How to build Kylo Ren Crossguard Lightsaber from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Learn how to build a mini Kylo Ren Crossguard Lightsaber using a Darth Vader light up lightsaber chopstick and a few cheap items you can get from your discount and arts store. Special thanks to very awesome and talented custom toy maker Reeve Tan, Head Master from Spartan Brigade Academy.

Win the 2 Kylo Ren Lightsabers in this video. Answer this simple question and email to with your contact details.

Question: Who is Kylo Ren's father?

2 lucky winners will each win the Kylo Ren mini lightsaber and tickets to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens. Contest is only for viewers in Singapore! Deadline is on 17 December, 11.59 pm.

With our Kylo Ren mini custom lightsabers!


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