Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tim's Farewell Party at Outdoors Cafe & Bar

Bros forever!

Here are some pics taken last night at my buddy Tim's farewell party held at Outdoors Cafe & Bar.

Kino and me

That's my new colleague, Kino and me. Yes, she's the one that starred in Klik.TV's Bukit Batok Park ghost investigation videos (part 1, part 2).

Me and my lunch crew

Bottom (from left to right): Tim, Jerald (the new intern), Ridz (who left us 2 weeks ago). Middle (from left to right): Jocelyn (her last day was on Thursday) and Kino. I will miss all three of you!

Jerald, Tim and Me

Jerald, Tim and Me. Jerald is on a 6 month internship. Good luck bro!

Group shot

Possibly the best group photo taken in the history of The Moving Visuals Co and Klik.TV! In the photo: Dipin, Jester, Nic, Steff, Haren, Kino, Jerald, Peter, Tim, Ridz, Jocelyn and me.

Caught in the act!

Both Peter and Tim caught in the act!!!

Jager Bombs

We ended the night with Jager Bombs.

Posing with our Jager Bombs!

Bottoms up!

The bill!

A great night ends with an even ever greater bill! More photos are available on my Flickr photoset here.

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