched bridge. Pics of a tour of the impressive collection can be found here and here.

Beverage Ads

Here's a Flickr photoset of beverage ads found in old magazines. There are currently 140 different ads in the set. Enjoy.

Becky's Banana Sticker Bananza

Becky, an avid banana label collector, has been collecting banana labels since 1991. Now she has 6757 different banana labels in her collection! She also has 93 broccoli and 157 asparagus bands.

(Thanks Hana)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Transformers is on Joost!

Now here's a damn good reason for me to download Joost, a software that allows anyone to watch TV shows for free. The entire first season of the Transformers Generation 1 series is now on Joost! I'm not kidding. And they are also adding new episodes from season two every week. I love you, Joost!!!

Realdoll Doctor

Realdoll Doctor (link not safe for work) has pictures of breasts, hip, neck surgeries (and more) done on Realdolls (also not safe for work) - yup, those love dolls made famous by the movie Lars and The Real Girl, one of my favourite films of 2007!

(Thanks xXx)

Covering The Mouse

I'm adding Covering The Mouse to my favourites. It is a delightful blog that pays tribute to artists that did covers of the music of Disney. Reading it, I found out that Kiss singer Gene Simmons actually did a cover of the song When You Wish Upon A Star in 1978. What a surprise! After listening to his cover, I thought it was very nicely done. I wonder if he sang it while wearing the trademark Kiss face paint and stage outfits.

Today's Singapore News

1. First M18 video game out in shops today
2. S'porean youth could be in S'pore F1 support race next year
3. S'pore seaweed 'satisfactory', says AVA
4. Disabled girl tops her school in PSLE
5. St Hilda's pupil gets record score in PSLE
6. Singapore's Claim On Pulau Batu Puteh Flawed
7. Do S'poreans understand high-risk behaviour?
8. S'porean students are a sensible lot, health survey shows
9. New NUS centre to study effects of natural disasters on S'pore's buildings
10. BSA raises anti-piracy reward to $50,000

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Ad Campaign for ALL Singapore bloggers

My mate Josh from Advertlets has informed me that an advertiser (an international client that that supports creative independence involving something that everyone listens to nearly everyday) has come in with a huge Singaporean media buy - traffic from the entire Advertlets Singapore blog network, for approximately a week.

If you are already serving ads by Advertlets on your blog (great!), you will automatically be included in this CPM campaign. And since it's open to all Singapore blogs, if you have a blog and have yet to sign up with Advertlets, quickly do so here and then put up the Advertlets code on your blog to take part in this ad campaign.

The campaign starts 27th November 2007. For more info check out this post on the Advertlets blog.

(Disclosure: I'm an Advertlets Blog Ambassador and I also advise them on "company matters".)

Products lost in translation

DivineCaroline posted several pictures of product names, food labels and signs with rather odd English translations such as this "Unbelievable this is not butter" butter. Check out her parts two and three too.

1967 Star Trek Rocket Pistol

Dude is selling two extremely rare vintage Star Trek Rocket Pistol toys. Bidding ends in 3 days. Seller says:
The toy was produced in 1967 by Remco Toys and follows the Hamilton Invaders, Monkey Division and Land of the Giants pistol toy line of the Sixties. The exciting difference is the toy’s Star Trek decal inserts, photo box decal and box specific printing with Desilu Productions (owner of the Star Trek series at the time). “Based on the Exciting NBC TV Series”

The grenade launching, cap snapping toy pistol is in very fine almost mint condition with no missing, worn or broken parts. Decals are fine and unworn. The cap gun part has been fired as there is powder residue in the discharge area. It is unknown if there were ever caps supplied with the toy. The box or instructions do not list them. Color combination is a black body / blue handles and muzzle; box shows blue body / black handles and muzzle.

Jonathan Yuen's Christmas Cards

I love these clever Christmas cards made by Singaporean graphic designer Jonathan Yuen (check out his flash portfolio site - it's the most beautiful I've ever seen). Each laminated envelope box comes with four thick X'mas figure cards that can pop out a mini Christmas tree, reindeer, Santa Claus and Snowman.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today's Singapore News

1. Odex website hacked
2. Checks show new taxi penalties are working
3. Singapore sees fastest office rent rise in world
4. Bought 'original' software for new PC? It may be fake
5. Mobile TV services to be launched in Singapore
6. Top PSLE student attains highest score in 17 years
7. S'pore OKs concert by US gay couple
8. ASEAN summit in S'pore achieves significant steps forward
9. Jump in locals enrolling in international schools here
10. Singapore red-faced as PM's car tyre punctures

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Nobody wants to stand under your umbrella McClaren!

"When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath
I'm sticking it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)"

I'm fucking pissed. Thanks to England manager Steve McClaren (yup, that's him with that stupid umbrella in the pic above) for ruining what could have been a perfect birthday for me.

Here's a guy who was standing at the touchline using an umbrella to protect himself from the pouring rain as his charges were out on the football field trying to win the game last night against Croatia. I tell you what. He looked stupid. I have never seen a manager of a football team with an umbrella. What the hell was he doing with it? Trying not to get his hair wet maybe. No wonder he couldn't inspire his team because he looks like a faggot under that umbrella. Crikey! This is a football match dude. If you're afraid of the rain, please don't manage a football team.

The final score: England 2 Croatia 3. England will not be playing in Euro 2008. Fuck! Thanks a lot McClaren. Now, good riddance.

Update: Steve "You can stand under my Umbrella" McClaren has been sacked by the English FA!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

It's Nov 21 yet again and that means I've just turned one year older. That's right. It's my birthday! And that also means more white hair growing on my head and more wrinkles forming on my face. Argh! Anyway thanks to everyone (friends, readers, fans, fellow bloggers and loved ones) who have sent me their birthday wishes, greetings, gifts, etc. I love you all.

Now, are you ready for some of my birthday pics?

First up, my birthday cupcakes baked by this lovely gal.


And here's me looking all so excited in front of the cupcakes.


I got more excited when I unwrapped this - an ultra cool Transformers t-shirt! Just what every 31 year old Transformers fanboy want for his birthday!


For my birthday brunch, we went to Mimolette located at 55 Fairways Drive.


The mini wagyu burgers and the steak there are really delicious. Definitely must try!



New haircut and the new Transformers t-shirt (I really really love it).



Here's to a great year ahead! Cheers!!! Damn, I'm feeling old already.

Today's Singapore News

1. Singapore Design Festival 2007 transforms nation into a vibrant hub of design activity
2. Temasek says it did not break rules
3. First dog in Singapore trained to sniff out pests
4. Teen put on probation for obscene act with schoolmate
5. First-time buyers get better shot at executive condos
6. Orchard Road sees Myanmar street protest
7. Mandai to get new nature attraction on 30-hectare site
8. Why marriages in Singapore ending earlier
9. Singapore ranked second among shortlisted cities to bid for YOG
10. Singapore Closes Case On Sovereignty Dispute

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.


Weewar looks like a fantastic online game. It is a round based strategy game featuring real action on real maps. Up to 6 players command their colorful pixel armies against each other on the many maps available. I'm requesting an invite!

6000 Heads

Illustration students from the Norwich School of Art & Design spent the summer examining ways of representing the human head. The students drew close to 6000 heads.

Pedra Branca

Wikipedia has an excellent entry on Pedra Branca, the tiny island that is currently the subject of a territorial dispute between Singapore and Malaysia. Both countries are now presenting their case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). From Wikipedia:
The chief reason that the island belonged to Johor was laid in the Treaty of Cession of Singapore, between the British East India Company and the sultan and the temenggong of Johor. It implied that Johor had sovereignty over islets beyond 10 miles of its coast. The island is located 25.5 nautical miles from Singapore. This is further strengthened by the fact that the British government had requested approval from the Sultanate of Johor to build a lighthouse on the island, which Johor agreed to provide in 1844. Apart from that, the Singaporean claim on the island violates the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824.
According to a friend of mine who has pretty close relations to the Malaysian team fighting the case, he said Malaysia is very confident of winning it because of their success record in the past. In 2002, the ICJ awarded two islands, Sipadan and Ligitan to Malaysia after a similar dispute between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Next big earthquake and tsunami will be in Padang

There is a growing concern that the next big earthquake and tsunami will happen in the city of Padang in Indonesia. Scientists say that all the different segments of the subduction zone along Sumatra have released their energy except that of Padang. From AFP:
"We now know that the Mentawai segment (facing Padang) has accumulated a lot of strained energy. It will be the next one to rupture," he told AFP.

Natawidjaja estimated that the quake's magnitude could reach 8.5 to 8.9.

"The shaking will be very strong" in Padang, he said, with many buildings likely to collapse.

The number of casualties "will depend on how many people can escape" but, according to a worst-case scenario, a tsunami wave would be 5.5 metres high and go two kilometres deep into Padang, devastating "half of the city".

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy Radiographs

This Radiographs photoset contains several crazy but real x-ray images such as this one that shows a large dildo beyond the point of self-retrieval in the rectum and sigmoid of the poor patient. Remember ladies, be careful when you're playing with those dildos aye. You don't want them to go in too deep.

Barbie Store

The world's first Barbie entertainment theme store has opened in Argentina. The Barbie Store's founders are hoping that young girls all over the country will flock to the store and dress like Barbie for hours. Too bad the store has nothing for boys. Pics of the Barbie Store here. From Canadian Press:
"There are girls who come every single day," Loizeau said. "No one understands it."

The $7-an-hour playroom inside the store has toys and dolls, costumes, makeup and jewellry, and a small catwalk for girls to parade on under disco lights. The store also includes a beauty salon, where girls can get everything from a glamorous hairstyle to a painted butterfly on a cheek, plus a coffee shop. And the Barbie playroom is available for parties, starting at around $650.

A few Barbies are for sale, but selling dolls isn't the retail focus of the store. Instead, there are T-shirts, skirts, pants and handbags - most in shades of pink - that are designed and made in Argentina and only available at the Barbie Store. The items sell for 10 per cent more than similar clothes at other stores without the Barbie logo, Loizeau said.

Bondage Cellphone Charms

I'm not too keen on bondage (I don't like to tie or be tied, really!) but somehow I find myself liking these Bondage Cellphone Charms - mini baby dolls tied up S&M style. I think they are cute.

Body Bags

Body Bags are wool felt and leather purses with magnetic clasp, featuring images of internal organs. You can choose from the uterus, heart, kidneys, or lungs.

(Thanks xXx)

Handmade Robot Zippo Lighter

This rare handmade robot Zippo lighter is just awesome! The brass and copper lighter is made by an English jeweller. It has arms and ears on the side, rollers for feet that go around from the front onto the base and up the back.

Witness This

Photos of Witness Appeal signs in London. From the photoset: "Today, the Metropolitan Police have taken this literary device and added a twist – reducing news events down to the bare bones, printing them as stories on attractive fluorescent yellow boards, and then placing them at the exact location where those events originally occurred."

(Thanks Tony)

Transforming a 1975 Camaro into Bumblebee

Dude bought a 1975 Chevrolet Camaro and wants to transform it into Bumblebee, as seen in the Transformers movie. He is still working on the car's interior but as you can see from his pics, the exterior already looks like Bumblebee!

Also read: At the Singapore Gala Premiere of Transformers

Today's Singapore News

1. Teacher under investigation for altered answers in PSLE papers
2. S'pore in the running to host inaugural Youth Olympic Games
3. S'porean marries woman with Aids
4. Junta not welcome in Singapore's Peninsula Plaza
5. Protest Singapore Style; 3 Marchers, 19 Media, 1,000 Police
6. NTUC leads way by giving workers' age profile
7. 1st-time EC buyers can now buy 2nd subsidised flat
8. Taxi fare surcharges: Too much of a good thing?
9. Allegations by Malaysia baseless, says Singapore
10. Parents may get help to understand new media soon

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Monday, November 19, 2007

2007 Best Magazine Covers

The 2007 best magazine covers as chosen by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Read the stories behind the covers and view all the entries.

(via design fckr)

Hot Dogs by Thea Kluge

Hot Dog inspired bag and shirt designs by Thea Kluge are so cute that I may buy a few as gifts for some of my hot dog loving friends.

(Thanks Shirlyn)

Cardboard Lego Man

This life-sized Lego Man made totally from cardboard, has separate head, torso and legs pieces that interlock like the original Lego Man. His arms and hands can rotate/swivel 360 degrees and his legs can move from 'upright' to 'sitting' position.

Sexy Monopoly Dress

Gal used Monopoly money to make this sexy dress. To match it, she also made a purse from Monopoly "Chance" cards and a necklace using rolled up Monopoly money and the car token. Also, check out the equally awesome dress made using UNO cards.

Today's Singapore News

1. Singapore raises GDP growth forecasts for 2007, 2008
2. MP proposes a new taxi surcharge
3. China signs Eco-City pact with Singapore
4. Call to CSOs: Please speak up
5. Ren Ci chief in new controversy over PhD
6. Active Ageing Festival starts with vroom and dance
7. MAS to maintain monetary policy despite rising inflation
8. Punggol waterfront promenade to be ready by 2010
9. Singapore lifts ban on Xbox game with lesbian scene
10. S'pore has world's most reliable power grid

Read them all at Topix Singapore News, edited by yours truly.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beware of falling durians! Ouch!


I didn't know that walking in a park in Singapore can be so dangerous. Spotted this sign at Chua Chu Kang park after a meal at the restaurant there. Next time, I'll bring along a kevlar helmet.

Carl Sagan vs The Matrix

This cool video mashup brings together the voice of popular scientist and author, the late Carl Sagan and a scene in the Matrix movie. In it, Morpheus gets bored to death listening to Agent Smith (using Carl Sagan's voice) talking to him about atoms, protons and electrons. I can almost feel what the poor Morpheus is going through. Argh! No! Stop it! Enough! Stop!

Comic Life for Windows

Comic Life, the cool software (previously only for Mac) that allows anyone to create astounding comics easily is now available for the PC. Yay!!! I'm going to try out the 30-day unhindered demo.

DC Golden Age comic collection for sale!

714 DC comic books from the Golden Age are up for grabs on eBay. Seller says, "A total of 714 DC Golden Age Comic found in a collector’s attic…..Everything Unrestored ….This is a complete intact unpicked collection with a full inventory….Collection is made up of Runs….We have never had something like this before, a fantastic find….Golden Age Collections are impossible to track down…." The total value of this collection according to the seller is a staggering $101,024!

Marvel Comics go digital

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is a subscription service that gives unlimited access to thousands of Marvel comics through your web browser. For a limited time only, they are now providing 250 free samples for viewing.

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