Singapore Haunted investigates haunted office in Beach Road

Check out the new episode of Singapore Haunted! In this episode, me and the team investigate a haunted office in Beach Road. Yes, a haunted office! Watch the trailer above and then head over to R3LOAD Network to watch the full Singapore Haunted Ghosts In The Office episode. Pardon me for all the cursing and swearing on this episode. I couldn't help it. Imagine having a marker flown from a table by an unknown entity and nearly hitting you.

I would like to thank Pristine and Shiela who worked in the office for letting us interview them. They were too scared to go to work because of their paranormal experiences there. Poor thing. Also Master Ric Aw and his team of ritual and fengshui experts for being on the show. Thanks also to those who sent their haunted office stories to us. We could only read 3 of your stories on the show. And lastly, thanks to Fabulous Tan who contacted me once they found out their office is haunted and for giving us a night at their office to film this incredible episode.

Singapore Haunted is produced and directed by yours truly for R3LOAD Network. If you are interested to join us on the show, please LIKE us on Facebook and send us a message.


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