Friday, November 08, 2013

30 mins raw footage of Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Charlie Owen has made available the complete 30 minutes long, fully restored EditDroid Laserdisc Return of the Jedi raw footage. in 1983, Lucasfilm created a new video editing system called EditDroid. A laserdisc with 30 mins of raw footage from Return of the Jedi was used to demo the EditDroid system at a convention in Las Vegas in 1984. The laserdisc was lost and was never seen again until now.

Charlie says: "The footage here is uncropped and in it's entirety including all off-camera audio with multiple angles of Scene 50 between Luke and Yoda on Dagobah - especially the very important dialogue at 5:10! I have also cleaned up some artifacts and polished up the interlace issues that you get when converting most laserdiscs. I have also upscaled to 1080p so you can view the video as large as possible without serious degradation."

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