Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Slash in Singapore Pics!!!


Pics from last night's Slash concert at Fort Canning Park. I was there with my Klik.TV team to cover the concert. That's me above setting up one of the two cameras with my colleague Haren.


The crowd last night rocks!


The video camera is a magical thing. Everytime you point it to the crowd, they go wild. I love it!


Here's another shot of me at work. Oh, as you can guess by looking at the pic above, I was filming just infront of the stage. And yes, I was allowed backstage too!


And here's Slash!


Slash is the reason why I took up guitar when I was younger. Then I realised I wasn't that good at it and became a drummer instead. But he's still the man. And my god, he was great last night. Even played Sweet Child O Mine!!!


From left to right: Wang Min, Kino, Me, Haren and Jaryl.


Kino and me at the end of the concert. We both looked like we're on drugs.

Watch out for the Slash interview video and the concert video later today on Klik.TV.

Update: Now on Klik.TV! Watch Slash in Concert: Part 1 and Part 2 and Slash Interview.

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