Saturday, April 20, 2013

Become Iron Man & Super Alloy Iron Man 3 Preview Showcase at Bugis Junction

I covered the media event organised by Marvel for their Become Iron Man interactive event at Bugis Junction on Thursday afternoon. Using ground-breaking motion-sensor technology, Become Iron Man allows users to assemble and test the new Mark 42 armour and be immersed in the action of the new Iron Man 3 film.

It's pretty cool! You step in front of this giant TV and there's a video camera (powered by Microsoft Kinect!) in front of you which captures your image. The Mark 42 armour will then magically appear on parts of your body and soon you suit up to become Iron Man.

Also at Become Iron Man, fans will be treated to the unveiling of Iron Man 3 Super Alloy Collectable Figures by local company Play Imaginative. New figures include the new Iron Man armour suits that will be worn in Iron Man 3: Iron Man Mark XLII, War Machine 2.0, Iron Patriot, Gemini, Heart Breaker and Red Snapper!

My two favourites are Heartbreaker and Iron Patriot. You can Pre-Order the Super Allow Iron Man Mark XLII now. Become Iron Man and the Super Alloy Iron Man Preview Showcase by Play Imaginative is held at Bugis Junction Level 1 from 19 April to 5 May 2013. Iron Man 3 opens in Singapore cinemas on April 26th in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.

Watch a demo of Become Iron Man and take a closer look at the Super Alloy Iron Man figures in this video.

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