Friday, June 03, 2011

Malaysian dude becomes famous after defaming Female Magazine, ordered to apologise on Twitter 100x


Malaysian dude tweeted something bad about Blu Inc Media and Female Magazine. Fahmi Fadzil said his pregnant friend was poorly treated by her Female Magazine employers. Blu Inc Media said it's defamation and wanted to sue him but after an out of court settlement, dude was forced to apologise on Twitter 100 times. So far, he's at number 52.  I don't think he's complaining. He did get off lightly.


In Singapore, you try to defame someone, you will go bankrupt. Apologising 100 times on Twitter as a punishment is no big deal. It's actually kinda amusing. Remember in school, when you piss off the teachers, they make you write something on the blackboard 100 times. Ha! Doing it on Twitter is 100 times easier! And the best thing about what happened to Fahmi, I think he probably receives more followers now than ever before. Anyone wants to try to defame Blu Inc Media? Have a go. Make yourself famous.

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