Monday, February 28, 2011

Bored with Facebook? Here's the Facebook Facelift

Barton Smith redesigns Facebook because it is boring: "The Facebook Facelift is a self initiated project to challenge the form and functionality of Facebook. It's streamlined, structured and linear interface is more comprehendible, enhancing the user experience and absorbability of content."

Vanessa has big boobs, goes on a search for the perfect bra

Cartoonist Vanessa Davis has big boobs which means she's lumpy, inelegant and uncomfortable so she goes on a circuitous, emotional, and ultimately satisfying search for a well-fitting bra.

(Thanks Myra Leong)

Pay a guy pretending to be a turtle to call your friend or enemy

For 2 dollars, this dude at Turtlecalls will call your friend or enemy or boss or whoever and pretend to be a turtle for up to 2 minutes. And for $10, you'll get the super Turtlecall which has advanced features like he will keep calling until he does not get a voicemail, even if it takes weeks.

Crazy Chinese dudes make 5 ton Megatron tank

I tell you this. Those Chinese can make anything. Really. Anything! Take a look at this incredible 5 ton Megatron tank that some Chinese dudes made before the Lunar New Year. Yes, it's an exact replica of the tank that Megatron transformed into in the previous Transformers movie. No, it doesn't transform. Phew.

David Bowie Remixes inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey

Bowie2001 is a compilation of brand new remixes of many David Bowie songs. It is also, a non-stop continuous mixpiece comprising those remixes and other Bowie moments. And it it is also a movie, a re-imagined and re-edited version of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey!

Kim Jong Phil

Artist Phillip Toledano aka Kim Jong Phil copies pre-existing dictatorial art, paintings from North Korea and statues of dictators. He even replaced the great leaders with himself. He writes: "Just like a dictator, I must live in a closed loop of self-delusion. A place where my words and ideas always ring true."

Soup for Sluts Ramen Noodles

Soup for Sluts are the perfect ramen noodle you should serve the slut you picked up at the club the following morning. This spicy vegetable flavored soup, made by one of the world's finest makers of instant noodles, is cheap, fast and easy, just like your pickup from last night.

How to bake your own playable Angry Birds cake

Mike Cooper's Angry Birds cake is awesome. You can even shoot the birds using a catapult! Yes, the cake is playable! He writes: "First step is to make the bodies and basic form of your pigs and birds. Use your pre-mixed coloured icing and roll out the spheres using a little plain flour so they don’t get sticky and unmanageable."

Play a bowling video game by kissing your opponent

This is a game which I would pay to play! Kiss Controller allows users to control a bowling game by moving their tongues while kissing. The game input device controls the direction and speed of a bowling ball while the users are kissing.

Shoot First is a co-op action roguelike genre video game

Go download Shoot First, a free game that is between a fast paced top down shooter and a roguelike. Shoot baddies, run around, dodge all kinds of stuff and level up your weapons. Also collect items and find keys to open the locked doors in order to hop between the randomized levels.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anatomically Correct Sleeping Bag

Next time when you are sleeping outdoors, sleep in one of these Anatomical Model Sleeping Bags. It measures 215 cm long and features anatomically correct inner parts of our human body. You'll look weird sleeping in it for sure but hey, at least no one will come near you.

Soft Film explores ephemeral past of Chinese entertainment

I've just bookmarked Soft Film, a wonderful blog that explores the ephemeral past of Chinese entertainment from Hong Kong, USA and around the world: vaudeville pioneers, flappers, aviatrices, burlesque dancers, hula hoopers, movie queens, sex bombs, jade girls, tomboys, pin-ups, sour beauties, girl jocks, swordswomen, and go-go girls.

Move over Arnie, Spongebob Terminator is here

Dude combines Spongebob and Terminator into one funny and violent Lego creation. The Spongebob Terminator is a cyborg assassin sent back in time from the future to kill all Spongebob haters. There's even a control room, watch room, weapon room and storehouse all located in its body.

Recover from work with the Workday Recovery Kit

The Workday Recovery Kit comes with a 16-page remedy booklet on how to recover from working all day at the office, a silicone bracelet (with the statement "Burnt Out"), 5 affirmation cards, 5 printed bandages, a recovery certificate and even a metal charm in shape of a brain.

Switchblade is a motorcycle with wings

The Switchblade is a three-wheeled flying motorcycle that both drives and flies. It features a pair of scissors wings that close under the belly of the vehicle when it is not flying. It travels up to 90+ mph on wheels and 150 mph while flying. Requires a Private Pilot Certificate in order to fly it.

Private island in Panama looking for Island Intern

Isla Palenque, a virtually undiscovered private island in Panama is looking for an adventurous, social media loving intern. The Island Intern will spend four weeks living in the 400 acre island covered in wild jungle, protected mangroves, shady coconut groves, primordial lagoons and exotic beaches.

Transformers G1 toy collection up for grabs on eBay

Dude is selling his entire vintage Transformers toy collection because they are taking up too much space. There are over 450 original Transformers G1 and G2 figures in his collection. He writes: "All other legendary Transformers 1984-1990 G1 are there! 198 autobots, 158 Decepticons and over 100 G2 1990-1995!"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Space Planes: 100 paper planes launched in space

To prove just how tough their memory cards are, Samsung has teamed up with this dude to launch 100 paper planes from the edge of space. Each plane carried a message for the person who finds it. The messages are carried on a Samsung SD Memory Cards attached to one of the planes.

Pixelfari is a pixely, 8-bitty version of Safari

Nevan writes about his free to download browser Pixelfari: "Ladies and gents, fellow humans, presenting Pixelfari, a pixely, 8-bitty version of everyone’s favorite browser. Enjoy chunky fonts, blocky graphics, and a general sense of giddy inefficiency."

Optimus Prime gets a parking ticket in New York

Even Transformers get a parking ticket. An illegally parked Optimus Prime was given a parking ticket by a fearless New York City traffic enforcement officer. Luckily for the officer, Optimus Prime was probably sleeping in his truck mode.

(via Transformers Live)

The Lisa Simpson Book Club

Her ambitions are great and her knowledge is vast. Submit a picture of Lisa reading on The Simpsons and help The Lisa Simpson Book Club build the library of this precocious eight-year-old. Here's Lisa reading The Springfield Journal of Cardiology when her father, Homer, was admitted to the hospital for a triple bypass.

Coca-Cola's secret formula revealed, surprise, surprise, alcohol is in it

Coke's secret recipe has remained one of the most heavily guarded trade secrets in the world. Now a group of accidental soda sleuths say they've stumbled across a list of its ingredients. The secret 7X flavor, they say includes orange oil, coriander, cinnamon and alcohol! No wonder Coke is addictive.

Can you make it through the month with only $1k left?

Imagine that you are unemployed. Your savings are gone. You've lost your house and you are down to your last $1000. Can you make it though the month? Play Spent now to find out. I managed to make it to the end of the month with a balance of $397. Phew.

Cigarette Socks remind you that you are a bloody smoker

Ashi sells unique and eye catching socks on its website such as the Hot Dogs socks, the Corn socks and the Intestine socks but I like this one best - the Kick the Habit socks which look like cigarettes! Just don't light them up.

(via Nerdcore)

Previously on the X-Files

This one is for all you X-Files fans! Previously, on the X-Files is a random image generator that uses Markov chains and ImageMagick to construct semi-coherent bits of random X-Files dialogue, based on community transcripts available online. Keep refreshing the site for more.

Massive vintage GI Joe collection for sale on eBay

Dude is selling his 20 year old collection of 1960s GI Joe toy collection on eBay for US$30,000! The collection has over 3000 items and includes 150 vintage GI Joe figures and thousands of other items and vehicles. You can view more pics of the his collection here.

Steampunk Star Wars characters by Bjorn Hurri

Bjorn Hurri, a concept artist working for The Creative Assembly/SEGA has created a series of stunning illustrations of steampunk Star Wars characters. Pictured here is Boba Fett. More here: Han Solo, C3PO, Yoda and Leia.

The LP and Cassette to CD Recorder

This combination recorder and stereo system allows you to preserve your classic vinyl records and cassette tapes by recording them to CDs. It plays 33s, 45s, 78s, and cassettes through a 70mm full-range speaker, and has a built-in AM/FM stereo with digital tuner and single CD playback tray.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt celebrates as Mubarak "walks like an Egyptian" and leaves post

Congrats Egypt! You have shown the world that with one united people, you can achieve even the impossible. And now that Mubarak is gone, you may want to grab one of these Autocrat Action Figures. There's one for Mubarak.

10 Greatest Film Noir Posters

Mark, a college professor who loves classic films, lists his 10 greatest Film Noir posters: "I’ve realized that there’s a great deal more to mid-century poster design than just the work of Saul Bass, and that the film noir movement provided rich fodder for the poster artists of the era - resulting in a cohesive body of work as invigorating and topical as the films themselves."

Beauty Lift High Nose lifts up your ugly nose

Use the Beauty Lift High Nose 3 minutes per day and you'll have a beautiful nose. Just slip it onto your nose and turn it on. The supports hold your nose in place while the gentle electric vibrations from the bottom, side and front will help shape your nose to male it a bit firmer and higher.

Dude catalogs everything he ate in 2010

Consumed is photographer William Rugen's catalog of everything that he ate in 2010. Looking at all the food he ate is making me hungry now. Also check out his photoblog here. No food there but plenty of beautiful photos of other stuff.

(Thanks Johnny Q)

Friction Windup Tin Motocycle Collection on eBay

Dude is selling his tin motorcycle collection on eBay: "Basically a lifetime of collecting made into a private display. Over 400x bikes being friction, windup and battery operated." Starting price is a cool US$50k!

(Thanks georgy648)

25 Years of Trax Records

To celebrate Trax Records' 25th birthday, Demon Music group has remastered and reissued 106 of the label's classic releases in their original 12" or EP format containing more than 450 tracks, including B-Sides, accapellas, edits and remixes, the majority of which are digitally available for the first time.

Wayward Betty wants big boobs, gets them in Bangkok

Wayward Betty shares with us her experience getting a new pair of big fake boobs in Bangkok: "I decide that the hospital, in general, is way too colorful and bright. Also (this is my favorite part)…. the nurses are on roller skates. They are wearing those tight suits like flight attendants from the 60’s gliding by holding documents, medication… SYRINGES."

Sesame Street accessories for all of your favourite games

dreamGEAR is selling officially licensed Sesame Street accessories for all of your favourite games. This one is the Cookie Monster Gamer’s Vault which protects your DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL or 3DS game system and stores up to 10 games, 1 large stylus and other accessories.

Be a pilot in your bedroom with the Cockpit Flight Simulator

The Cockpit Flight Simulator is a flight simulator installed into a cockpit that equips players with the same flight controls found in actual aircraft. Comes with a sound system that surrounds the player in realistic audio using five speakers and a subwoofer beneath the seat and Microsoft's Flight Simulator X Gold.

Dunhill Biometric Wallet is virtually indestructible

The Dunhill Biometric Wallet opens only with the touch of your fingerprint and it is linked via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. If the wallet is seperated from the mobile phone by more than 5m, the alarm will activate. The exterior of the wallet is made from carbon fibre and the interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spotted: Promised Land Casket promise to bring you to the Promised Land


Spotted this van while on the road. If you want to end up in the Promised Land, remember to give these guys a call.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hexagonall's Tarantino movie posters are as cool as the movies

Hexagonall has designed these very cool posters for 5 of Quentin Tarantino's movies: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Death Proof and Inglorious Bastards. I love them all! The posters are also available for purchase here.

(Thanks Chek)

Give your boring webcam an old camera look

Here's an interesting retro hack. Dude uses an old camera to house his webcam. He writes: "The room where I keep my desktop computer tends to collect a lot of vintage stuff, so one day I decided it was time to give my webcam more of a vintage look. To accomplish this, I decided to mount it inside a old camera housing."

Even the Nazis need a Graphics Standards Manual

Steve Heller hunts down the very elusive Nazi graphics standards manual: "Published in 1936, it detailed all aspects of party bureaucracy, typeset tightly in German Blackletter. What interested me, however, were the over 70 full-page, full-color plates that provide examples of virtually every Nazi flag, insignia and patterns."

Valentine's Day Cards featuring your favourite scientists

Science Valentines is a set of Valentine's Day cards featuring the following great individuals in the field of science: Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Carl Sagan, Werner Heisenberg and Brian Cox.

The Pentagon Papers adapted with over 600 names and concepts from Star Wars

Excerpt from The Pentagon Papers (Star Wars version): "On March 6, the Galactic Republic and Skywalker signed an Accord in which Skywalker acceded to Galactic Republic reentry into northern Alderaan in return for recognition of Alderaan as a Free State, part of the Galactic Republic Union." The PDF is free to download.

Hi Soldier and other vintage coloring books

I just came across this neat photoset on Flickr containing scans of vintage coloring books. There are more than 150 scans in the photoset. You can print them out and have have fun coloring them. This one is the Hi Soldier Coloring Book printed in 1944.

Conductor turns New York subway system into interactive string instrument

Using New York's actual subway schedule, Conductor begins in realtime by spawning trains which departed in the last minute, then continues accelerating through a 24 hour loop, creating an endless visual and musical masterpiece.

Canna Cola combines pot with soda pop

Clay Butler is a firm believer that adults have an inalienable right to think, eat, smoke, drink, ingest, decorate, dress any way they choose so he decided to give the world Canna Cola, a range of soda pop with a mild marijuana taste. Yay! Someone needs to bring this to Singapore.

The Snail Mail Notifier

Mime builds a snail mail notifier to let him know when the postman has delivered letters to his mailbox. He writes: "The plan was simple. Mount the transmitter part on the inside of the mailbox and extend the pushbutton with some wires and a microswitch to detect when the lid is open."

How to make a paper Star Destroyer

Here's how you can make a papercraft Star Destroyer. The ship first appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy and then in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It is capable of overwhelming most starships or devastating a hostile planet. Unfortunately, the paper version isn't that powerful.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Printable R2-D2 mask lets you be R2-D2 for a day

Star Wars on Twitter posts a free R2-D2 mask that you can print at home: "Pretend to be R2-D2 with this printable mask!" The file is in PDF. Go print it, cut it out and you can look like this guy. Wear it out while you walk around Orchard Road and babes will come to you like magnets attracting metal. Really!

Metagames: Games about Video Games

Andy Baio has a list of games about video games. He writes: "Over the last few years, I've been collecting examples of metagames — not the strategy of metagaming, but playable games about videogames. Most of these, like Desert Bus or Quest for the Crown, are one-joke games for a quick laugh."

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