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llustrated Book of Japanese Monsters

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Ris Low: Boom Boom Pow, I Bring You Down!

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The Rocket Project

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Cheer Singapore Song gets a well deserved spoof

Singapore, go get your iPads this Friday!

Singapore to sell iPhone 4 with free bumber on July 30

Indian dude forced to marry girlfriend, breaks out in hysteria

BeerBot T-shirt will pop all your beer bottles

The Video Game Atlas is full of video game maps

Campus Observatory becomes giant R2-D2 droid

The Complete StarCraft II Fansite Kit is now available for download

Recycled island is a new floating island made from existing plastic waste

Pepsi Strong Shot is pretty weird but pretty effective

Is Mr Ando a human or penguin? Go figure!

Indian dude flying for the first time, thinks he's going to die

BeardWear is for people who need a beard

Make a Paper Clone of yourself and scare away your friends

Candwich is real sandwich in a can!

Giant statue of Optimus Prime spotted in China, ready for Decepticon invasion

Sushi Panic Japanese Game

Storyboarding the Simpson's Way

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Ghostbusters in their supernatural Lego beauty!

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Tamiya Business Card is a Modelling Kit in disguise!

Sky & Telescope's Hot New Products for 2010

Who Tall Are You?

Doplhin tries to escape from aquarium, wishes it has legs to run away

Easter Island Total Solar Eclipse July 11 2010

Raw video shows Takeru Kobayashi arrested at NY Hot Dog event

8 bit Jamaican music played on Japanese game consoles

The Urban Picnic Box

Play Condoms inspired by Nintendo Game Boy

Super Shogun Stormtrooper is probably the largest Stormtrooper toy

A Brief History of Social Games

Vintage Crayon, Paints and Art Supplies Flickr Photoset

YouTube vuvuzela button gives your video the added BZZZZZ

My psychic Bumblebee picks Spain to win 2010 World Cup

Japanese Super Mario Beatboxer

Little Obama tells the story of Barry, the young Obama in Indonesia

Stop-motion iPhone 4 disassembly video makes you want to rip apart your iPhone

Korean mother Jung Da Yeon is so hot, she can be my fitness trainer!

Dude offers $10,000 reward for return of his mobile phone and videos he doesn't want people to see

Where to order refreshments in Singapore?