Friday, July 02, 2010

Dude offers $10,000 reward for return of his mobile phone and videos he doesn't want people to see

Eddy Sun (I reckon that's not his real name) writes on his blog, Help Me Find My Phone: "I lost my phone last night. Location: Borders, Orchard. Please return it to me ASAP if you find it but please do not share the contents in my phone to anyone/online especially my videos. Thanks. Reward: $10,000! I kid you not. Please. It's very important to me."

In the video, Eddy mentioned that his phone is an Asus M10 but he did not reveal more details about the videos he doesn't want people to see. Now what type of videos would someone be willing to pay $10,000 for? Hmmm. Maybe the videos are indeed sex videos. Someone left a comment on Eddy's post: "If there are sex videos featuring Eddy Sun and other Singapore celebs, I WANT TO SEE!!!!"

(via and TechXav and Stomp)

Update: I was told that Eddy was on two Chinese papers. He's famous now! Hopefully he gets his phone back although the evil part of me wants to watch his videos.

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