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AT-AT Starbucks Edition serves your fav Starbucks coffee

EZ-Steady is a simple stabilizer for iPhone, DSLR, etc

Nintendo NES Controller Bra comes in all sizes

Olly converts your internet notifications into smell

How Matt pulled off a 10-day London vacation for $700

Airline passengers must turn off devices but it’s not clear why

Artist prints all the images uploaded to Flickr in 24 hours

Make your own robot statue at My Robot Nation

Darth Vader CD Player is Vader approved

RPG game about 2 doctors fulfilling a dying man's last wish

Star Wars themed heels are perfect for female Star Wars fans

Alien Computer Screens

Woman takes photo of herself everyday for 4.5 years

iPad 2 made of diamonds, gold and T-Rex dinosaur bone

Kodykoala's Custom Zombie Gameboy

Make anything on your iPad with Codea

The Muppets Cake Pops look like the real Muppets

Apple isn't happy with Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case

8-Bit Starry Night: A re-imagination of van Gogh's masterpiece

Averia is the Average Font

The 2012 Time Travel Calendar

Photos of old Singapore taken by British pilot in late 1960s

Turn your laptop into a portable whiteboard

Battlestar Gallactica Colonial Viper Helmet

Singapore Haunted: Bedok Reservoir Mother and Child Suicide episode makes the news!

Singapore Haunted is the number 1 most searched on Google

Piaggio APE 50 converted into a small camper

Lens Band helps you stop zoom creep in your zoom lens

Brains in a Jar Cupcakes is gross but extremely edible

Build your own Cineskates with a Gorillapod and some wheels

Nikon D300s successfully sent to space on a weather balloon

Make your own iPhone case from your Instagram photos

Project Womb lets you die in a high tech womb-like coffin

Dot Mario Cushion is super cute but not for sale

Massive Motorcycle Tin Toy collection goes on sale on eBay