Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ris Low in new "We will rock you/Boom Boom Pow" music video!

I'm sure most of you have watched Ris Low's very own Singapore Youth Olympics cheer. It's such a classic that I think it deserves its very own remix so me and my colleague Haren took Queen's We Will Rock You and combined it with Ris Low's Boom Boom Pow cheer. Watch it on Klik.TV. Enjoy!

Star Trek, King Kong and Alien by 70's kids

capecodshorts writes: "Super-8 Fan Film made by kids on Cape Cod in 1978. Watch out for that vacuum cleaner weapon! Voices added 25 years later by some of the original cast." He also has two other must watch videos: King Kong by 70's kids and Alien by 70's kids.

Universal Studios Florida vs Universal Studios Singapore

Don Gworek shot this for Orlando's Attractions Magazine. His video takes a look at some of the differences and similarities between the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida and the one in Singapore.

(Thanks r'chelle)

How to Spoon

Guys, fulfill your manly duties by learning how to spoon. There are a few classic positions. Learn them all and make your girl happy.

Awesome Comic-Con 2010 Cosplay Gallery

I came across a familiar face while browsing the more than 850 photos of cosplayers taken by Norman Chan at the recent Comic-Con 2010. It's that girl from Anime Festival Asia! Same costume, same boobies. I think she's from Philippines.

4D and Toto Predictions by SGRichBoy

A team of mathematicians using a top secret maths formula to find out 4D and Toto numbers that will appear in the next draw, is offering free predictions as well as paid predictions. No idea if those guys ever got any prediction right but it's worth a try.

(Thanks Mr Big)

Baconnaise is mayo with a taste of bacon

Fans of mayonaise and bacon will love Baconnaise, a delicious mayo with a mouth-wateringly bacon flavour. It's suitable for vegetarians too because it doesn’t contain any bacon! And it is healthier than regular mayo, containing fewer calories and less fat. Please sell this in Singapore!

Foreskin Man vs Evil Circumcisers

I just downloaded Foreskin Man on my iPad. Yes, MY iPad! The free comic spins the fictional tale of an intactivist superhero who attempts to rescue a young boy from being circumcised by his arch enemy Dr. Mutilator. I smell a movie coming.

llustrated Book of Japanese Monsters

Scans from the 1972 Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, illustrated by Gōjin Ishihara. The book profiles supernatural creatures from Japanese legend. I like this one, the Jorogumo, a spider that can change its appearance into that of a seductive woman. Also known as the whore spider!

Apple's Magic Trackpad may be useful for the kitchen

Not only does Apple want to kill the mouse by introducing their new Magic Trackpad, but I think they are also thinking of going into the kitchen business. Look at it! The Magic Trackpad does look like a chopping board. An expensive one. Any housewife would like to review this?

Pulsate creates music by clicking circles

Check out Andre Michelle's Pulsate powered by Flash. Click the empty black space to create at least two circles. Then listen to the tunes they make.Very hipnotic and very addictive.

(Thanks Ben P)

Inception comic reveals what happened before the movie

The guys from UDON Entertainment teamed up with Warner Bros to create a 33-page Inception comic titled Inception: The Cobol Job. The comic book story takes place before the beginning of the movie. Download the comic for free here and go watch the movie if you haven't done so.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ris Low: Boom Boom Pow, I Bring You Down!

Ris Low teaches us how to do the correct cheer for the Singapore Youth Olympics. I think it's perfect for the Special Olympics. For more Ris Low goodies, check out Ris Low to star in new Transformers movie exclusive, Ris Low "I Was Molested" remix and Ris Low Credit Card Boomz Special on Klik.TV!

Update: Watch Ris Low in the "We will rock you/Boom Boom Pow" music video here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Girls and Boobs. Yes, Boobs!

Go ahead ladies, try out the Oishi Slimming Green Tea and let me know if it really works. You can send your videos to my email. Thanks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazy dude eats sushi on his iPad! Don't do this at home!

Japanese dude has found another innovative use for the iPad. He was eating sashimi at a bar, fiddling with his iPad when a slice of tuna accidentally dropped on the iPad. That made him think. What if the iPad was a dish? Presenting the iDish! Only in Japan. Only in Japan.

The Rocket Project

8 students assisted by Tom Atchison and the Rocket Mavericks team are attempting to design, launch and operate a rocket using new Sony VAIO notebooks. The notebooks will operate GPS tracking, telemetry, avionics monitoring, video and anything else the team can imagine.

Eradicate alien infestation with Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is a free game from a group of talented designers at Valve who were hired from the Mod community. The game thrusts players into an epic bug hunt featuring a unique blend of co-op play and squad-level tactics. Hellmode has a good review here.

Giant cardboard robot arms are great for hugs

Need bigger pair of arms? Just arm yourself with giant cardboard robot arms! Perfect for giant robot hugs, super high high-fives and terrorizing small children. The arms allow for both 90° bending motion in the elbows as well as 360° rotation of the wrist.

(via Boing Boing)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to make a Haagen Dazs Cocktail!

I shot this video for Klik.TV at the Haagen-Dazs Cocktail Launch Party. It shows you how to make the new Haagen-Dazs alcoholic cocktails using their quality ice cream and sorbet blended with ice, alcohol and other simple ingredients.

Jewel goes undercover at LA karaoke bar, fools audience

One of my favourite female singers, Jewel, disguised as a mild mannered businesswoman, drops by a local karaoke bar and performs some of her classic songs to a completely dumbfounded audience. A brilliant idea from the folks at Funny Or Die.

Yes, it is hard to have a Gaytime on your own!


You gotta love an ice cream with a combination of a toffee and vanilla flavoured centre, dipped in scrumptious choc coating, covered in crunchy biscuit pieces and one that calls itself Golden Gaytime! I don't think it's available in Singapore. No wonder it is so hard to have Gaytime on your own.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cheer Singapore Song gets a well deserved spoof

Spoof of JJ Lin's Cheer Singapore Song, "You are the one Singapore" for the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Hey! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ho! You are the one Singapore. Now is the time. Here we go!" Definitely not the world's most inspiring song. If you haven't seen the original music video, watch it here. Stupid lyrics. Stupid hand gestures. How to cheer for Singapore like that?

(Thanks Yongwei)

Singapore, go get your iPads this Friday!


The iPad will be available in Singapore from Friday onwards at all Apple Authorized Resellers. According to Hardware Zone, the WiFi iPad will cost S$728 for the 16GB model, the 32GB WiFi model is at S$878 and the 64GB WiFI model costs S$1028.

The Wi-Fi + 3G models will cost more. You'll have to pay S$928 for the 16GB model, S$ 1078 for the 32GB model and S$1228 for the 64GB model. You also need to pay for the iPad 3G plans available from the telcos if you want to use surf using 3G.

I probably will be getting either the 16GB or 32GB WiFi model.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Singapore to sell iPhone 4 with free bumber on July 30


I've just watched the entire 29 minutes of the most arrogant (and bullshit!) Apple press conference ever. Towards the end, Steve Jobs announced that Singapore is one of the 17 countries that will get the iPhone 4 on July 30th. The iPhone 4 comes with free bumper from Apple. Yup, free! Remember all you Apple fanboys and haters, Apple love all their users. They really love you. And they try very hard to surprise and delight all of you. Thanks Steve. The fucked up iPhone 4 antenna of yours is a surprise indeed. I'm sticking to my iPhone 3GS.

Indian dude forced to marry girlfriend, breaks out in hysteria

This has to be the funniest marriage video you'll ever watch! Poor guy. I really feel sorry for him. He really doesn't look like he wants to marry the girl. Watch the video. Does he look happy to you? Not in a million years! Oh well dude, there's always the divorce lawyers. Good luck! Here's a longer video.

BeerBot T-shirt will pop all your beer bottles

I really have to get this cool T-shirt! The BeerBot is a black T-shirt with a bottle opening robot attached. The robot's hand has a claw which is actually a built in metal bottle opener. Place the beer bottle into the robot's hand, tilt slightly and the bottle opens!

The Video Game Atlas is full of video game maps

Here's a treat for all you gamers out there and those of you who enjoy seeing and rebuilding the layout of game maps as coherent worlds. Check out The Video Game Atlas, the largest source of screenshot maps on the Internet, with thousands of maps of your favourite video games! They really have quite an amazing archive.

Campus Observatory becomes giant R2-D2 droid

Some pranksters thought it would be a great idea to dress up the campus observatory in Carleton College in Minnesota as R2-D2 from Star Wars! They even left a message on the door which says: "Goodsell will magically revert to its original form within 24 hours if left alone. May the Force be with you." I like it!

The Complete StarCraft II Fansite Kit is now available for download

Interested in building your own StarCraft II fansite? Then download the StarCraft II Fansite Kit which contains art assets including screenshots, concept art, hi-res logos, and wallpapers; site design elements, exclusive content, etc. The zip file is 43MB in size.

(Thanks Neo)

Recycled island is a new floating island made from existing plastic waste

Recycled Island is a very ambitious research project on the potential of realizing a habitable floating island in the Pacific Ocean made from all the plastic waste that is floating around in the ocean. The project is in its concept phase.

Pepsi Strong Shot is pretty weird but pretty effective

John Biggs reviews Pepsi Strong Shot, a new power drink from Pepsi available in Japan: "I immediately felt a caffeine rush upon drinking the tiny can and I’m still kind of buzzing from the stuff. It definitely doesn’t taste like an energy drink – it’s more like a very condensed form of Pepsi."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Mr Ando a human or penguin? Go figure!

Mr Ando of the Woods is a very bizarre Japanese animation about a bunch of animals with human faces and Mr Ando, a man who dresses as a penguin.

Indian dude flying for the first time, thinks he's going to die

united2india says, "Here's a funny video of my brother Parkash flying for the first time in a plane and he is very scared. He feels that his first flight will be his last." Someone please hand him a parachute and show him the exit.

BeardWear is for people who need a beard

Can't grow a beard? Forget all those beard growing tips and secret formulas. Just put on the BeardWear. One size fits all and has adjustable woollen strings around the ears. It is also perfect for anyone who ever wanted to try a beard.

Make a Paper Clone of yourself and scare away your friends

Some crazy German dude has made a paper clone of himself that looks identical to him (well, almost) and even has the same height!. The dude has provided the instructions here. It will take 7 days of work according to him, so start paper cloning yourself now.

(Thanks GeekGod)

Candwich is real sandwich in a can!

Just pop the top of the Candwich and your sandwich is ready to eat! There are three flavours: Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter and Grape Jam, and lastly Barbecued Chicken! I don't think I've seen one in Singapore yet but I would definitely like to try it out.

(Thanks mitchrage)

Giant statue of Optimus Prime spotted in China, ready for Decepticon invasion

The Chinese have constructed a 10-meter-high statue of Transformers character Optimus Prime made up of waste materials. The Autobot leader currently stands at the north of the Bird’s Nest at Beijing Olympic Park, probably protecting it from the evil Megatron and his fellow Decepticons.

Sushi Panic Japanese Game

Sushi Panic is a fun, fast, and easy game imported from Japan. Set up the sushi table. Shuffle the deck of cards. The youngest player goes first. Draw a card. Place the corresponding piece of sushi on the table. Play continues around the table to the right. If your piece of sushi causes the table to pop, you lose!

Storyboarding the Simpson's Way

Learn how to become a good storyboard artist with Chris Roman's Storyboarding the Simpson's Way (PDF). His notes and diagrams are meant for animation storyboard artists but I find they are useful for directors and cameramen too. I'm reading it again and again and again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video proves Transformers 3 is going to be super awesome

Can't wait for Transformers 3? I can't! Klik.TV takes you to the set of the filming of Transformers 3, now underway in the city of Chicago. Watch the super cool video now on Klik.TV. Please Michael Bay, let the red Ferrari be Hot Rod. Please, I beg you. I'd even worship you and paste your posters all over the walls of my bedroom.

Ghostbusters in their supernatural Lego beauty!

Alex Schranz's Ghostbusters photoset on Flickr is really a treat for all Ghostbusters and Lego fans. He has created the miniature world of the Ghostbusters using Lego! There's the Ectomobile, Proton Pack, Ectogoogles, PKE meter, Ghost Trap and even the four Ghostbusters themselves and their HQ building - all in Lego!

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Do you know that you can write iPhone apps quickly and efficiently using your existing skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Johnathan Stark's book, "Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript" shows you how with lots of detailed examples, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on exercises. It's free to read!

Tamiya Business Card is a Modelling Kit in disguise!

In Thailand, enthusiasts are rushing to modelling kit shops to ask for Tamiya's cool new business cards which they are giving out for free. These aren't ordinary business cards. Each card is actually a small modelling kit which transforms into a car, plane or a boat.

Sky & Telescope's Hot New Products for 2010

The editors of my favourite astronomy magazine, Sky & Telescope have picked this year's hot new astronomical products (PDF): "What a year! After more than a decade scouring the astronomical marketplace for our annual Hot Products roundups, we have a pretty good idea of what a typical year serves up." Ok. I want to get my hands on the Meade LightSwitch telescope!

Who Tall Are You?

Who Tall Are You? sells celebrity wall charts for measuring your height. There are 5 versions: Classical, Yellow, Notorious, White and Age. Just attach it to your wall and you can find out if you are as tall as Peter the Great or Genghis Khan. Wah! Jackie Chan is taller than Hitler. I think they are missing Napoleon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doplhin tries to escape from aquarium, wishes it has legs to run away

A dolphin at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is apparently so tired of entertaining kids day after day so it tries to escape. In the first video, the dolphin shocks the audience and its keepers by jumping out of its enclosure. What's more amazing is that you can tell that the other dolphins are aware of what is happening. They are probably checking if their friend is okie.

(Thanks Paul C)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Easter Island Total Solar Eclipse July 11 2010

Two videos of the total solar eclipse that occured in South Pacific. Thousands of tourists and scientists gathered on Chile's Easter Island to witness the beautiful event. Wish I was there.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Raw video shows Takeru Kobayashi arrested at NY Hot Dog event

Chaos broke out at the annual July Fourth hot dog eating contest at New York's Coney Island when six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi tried to jump on stage shortly after the winner was announced. Kobayashi did not compete in this year's event because he had refused to sign a contract with the speed-eating body Major League Eating.

I met Kobayashi when he was in town in May for the CP Biggest Eater Competition 2010. He's a nice man. He lost the wonton shrimp eating contest to Joey Chestnut but as always, he's very popular with the crowd. You can watch the Kobayashi vs Chestnut shrimp eating contest video I filmed for Klik.TV here.

8 bit Jamaican music played on Japanese game consoles

I'm listening and dancing to Rude Boy, a 9-track compilation of Jamaican music - reggae, ska, dub and everything in between - played on a variety of Japanese game consoles by artists from around the world.

(Thanks Myra Leong)

The Urban Picnic Box

Thanks to Boxsal, going to the picnic is socially acceptable again and much more fashionable. Boxsal sells super-cool, eco-friendly picnic boxes like the Urban Picnic Box made for graffiti artists, breakers, subway performers and inner city folks who think a highrise can be just as scenic a backdrop for a picnic as a 100-year-old oak tree.

Play Condoms inspired by Nintendo Game Boy

Someone should get this made! Ben Marsh's Play Condoms concept pays tribute to love and Nintendo Game Boy. He writes: "The packaging aims create a desire to purchase the product for aesthetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms. Simply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted."

Super Shogun Stormtrooper is probably the largest Stormtrooper toy

The Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun stands a whopping 24 inches tall, has free rotating wheels on the bottom of his feet and a spring-loaded Rocket Punch firing fist! You can even customize the torso with the character name in English or in Japanese using the metallic foil stickers that comes with the toy. I want this!

A Brief History of Social Games

Jon Radoff and the team at Disruptor Beam have put together a little chart that traces the history of social games from its origins in Ancient Egypt all the way to the present. He says, "It’s my belief that the next wave of games will draw upon many of the elements we’ve seen work in the past."

Vintage Crayon, Paints and Art Supplies Flickr Photoset

Christian Montone has quite a collection of vintage crayons, paints and art supplies. Check out his Flickr photoset here. The crayons pictured in this post are from the 1960s and come with a free sharperner!

(Thanks Vic)

YouTube vuvuzela button gives your video the added BZZZZZ

If you have not tried YouTube's vuvuzela button, then now is the time to try it because I reckon the button will not be there when the World Cup is over in 2 days time. Just go to a YouTube video like this one and click the football button located at the bottom right corner while you're playing the video. Go try it!

Friday, July 09, 2010

My psychic Bumblebee picks Spain to win 2010 World Cup

You've probably read about Paul the psychic World Cup octopus and Singapore's very own Mani the psychic World Cup parrot. Now meet my very own psychic Bumblebee! Yes, he is psychic alright.

In the video above, Bumblebee attemps to predict who will win the World Cup by shooting his cannon at a white board with lots of "S" representing Spain and "H" representing Holland. It's a close call but upon closer inspection of my video, the cannon did manage to just hit the box containing Spain!

That means, Spain to win the World Cup but it will be a tight game. Now go place your bets and you can thank my Bumblebee later.

Japanese Super Mario Beatboxer

The dude in the video is Hikakin. He's a Japanese beatboxer. Send him some love because like me, he is just awesome!

Little Obama tells the story of Barry, the young Obama in Indonesia

Little Obama is a movie that just opened in Indonesia, chronicling the time President Barack Obama lived in Indonesia as a boy. In the movie, Obama who wants to be known as Barry and not Baa'ree back then, has to learn how to adapt to life in Indonesia as a young dark coloured Westerner with weird hair and big nose. Oh, he also learns how to fight when he must. Kinda like Karate Kid or in this case, the Boxing Kid. Yup, he is a boxer and plays football too.

Stop-motion iPhone 4 disassembly video makes you want to rip apart your iPhone

Repair firm Techrestore created this iPhone 4 disassembly video composed of over 1,700 hi-res still photos! The amazing video reveals every detail of construction, from packaging, down to the chips on the logic-board.

(via TUAW)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Dude offers $10,000 reward for return of his mobile phone and videos he doesn't want people to see

Eddy Sun (I reckon that's not his real name) writes on his blog, Help Me Find My Phone: "I lost my phone last night. Location: Borders, Orchard. Please return it to me ASAP if you find it but please do not share the contents in my phone to anyone/online especially my videos. Thanks. Reward: $10,000! I kid you not. Please. It's very important to me."

In the video, Eddy mentioned that his phone is an Asus M10 but he did not reveal more details about the videos he doesn't want people to see. Now what type of videos would someone be willing to pay $10,000 for? Hmmm. Maybe the videos are indeed sex videos. Someone left a comment on Eddy's post: "If there are sex videos featuring Eddy Sun and other Singapore celebs, I WANT TO SEE!!!!"

(via and TechXav and Stomp)

Update: I was told that Eddy was on two Chinese papers. He's famous now! Hopefully he gets his phone back although the evil part of me wants to watch his videos.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

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