Friday, September 18, 2015

STGCC 2015: Old Boy Steampunk Iron Man

Reeve from Imperial Studio (Singapore) on how he made this super cool, post apocalyptic Iron Man with Tony Stark, now an old man with a blinded eye. Old Boy was built and modified using the Hot Toys Silver Centurion figure as the base.

The whole process took about 3 months to complete. The initial concept design phase took about 1 month to come up with the final look. After the concept design was done, it was down to getting the parts and gears to the right scale before putting everything together. And another important part was taking the young Tony Stark headsculpt out from the helmet and resculpting it to reflect an elderly man look.

This is a bonus clip as part of Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention 2015 coverage. Watch the full STGCC 2015 Special video here

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