Monday, June 15, 2009

Asian consumers want to get smartphones, prefer Windows Mobile OS

Do you want to get a smartphone and which operating system would you prefer? In a recent survey conducted by CNET Asia and sponsored by LG, 86% out of a total of 1905 respondents from across Asia Pacific would like to purchase a smartphone in the near future.

When choosing a smartphone, the operating system of the smartphone is the most important purchasing factor according to the respondents. 50.2% of them stated that they preferred a smartphone with the Windows Mobile operating system as it has an easy to use interface that is similar to a PC-like experience.

The respondents also revealed their critical concerns about the smartphones. They complained about the bulky design of the smartphones and more surprisingly, they perceived smartphones as being unaffordable despite their desire to buy one. Smartphones are expensive due to the fact that they are the most advanced handsets in the market, they claimed.

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