Monday, August 15, 2011

PayPal believes in #PromisesKept, says thanks & gives me a jar of M&Ms

On behalf of Singapore's singing sensation - Erik, Eugene, Josh and Nicolas aka The Promise - the folks at PayPal Singapore has sent me a little gift to thank me for being part of The Promise Campaign.

The Promise Campaign is an initiative by PayPal to rally all online shoppers towards safer, easier and more confident shopping online. And as part of the campaign, The Promise did a music video for me. You can watch it above. Pretty cool huh.


So here's the gift but what's inside the PayPal bag?




It's a jar...


Full of blue M&Ms!


Wah! How come they know I love M&Ms and that blue is one of my favourite colours? Thanks PayPal for the music video and the jar of M&Ms "cause there's nothing like a promise kept."

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