Thursday, December 14, 2017

Star Wars The Last Jedi IMAX Early Access Fan Screening in Singapore


Here are some photos taken at the Star Wars The Last Jedi IMAX Early Access Fan Screening held at IMAX Shaw Lido.


Fans receiving their Star Wars goodie bags and pop corn and Coke combo sets.


Spotted a few Kylo Rens of different shapes and sizes posing for photos with fans.


Kylo Rens fighting each other. The Dark side is strong in them.


Once inside, the big screen greets us...


While fans take their seats.


But before The Last Jedi begins, fans were treated to something special.


It's director writer Rian Johnson saying hi to us and telling us to enjoy the movie but before that, a special behind the scenes of the making of the soundtrack for The Last Jedi with the man himself , the legendary composer John Williams.


We are all so happy!

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