Monday, March 06, 2017

Mystery solved: Cannot connect to


Recently I couldn't connect to I tried using Firefox, IE and Chrome and all these browsers had the same problem. Other websites loaded fine. So I tried clearing my cache and cookies. It did not work either. Thinking that it could be my network or my modem and router, I turned off my modem and router for a few minutes before turning it on again. Still it didn't work. I used my iPhone to connect to my network to check if can be viewed on the iPhone. Surprisingly, it could! So it's definitely not a network or modem problem.


Next logical thing to check was if it's a firewall problem. Opened my McAfee and found out that Net Guard was blocking an IP address. Apparently McAfee thought this particular IP address could be harmful to my computer.


Next step I did was to allow Net Guard to allow this connection for all programs.


And was back online!!! Problem solved.

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